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Comparing Governments

This is the final phase of your electronic presentation that you began in your 9th grade year. It
is to be added to your family genealogy (Grade 9), what's new in the old country (Grade 10),
and your occupation research (Grade 11).
Using the country you researched for your 10th grade graduation project, find the following
information regarding that countrys government to create this final phase of your graduation
project. This project is divided into 6 sections. Every section must have at least one picture.
For example, for the section about the countrys leader(s), you could include at least one picture
of leader of the country you are researching. You may use Power Point, Photostory, or
MovieMaker for this assignment.
This project is worth a total of 75 points.
Project Phases from 9th, 10th, and 11th grade (15 points)
Title (2 Points)
Must include name of the country you will comparing to the United States and a picture
of both countrys flags.
Part I: Type of Government/Constitution (13 points)
Compare their leader to our leader using the following criteria: (6 points)
o Title of leader
o Name of current leader
o Elected or appointed
o Length of term
o Background/Qualifications required

Compare their lawmaking body to our Congress using the following criteria: (3 points)
o Name of their lawmaking body
o Bicameral or unicameral structure
o How many people

Compare some of most important rights from the Bill of Rights: (4 points)
o Do they have Freedom of Speech/Press?
o Do they have Freedom of Religion?
o Do they have the right to bear arms?

Part II: Political Parties (10 points)

Compare their political party system with our system using the following criteria:
o Does this country have a two party system, a one-party system, or a multiparty
o What are the names, key beliefs, and symbols of the major political parties in this

Part III: Elections and Voting (5 points)

Compare this countrys election system with our election system based on the following
o What is the voting age and what are the qualifications to vote in this country?
o How often are elections held in this country?
o What types of elections are held (primaries, general, etc?)

Part IV: Taxes and Government Finance (10 points)

Compare this countrys government finance with our policies of taxation and government
finance based on the following criteria:
o Do they charge an income tax?
o What other specific ways does this countrys government make money?
o Compare this countrys spending with what we spend on the following

Part V: Law (10 points)

Compare this countrys crime rates, prison population, punishments (do they use the
death penalty), and court system to our rates here in the United States.

Part VI: Current Relations with the United States (10 points)

Describe the current relationship between the United States and this country

Websites that may help you complete your research: (once you find your country on this website, click on
Library of Congress Country Study for more information on the country you are researching)