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Virginia Teachers for

Tomorrow Bayside High School

4960 Haygood Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia
757-648-5200 (office)
757-473-5123 (fax)

Family and Consumer Science

Meg M. Manugo, Coordinator

Reflection Day II

Here we are again, back in our classroom together! Enjoy it now because we
wont be together again until May 19th! Yikes! Today is our last reflection
day during our internship experiences. Complete the following using your
best handwriting and the tenets of Standard English grammar, punctuation
and spelling. Happy Reflection!

VTfT Interns Name: Keyonia S. Driver

My Cooperating Teachers Name: Ellen Shackley
My Internship School: Newtown Elementary School
I am starting to really enjoy my students and hearing them call me Ms. Driver.
I still feel a little uncomfortable with speaking to the class as a whole.
The kids at my internship are warming up to me but they are still a little distant.
The coolest or most interesting student in my class is Patrick. He is so laid-back and chill.
The most challenging student in my classis Johnathon and Amijah. They both just like to try
Ms. Shackleys patience.
My ideas about teaching now that I am well into my internship I am even more stuck on
whether I want to go into teaching or not.

Things to talk about today in class

What to do for your teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week May 4 May 8th?
Senior VBCPS Future Teacher Award portfolios due May 1st! Others due May 26th!
Portfolios? How are they going?
Shadow Day #1 = Thursday, April 30th !
Shadow Day #2 = Thursday, May 7th !
I need T-SHIRT money. $8.15!!

I just love VTfT


Adapted from the Teacher Cadet Curriculum, Property of CERRASouth Carolina

2004, and/or the Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow Curricul