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NLP through stories -ANANDHA

A king went to a spiritual guru and placed before him in a bundle all his property and
pleaded he was shown the way to ANANDHA ( joy peace ) in lieu of his property.
The guru all of sudden grabbed the bag and started running away from the scene.
The king was shocked by the strange behavior of the guru;
he mistook the guru for an ordinary man and felt bad he approached a fake guru..
The king started chasing the guru and was keen on getting the bag back.
but the guru gave a tough time to the king; the king could not catch the guru.
Tired exhausted he was about to give up with a great discontent,
when the guru stopped and handed over the bag to the king;
Receiving the bag, the king felt relieved of worry and felt extremely happy.
Now the guru said, you have your ANANDHA now?"
The king said, yes"
The great lesson from the story is very obvious.
The joy was already with the king;
he did not know how to realize that;
he wanted to trade for joy happiness & peace.
The guru made him realize that by a process apparently misleading or confusing,
yet gave what the king was looking for.
Equally NLP says "People already have all the resources they need"
NLP helps you to realize that by a process that may appear to be 'illogical' crazy funny.
Yet if one goes by the process one can surely get.
VRnlp makes it happen.