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Alexsa Burkett

Dr. Strassberg
Technology Integration Plan
5. Whats your TECH-PACK? : Self-Reflection
I am going to be an English teacher so a great match I found for me is the integration
lesson plan over the Big6 information literacy skills as well as around the quality of content in
the students research papers. There are objectives in order to measure that all teachers structured
student learning in the same way. In this assignment students will identify a topic to research and
use search engines to acquire information for their paper. Students will identify a topic for a
research paper, and use the project website to identify published sources of information related to
the topic, and locate the items of information. Assessment: Must have a checklist of required
tasks and products form information searches.
b.) Technology
What is known: Students must utilize proper search methods in order to find information.
Have plenty of time for students to work in the computer lab. If there are not enough computers I
will put students with partners. I will arrive to the computer lab before class starts to make sure
that all the computers are working properly. I will teach my students the proper way to cite the
online works that contributed to their paper.
What must be learned: If a problem happened with any of the computers while my
students are working I need to acquire basic troubleshoot strategies. I need to be aware of the
computer maintenance personal at the school to get help with technical problems. I need to be
aware of any other tools that I can utilize, for instance an over head projector.
What is known: I am aware that a great source for students to use are online journals. A
scholarly source is the only kind I will accept on any assignment, especially a research paper.
Students must be aware in the difference of a scholarly source and the others. I will show them
some online journals that will be available to them so they can find the most accurate usable
material for their papers.
What must be learned: I must be aware of how to locate the online journal that are
available to the students. I need to learn if the school I am at has an online database for the
students to access. If the school does not provide an online database then I can show my students
how to access google scholar which is nothing but scholarly websites.

What is known: As far as the topic of the students research question goes as the teacher I
will mostly likely have some basic knowledge toward their topic. If the students need more help
I will help them with their search and read some scholarly journals and learn a little more about
their topic so I can help them locate a great article to use.
What must be learned: Of course a teacher is not going to know everything about the
student research topic. If the students need more help with the content of the topic then I will do
some research of my own in order to help the student.
c.) Acquiring knowledge about whether the school I work at has a troubleshooting technical
person, or online school data base for the students to utilize I could easily ask another teacher or
shoot the principal a quick email and has he/her the questions I have.
d.) My ideal context for this lesson would be for my class to do this project after we have just
finished a novel or something. For instance if my class had just finished reading The Grapes of
Wrath, I would ask them to make up a research question that would pertain to this book in any
way. That way if the student needed any help with the content I could successfully aid them. I
would love for my students to do a research question about an important novel we will read so
they will gain more in depth information about the novel and the time it was written. There are
many, many scholarly literary journals that my students could utilize in their research papers.

Texas Technology Standards:

2.1s use strategies to locate and acquire desired information from collaborative software and on
networks, including the Internet and intranets;
2.2s apply appropriate electronic search strategies in the acquisition of information, including
keyword and Boolean search strategies;
2.3s identify, create, and use files in various appropriate formats such as text, bitmapped/vector
graphics, image, video, and audio files;
2.4s access, manage, and manipulate information from secondary storage and remote devices;
2.5s use on-line help and other documentation;
2.6s determine and employ methods to evaluate electronic information for accuracy and validity;
2.7s resolve information conflicts and validate information by accessing, researching, and
comparing data from multiple sources; and
2.8s identify the source, location, media type, relevancy, and content validity of available