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Assignment: Photography and photographic practice.

Since its appearance, the photographic images seduced the
world. Indeed, the pictures give objectivity at the written
information in the media.
Journalistic pictures are often used to make a difference, to
shock people, to show at everybody the misfortune of the whole
earth (like war, starvation, act of rebellion, terrorist action, ). But,
she are also use to show major events, exploits in history (first step
on the moon, first people who reached the top of the Everest,
signing of peace accord,).
Now, I will introduce you most famous journalistic pictures:

This shock photography show a

little Sudanese child starves,
stalking by a vulture. This
images gives a real look at the
living condition in Sudanian
South Africa.(Kevin Carters picture)

The second pictures show the

hand of child in Uganda (Africa)
in the hand of a missionary.
She reminds us the wealth gap
between a developed country
and a country in developed. (Mike
Wellss picture)

The third picture is a world famous

picture! She show a men standing in
front of the tank in Tienanmen. It is a
rebellion act. Its the symbol of the
end of the cold war.(Jeff Widener s picure)

This fourth picture show a naked

girl terrified who fleeing her
village Trang Bang, bombed
during the Vietnam war. It is said
that this photo has ended the
Vietnam war. (unknow photograph).

This fifth, picture show Jan Rose

Kasmir with a flower in front of rifle
bayonet at the national guard.
During a walk against the Vietnam
war. It is the one of the most
important images of struggle
against war. (Marc Ribouds picture)

This picture, watch Neil Armstrong doing

the first step on the moon. This cheerful
picture proves the technologiques

This last picture, is also a cheerful image.

We can see Mstislav Rostropovich, a
Russian violoncellist give a concert the day
after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Advertising photography:
Advertising photography is a discipline in itself. She was born
in Europe in 1928-1930. The first goal of advertising photography is
a commercial goal, but this photography discipline stay an artwork.
Advertising photography is very important in the society. Why?
Because every day we are in touch with this aspect of photography.
This is what makes us buy a particular consumer product.
Advertising photography can also get a message: help people
realize certain things (e.g.: advertising to help battered women).
Advertising photography in image:

This is a Belgian advertisement against conjugal

violence. She said : Conjugal violence, to get out, you
must to react.

And this is an
Lancomes perfume.

advertisement for a

Fashion photography:
Fashion photography refers to a genre of photography
devoted to clothes and clothing styles. Its another kind
of photography intended to sell. But again, it rest a kind
of art. We find this kind of photography mainly in
magazines or in advertising. Fashion photography
appear in the 1930 in the same than the importance of
being fashion.
Today, fashion photography isnt limited only to magazines, she also
has a place in museum and books. (illustration: photography of a
famous fashion photographer: Karl Lagerfeld).

Official et memories photography:

Photography is also presented 'officially' in our lives.
It appears on our official documents such as identity
card, passport, card of the school. It is also used in
prison. (illustration: photography on the ID card).

Finally, photography is a tool to create memories. And it

is this kind of photography we use the most. We always
want to capture the best moments of our lives such as
Christmas, a birthday, a wedding, a party with friends, ...
(illustration: a family memories photography).
Nowadays, young people use even more this kind of photography.
By sending at their friends a lot of 'Snapchat' or posting many
'selfie' on facebook and instagram. But can we still say that it is
memories photography? Because in these cases, we self captured.

Photography has long existed. And it has evolved over time. She
followed the fashions and the needs of the populations.
Indeed during the period after the war, advertising photography has
appeared. When people are interested in fashion, it is fashion
photography that appears.
Nevertheless it has always served to immortalize memories and
inform the public by providing a credible rating to the information
given in the newspapers.
Nowadays, it has become very accessible thanks cameras Cheap,
small device placed on the phones or software like 'Snapchat.