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Volunteer in the Community


1. What were the significant learning points in this activity?

I volunteered in the community in 2014 with the MOT Youth Lacrosse Club. I served
as the head coach of the Boys 7/8 Grade Team and as a member of the Board of
Directors. The club was turned over to me in November 2013 when the person
running it suddenly stepped down. In order for the club to continue providing the
opportunity for the kids in the community to continue to play lacrosse, there was a lot
that needed to be done. It was not an official organization, meaning that there was
no formal Board of Directors, Bylaws and it was not recognized as an organization
by the IRS. My short term goal was to salvage a season for the kids. My long term
goal was to start establishing a structure for the club so that it would be stronger and
the sport would continue to thrive.
During this first year I formed a Board of Directors and we set up the club as a
501c(3) organization. We then formed a core group of volunteers to share the
responsibilities of setting up registration, marketing, negotiating field space, and
lining up volunteer coaches. There was also scheduling, maintaining the website,
fielding complaints and making sure that everyone had a good time. This was
important to decentralize the club leadership from one person. Moving into the 2015
season my goal is to have an organizational leadership structure that is formalized
and to continue developing relationships that will allow the sport to grow in the
Middletown area.
In addition to being a Board member, I also served as the head coach for the Boys
7/8 Grade lacrosse team. We had 34 players which we broke into two teams. About
one third of them were new to the sport and about one third I had coached for
several years. I recruited four assistant coaches to help me work with the boys. We
had a successful season. My measure of success was that they worked hard, saw
that they were able to accomplish things that they didnt think were possible and still
loved to play at the end of the season as much as they did at the beginning of the
season. We even won a few games.

2. Which leadership characteristics was were enhanced or learned through this

(Leadership Characteristic 12 - Is involved with the community.)
The leadership characteristic that was enhanced in this activity was being involved in
the community. Youth sport is an important opportunity for children to have in order
to help them develop into responsible adults. It teaches valuable lessons, its an
opportunity for physical activity, its social and parents value an opportunity for their
children. I didnt fully appreciate the role of the lacrosse club in the community until I
stepped into this role in the club.