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May 18, 2015

Students Sent to the World

Prayer Requests
Praise God for raising up seven students
from UNC to go on summer missions all
over the world.
Pray that students who will not be going
on mission trips will continue to pursue
God and find places of community with
other believers this summer.
Pray for our family to enjoy some rejuvenation as we hope to reconnect with ministry partners and friends this summer.

The end of the year is one of our

favorite times of the school year
because we get to see tangible
ways in which God is using our
movement at UNC to impact the
world. One of the most evident ways
is at the last weekly meeting, where
we commission our graduating seniors. It is fun to see these young men
and women, who have been trained
and equipped, depart from the university to impact people for Christ
wherever they go! Another tangible
thing we can celebrate is how God
raised up 7 students to go on summer mission trips to places around
the United States and the world including Cambodia, Brazil, and South
As we look back over a great year of
ministry at the University of Northern
Colorado, we cant help but to be
grateful. The beginning of the year
we welcomed new staff members to
our team who have been a huge
blessing and helped us to do a better job of reaching the campus with
the gospel. Were grateful for the
freshmen whove come to know the
Lord like Billy, Nick, Shannon, and
Beza, as well as two upper classmen
Dan and Nico. Were also grateful
for the many students who are growing closer in their relationship with
God and those who are growing
closer to inviting Him into their lives.
As we met with our staff team at the
end of the semester, we took some

time to praise God and give Him

thanks for how He has drawn students into a new or deeper relationship with Himself this year. One of
the many praises we gave to God
was for a freshman named Billy and
the life change that had taken
place in him this year. Billy recount-

Graduating seniors who God is sending from the university to reach the
world for Christ.
ed at the final mens Bible study that
while he was sitting at his new student orientation before he even
started his freshman year, he was set
on making the most out of his college experience: He intended that
to include popularity, girls, parties.
You know, the college experience. However, God had something else in mind for Billy. Billy had
surrendered his life to Christ just after
Brett and Ryan (an upperclassman)
shared the Gospel with him at the
beginning of the year! He shared
that he had come to college on a
completely different path, and now,
God has redirected him to something so much greater!

We couldnt do any of this work without

your prayers and support. Our gratefulness starts with your support in making
an eternal investment for Gods Glory.

Brett and Darci Hullah

Cru at Northern Colorado

1502 Lakeside Drive
Greeley, CO 80631