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Legitimacy, certainty, fact, principle, and perfection are all synonyms of truth and

yet they still dont give a solid, clear, definition of what truth is (I Found). To define truth
is to define something that we sinful humans cant completely comprehend. This fact
alone is one of the many things that makes the topic so interesting to so many people.
Philosophers on truth, the world, the bible, and I all have different opinions on what truth
is and thats okay. Its the different angles of truth that make truth what it is. Each angle
is like a puzzle piece and once the puzzle is put together, the real picture, the real
definition of truth, is revealed.
Defining truth has been both a challenge and a controversy since the very
beginning of time. Twentieth century philosophers on truth including Gilbert Harman,
George Sotiros Pappas, and George Edward Moore each have their own angles and
their own individual opinions on what they feel truth actually is. Gilbert Harman felt as
though truth is simply a change in view from person to person and that truth is based
off of what each person is taught as they grow up while George Sotiros Pappas took the
idea of truth quite differently. Pappas believed that truth is defined by the sensible
objects on our earth. He believed that if people can perceive something and truly
understand it for what it is then it can be considered truth. To him there was no such
thing as an abstract idea. And lastly, George Edward Moore felt that truth is a mystery.
He believed that to find one definition would be extremely difficult just because of the
nature of truth in itself. He felt that some people may feel that truth is found by looking
into their religion or God, while others feel that truth is found through literature and the
stories of their ancestors. To him truth is a plethora of many different concepts overall
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The worldly view of truth is not much different than that of George Edward
Moore. With over seven billion people living on the planet right now it is almost
impossible to find one distinct definition of what truth is. Each person has their own
opinions and each person was raised to believe the values that their parents,
grandparents, and even great grandparents have passed down to them through the
generations. By definition truth is an obvious or accepted fact, conformity with fact or
reality, or a verified indisputable fact (Dictionary). Now, the definition is obviously there
to try and explain the general idea of what the word means, but truth in particular means
much more than that. To many people truth is whatever the majority of the people
around them agree with. To some truth can also be whatever helps them advance their
own personal power/political goals. With all of these various opinions to follow there is
no specific standard or acknowledgement of truth for the world to follow. There is then
no moral basis for right and wrong which leads to many more issues worldwide (John
18:38). To the world truth means many different things and because of that many people
miss out on the greatest truth of all.
The greatest truth of all was no mere man but was instead the Savior of the
world. Jesus Christ died on the cross to save all sinners from eternal death and has a
love that can wash even the filthiest of hearts. He is the way, the truth, and the life and
without him we christians would have no compass to follow (John 14:6). Often times
people turn away and refuse to listen when Gods spirit points out the changes that
need to happen in their lives, but instead they should just stop and really consider what
God is trying to tell them. If they dont then they might end up pushing the truth so far
away that it can no longer affect them. Whenever non-christians deny the truth of Jesus

Christ they are not changing it (Jeremiah 6:14). His truth is a truth that will last beyond
any earthly ideas of what it might be and is a truth that has lasted and will last
throughout all of time (John 1:1). The hope that Jesus offers is a hope that is sometimes
unfathomable to many people at first, but once they uncover that deep truth then their
lives are immediately changed for the better (John 15:26).
Gods truth has changed my life in so many ways that I cannot even express how
thankful I am for Him and His genuine love. To me Jesus is truth. Whenever I decide to
sit down and read the bible or take some time to just sit and talk to God I have both the
opportunity and the blessing to understand how His truth works throughout my life. Just
recently I was struggling with the concept of forever and what it actually means to live
for all eternity. At first I was scared and began to stress out over the fact that I couldnt
quite comprehend it all. But as I prayed and really got to thinking about it I started to
understand that the truth found in Jesus is a truth that goes beyond what my brain can
comprehend. He is the truth, He is why I live and breathe each and every day, and He
created me for a purpose and that purpose is to share His story of truth with everyone I
come in contact with. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is
the truth that will guide all of us home (Hebrews 13:8).
The different angles of truth are what make it what is is today. The concept of
truth can be rather confusing and challenging to understand at times, but when looked
at from the right perspective it can become relatively clear. Looking at truth from an
earthly perspective can be misleading and at times can lead you down the wrong paths,
but when you look at it from a Christ-like perspective then you will be filled with an
understanding that can change you forever. Philosophers on truth, the world, the bible,

and I all have different opinions on what truth may be, but in the end we are all a part of
His story, and it is His truth that has set us free.

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