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Setting. Hive world set on steiners planet, Carthage in the Punic system.
Each player will have 1,000 credits to recruit their gang. They must use their relevant House
lists as per a normal Necromunda game. Normal restrictions apply (ie number of heavies,
weapons available)
Each gang will roll 5 territories from the standard rule book. These will then be represented as
hexagonal tiles on a campaign map.
Once all territories are rolled for the player must choose and make a note of a single territory,
which they wish to be their base. To keep players in the game this territory cannot be attacked, so
you will always have a single territory left.
In round 1 each gang will fight 2 games each and try to win territories from other gangs. We will
play the gang fight scenario for this round but the winner automatically gets a territory from the
opposing gang.
3 games would be good but as many of us may be first time necromunda players, time could be
and issue.
Skills, money etc are to worked out after each game.
In round 2 each gang can choose who they wish to attack. This may be another player, to win
your territory back (or grab another one of theirs) or you may want to expand into GM controlled
territories or even venture out into the Ash wastes! You will play a total of 2 games in this round (3
if time goes well)
Round 2 will have a special scenario in place in each game.
Round 3 will be the final round and that last ditch effort to gain territory. In this round youll be
able to form alliances with other players (if you choose to do so). You will play just 1 game in this
The winning gang is the one with the most territory by the end of round 3.
If you wanted to enter a non-standard gang (ie Arbiters or an Outlawed gang) then thats not
worry as we have rules for those gangs to. Effectively the Arbiters are playing to pacify territories
to restore law and order to them. Outlaw gangs start with one territory (so it is a bit hard for them
to win but if you fancy a challenge you might wish to choose one of those gangs). The only gang
that wont work in this is Spyrers.
Hired guns, Wyrds, Bounty Hunters, etc are all allowed. Miniatures dont need to be painted or
from the Necromunda range.
Due to the nature of the game, gang members and weapons can evolve dramatically from their
starting load out. While it would be nice to have each gang member wysiwyg, this is not

As long as it is clearly listed on your roster and explained to your opponent which member has
what, before each game. Having a name on the rim of the base will help.
I, Austin will be the GM for this campaign and will be controlling Steiners "iron pigs" enforcer
If you wish to join the fight for justice please do.

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