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Name of teacher candidate: Lega Li ey Professional Progress Report for EDUC 350/386 School of Teacher Education and Principal Preparation ‘This PPR fas Been adapted from the Professional Progress Report used bythe STESPP Office to evaluate the professional development and dispositions of teacher candidates Please use the following (Descriptions for quality markers are located on page2) to evaluate professional development progress: dvanced P= Proficient D= Developing B= Basic fot Observed Professional Behaviors 1, Attendance as per course expectations 2. Dresses to convey professionalism AL 3. Understands and uses professional language in all settings Initiative and Dependability 1, Demonstrates creativity and resourcefulness A 2. Seeks opportunities to further own learning A_ 3. Completes responsibilities with quality and without excuses or prompting A _ Tact and Judgmer 1. Demonstrates sensitivity to others’ feelings and opinions A 2. Appropriately uses verbal and non verbal language to remain positive and respectful Ethical Behavior and Integrity 1. Consistently honest and worthy of trust 2. Consistently models professional standards of conduct Collegiality and Responsiveness 2. Keeps and open mind: is receptive and reflective 3. Proactively addresses feedback through an adjustment in performance BAr 1. Is collaborative: socks advice, works toward common goal A OVER-Page 1 of 2 Effective Communicator 1. Professional oral expression: expressive, articulate, respectful, effective for purpose, appropriate to situation 2, Professional written expression: organized, cleat, effective for purpose, appropriate (o situation, free of grammatical errors and misspellings 3, Uses electronic media in a professional manner Desire to Improve Performance 1, Demonstrates a responsibility for own professional performance 2. Expresses sincere interest in personal and professional growth Cultural Responsiveness 1, Demonstrates the belief that all students can learn and are welcome in the classroom 2. Demonstrates commitment to culturally responsive teaching, 3. Demonstrates an understanding of how families and communities ‘impact student leaming a Commitment to Profession 1, Demonstrates a commitment to life-long teaming 2. Expresses passion and enthusiasm for teaching 3. Demonstrates awareness of program policies and professional practices ae ns for qu er Advanced Expectations are mst 100-95% of the time (All requirements specifically, thoroughly and exceptionally completed Proficient expectations are met 94 -90% of the time (One or more requirements is missing or not adequately completed Developing Expectations are met 89-80% of the time (B ‘prepare; however, requirements are marginally completed) ‘Basio— Expectations are met 79-75% of the time (Preparation is completed but is below quality standards) ‘Not Observed--Specificdisposition(s) are either not appropriate at ths time in the teacher candidate's progress or not available within class cutreulusm BDUC 350/386 Moi Professional Progress Repor Spring 2009 Page 2 of 2