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Student Teacher Assessment of Classroom Teaching coe Wiesan Lpy Cte Meal 8 D015 ‘School Date and Time Heteatillent _ _ yen Moda Sows [Be i } Rasim oT ara Retke | Aiveied Patina | Paaig” [ aaa (Serko es fr eng etapa f 2 i WO L Jauning ~The Lesson Plan: Comments/Suggestions Dis ae an is write and is realy available, hid 2. The lessow pan is wal designed and contains all SSOoTaT a 2 dna waa eee Mager ‘3. The lesson plan shows consistent alignment of objectives, Wills ii 3 strates and assessments with standards, fle 3 T4-The lesson pien reflects meaning eholees of conten hvel cprprpredt lex, ‘resenting Instruction - The Student Teacher: big ablishes aid pelnates ‘effective classroom routines (i.e; Mager feo fe dane, recordkeeping. ete, ¢ raulice 2. Demionsteies effective communtoaioh aa: Alemdentls F fripens [3 Teles na eeatve, engaging end appro ae —— - Engages Students in thinking and problem solving sctiviiea, and 4 5. Presents information wth pole and confidehos 6. Ensures varlety of tesching aids and watriaic as GUTS am Cher Faull in insti : [vc Sa EF Tar — bueided Ugsaecg [8 Uns os area Sa apr er i: Determines clsiptine stretogies that are appronviate Tor age, individual, and school poticies. Esse a variry of epproprats matieionaT technigues. 2B | 7, Bovides a classroom andlor laboratory that i asa ‘environment for learning for al students, ‘Oritnal o STERP Office, Please make copes ex necessary for Student Teacher and Supervisor, PAGOE._LicensuregroupiWabelt\ST Assess OF Clerm Tehng July 2000.0oe oe age ‘Student Teacher Assessment of Classroom Teaching Be tl 4/2 rot Men Stolent Teacher Baieand Tie \____ Sowent of Sadat Teaching, Rating | Advoneed [Proficient | Developtag_| Wise | Nor Observed (See back of page fr rating detniTong) [Points 4 Z 2 T NO IV. Assessment — The Student Teacher: 1 Monitors and provides feedback to students throughout the | tesson 2. Utilizes, when appropriate, pre-and postassesoments to ass055 ___.3__| student growth and improvement. Uf | vila variety of assessment sales nought nation and bases assessments on course goals/objectives and standards, 1-4, Develops lesson plans o address remediation and to extend 3 | Neaming of students. rofessionalism ~ The Student Teacher: 1. Is reliable and puncwual. 2. Demonstrates initiative and assures responsibility. /”[ 3. Demonstrates high standards of moral and ethical behavior. 4. Values and is responsive to diverse populations, 5, Plans and works effectively with other professionals. ‘6, Adheres to professional expectations for dress and grooming, 7. Maintains positive parent communication. ' |'& Continually strives to improve. Y 19. Creates and’ maintains positive school and professional contacts VL. Overall student teacher rating on this date: (ease Chek) Developing ‘contract for improvement is attached, [ No progress is ‘R contract for improvement is atached. Additional Comments Regarding Observatios bY. Aewegen Mb alllalis worl Tedcher or Superior Signate ‘ike eacherM nature White copy (Educ, Lie Office Yetlow copy (Sus. Teecher)/Pink copy (Univ. Supervisor) PASOE_Licensureg.oup\FORMS\Student Tesching FormsiST Evaluation Forms\ST Assess Of Clerm Tchng - Sept 04.D0¢ Page 22