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Lincoln Yeutter

May 22, 2015

Block E
Shanghai Process Paper
For my Shanghai Megacity Project, I had to do extensive research on several
different topics regarding the site, situation, history, and economy of the city. In order
to find all my information, I used databases and websites from Ms. Semples teacher
page and looked through many different articles. After reading over all of my articles,
I sited them in my bibliography with annotations. To narrow down my ideas from the
research I created 30 notecards with important information from all 10 of my sources.
I quoted the useful detail, then paraphrased its meaning, and then wrote how the
information would work into my website. All of the research helped shape my
For my website, I started out just setting up all the different sections and titles
of my site. Then I used Britannica ImageQuest to find a picture for the background of
each page of the site. I chose a picture of the skyscrapers in Shanghai, in order to
emphasize the modernized buildings and development of the city. After that, I started
to add content to each page of the site. I used my notecards from my research to fill
in information on the aspects of Shanghai. I continued to use Britannica ImageQuest
to find relevant pictures for what I was writing about. I found that pictures can really
enhance a page and help the reader understand the content better. After filling in all
the pages, I added in my annotated bibliography and Buncee Public Service
The megacity of Shanghai has developed its site and situation by
transforming their land use from agricultural to commercial over time. In the next 50
years residents of Shanghai will become dependent on modern manufacturing and

technology, and this could lead to some major environmental issues as well because
the city is so close to water. Over the past 100 years, Shanghais development has
blossomed into full growth. There was a clear emphasis on modernization, near the
end of the agricultural era of Shanghai. The Qing movement started urbanization
with high-tech, state of the art, developments in the Pudong Area. Commercial
businesses were grown and manufacturing goods took off from there. Factories and
skyscrapers come with commercial industries, so it transformed the site and situation
of Shanghai definitively.

The site and situation of Shanghai has changed so drastically in the last 50100 years that environmental issues have come up. Shanghai is a large port city on
the Hunagpu River and near the South China Sea, so sea levels are always an
important measure. An issue in Shanghai currently is rising sea levels, and this is an
effect of global warming. Sea levels are projected to rise 50-70 centimeters by 2050
because of increased global warming. The city has become so modernized that cars,
factories, and fossil fuels are being overused and it is increasing the severity of
global warming. The site and situation of Shanghai have been transformed
drastically by urbanization.