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Eleven years of full-time clinical practice experience working with low-income, at-risk youth and families
of diverse ethno-racial background, with over five years spent in the youth justice system specializing in
the area of mental health. Intervention areas of expertise include individual and group counseling,
program, community and policy development with a social justice focus.
Five years of experience and a proven ability to teach a diverse range of College and University-level
courses (in-class and online), from micro to macro level content in Social Services and Justice related
Five years of curriculum development experience including: developing and editing course
outlines/critical paths, selecting texts and reading materials and developing and revising learning
materials and assignments.
Online curriculum development experience (FSW 202- Issues in Childhood Maltreatment) for the
Ontario Graduate Certificate in Forensic Practice, Humber College.
Strong clinical, assessment, counseling, intervention/panning, group work, program and community
development and advocacy skills which strengthen classroom teaching experience.
Developed two clinical substance abuse treatment programs targeted to incarcerated male and female
youth (2012).
Executive Producer and Creative Director of educational film documentary Gettin High: The Highs and
Lows Battling Marijuana Addiction (2012).
Primary researcher and author of draft copy of the Roy McMurtry Case Management Policy Manual
Developed and provided staff trainings about youth mental health issues and the justice system.
Author of Fighting an Invisible War: Black Male Youth and Experiences of Racial Profiling in Law
Enforcement, Journal of Canadian Social Work, 9(1), 2007, pp. 48 - 65.
Excellent partnerships with community-based organizations, institutions and advocacy-related groups
across the Greater Toronto Area in the areas of mental health, justice and social policy.
Strong computer skills, sound knowledge and use of Blackboard.
Consistently above average feedback from student FAQs and academic peers from Humber College.
In good standing with Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

George Brown College (2008)

Certificate in Dual Diagnosis

Focus on assessment and treatment of youth and adults who are dually diagnosed

York University (2003 2004)

Masters in Social Work Degree

Completed field practicum with the Jane Finch Concerned Citizens Organization

Ryerson University (1999 2003)

Bachelor of Social Work with Honours Standing

Minor in Public Administration
Completed field practicum with Malton Neighbourhood Services and Campaign 2000 (Social Policy


Teaching Excellence Program, current

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Certificate, 2015
Disordered Eating Certificate, 2015
Youth Suicide and Self Injury Intervention Certificate, 2014
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certificate, 2014
Nightingale Electronic Medical Records Keeping System, Superuser, 2013
Mental Health First Aid Trained, 2013
First Stage Trauma Treatment Certificate, 2013
Mindfulness Strategies for Social Work, 2012
Collaborative Problem Solving, 2011
Blackboard Clinic for Online Teachers Certified, July 2011
Motivational Interviewing Training, 2009
CPI, Crisis Intervention Certified, 2009
Certificate in Concurrent Disorders, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 2008
Narrative Therapy Certificate, 2008
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Foundations Certificate, 2008
Restorative Justice Mediation Certified, 2007

Humber College (January 2015 present)
Clinical Team Lead, FITA Graduate Student Internship Program

Develop policies, forms, procedures, training material, orientation material and program workshops for
masters level counselling and social work interns for the FITA program at Humber College.
Assist in screening, selecting and interviewing potential graduate intern applicants for the FITA
Provide training to interns on all FITA elements (administrative processes and procedures, counselling
skills, testing and scoring, crisis and suicide intervention, note taking).
Plan, organize and facilitate team workshops.
Provide graduate intern supervision on a weekly basis, respond to intern needs and crisis, provide
effective feedback for intern students learning plans and monitor progress on learning goals.
Communicate, liase and maintain effective relationships with various graduate program professors and

Complete intake interviews for all FITA student referrals, determine eligibility, determine appropriate
intervention and match FITA students with graduate student interns.
Maintain a small caseload of FITA students identified as at-risk and provide risk assessment, planning,
goal-setting, intervention, follow up consultation and referrals.
Design and implement cross campus marketing and recruitment strategies for prospective FITA student
Maintain accurate statistics and records.
Design and implement program evaluation outcome research

Humber College (July 2013 present)


Assess the nature, degree of risk and complexity of student concerns related to personal and academic
Evaluate and deliver appropriate interventions including but not limited to: standardized assessments
and short and long-term psychotherapeutic support and student self-management strategies.
Research and design appropriate interventions to address psycho-educational needs and concerns.
Work effectively with the social constructs of the students including but not limited to race, sexuality,
disability, class, culture and religion.
Appraise and responding to systemic issues related to student success, e.g. human rights, personal
harassment / discrimination.
Conduct conflict resolution and crisis intervention.
Providing appropriate and effective educational, mental health and vocational referrals; internal and
Design and conduct programs such as but not limited to: peer services, learning skills workshops,
classroom presentations and college wide events.
Liaise with educational institutions and community agencies regarding service delivery and
Actively participate and effectively collaborate with members of the counselling team.
Actively promote educational success through student access and retention strategies.
Contribute expertise to college task forces / committees and other functions related to student needs
and how most effectively addressed through the use of counselling support.
Teaching Excellence Program Project, Feb 2015: Student Self Care Kits developed and
disseminated 550 self care kits to Humber students across three campuses while administering to each
student a DASS (depression anxiety stress scale) with the goals of raising awareness of and supporting
student mental health, providing information and resources to help students manage stress and
symptoms of mental health.

Humber College (September 2008 2013)

Instructor, part-time & partial load
Successfully taught courses in the Social Services Worker Program, Bachelor of Applied Arts Criminal
Justice Program, Bachelor of Applied Arts - Family and Community Social Services Program and the
Ontario Graduate Certificate in Forensic Practice Program.
Courses have included: Orientation to Human Services, Group Work Skills, Special Needs Populations,
Interpersonal Skills, Gender and the Justice System, Current Social Policy Issues, Case Management,
Issues in Childhood Maltreatment and Neglect, Political Process and Mental Health Issues and Child
Responsible for course preparation, implementation, student evaluation and student support.
Provide one-to-one support for students requiring additional academic support.
Support students to address and manage conflict through healthy and professional mechanisms.

Utilize a range of information technology methods to enhance classroom learning experience

(blackboard, powerpoint, internet, video).
Proficient in developing and editing course outlines, critical paths, lecture material, assignments and
Responsible for revising readings lists and learning material to ensure they are current, relevant and
applicable to human services practice.
Network with institutional and community-based organizations to stay current on social issues including
youth justice, mental health and advocacy initiatives.
Provide students with varied learning opportunities by inviting current and innovative guest speakers
and facilitating events, such as the Bake Sale Fundraiser for The Schlifer Clinic for Women who are
Survivors of Violence.
Roy McMurtry Youth Centre (April 2009 July 2013)
Social Worker
Coordinated and facilitated case management plans for youth ages 12-20 involved in the criminal justice
system via the application of various social work theories, principles and practices.
Provide intakes, clinical assessments and crisis intervention for youth including specialized and complex
cases involving mental health issues and high-risk behaviours.
Developed and implemented individualized rehabilitative and reintegration treatment plans.
Provide effective and culturally competent therapeutic interventions including individual, family and
group counseling.
Reviewed youth justice programs and provided feedback and recommendations to senior management.
Developed adolescent and gender specific programming geared towards at-risk needs of male and
female youth including substance abuse, healthy relationships, emotions management and music
Provided mental health training to staff (ie: FAS, suicide, developmental disabilities).
Authored draft copy of the Roy McMurtry Youth Centre case management manual.
Worked effectively in a multidisciplinary environment to provide responsive and seamless service.
Liaised with family and community organizations in support of individualized case management and
reintegration plans.
Maintained accurate case notes and client reports.
Member of RMYC case management, diversity and Youth Advocacy committees.
Humber College (2011)
Online Course Developer

Researched and synthesized current and relevant content as dictated by course learning outcomes.
Developed appropriate content utilizing Online Course Development Guidelines, Humber College.
Effectively utilized various Blackboard functions and tools to facilitate online learning.
Incorporated anti-oppressive perspectives and practice experiences to enhance learning

Griffin Centre (October 2006 April 2009)

Youth Mental Health Court Worker / Social Worker

Provided individual and family counseling for youth ages 15-25 with mental health issues (eg.
psychosis, mood disorders, dual diagnosis, concurrent disorders, behavioural and emotional issues),
utilizing various modalities including cognitive behavioural, narrative and strength-based approaches.
Provided short term case management for youth ages 12 18 with mental health issues involved in
the criminal justice system.

Assessed and subsequently developed individualized treatment plans designed to limit the probability
of youth ages 12 18 with mental health issues to return to involvement in the criminal justice
Provided immediate crisis/grief support to community members when critical events occurred
(violence and death due to violence).
Facilitated anger management and healthy relationship groups for male and female youth ages 1219.
Facilitated life skills groups for low-income, young mothers addressing issues related to parenting,
substance abuse and misuse, addictions, healthy relationships, mental health, CAS/court
involvement, domestic violence and discrimination.
Provided workshops and trainings about mental health, youth court and restorative justice to various
community-based organizations in the Jane/Finch Community.
Ensured the development of comprehensive plans through cooperation and communication with
community-based agency representatives (eg: school, legal, medical).
Organized and facilitated Restorative Justice Conferences for offending youth.
Prepared legal contracts for the Ontario Court of Justice.
Maintained accurate statistical data, case notes and client reports.

Turning Point Youth Services (2008)

Project Co-ordinator, Youth Justice Diversity Project

Successfully recruited participants for Youth Justice Diversity Research Project.

Facilitated two participant focus groups to gather and disseminate research information.
Developed research report Parents Experiences with the Youth Justice System in the Greater
Toronto Area Youth Justice Diversity Project.
Report recommendations contributed to funding for a youth justice support program in the Jane/Finch

Childrens Aid Society of Toronto (October 2004 October 2006)

Social Worker Intake

Determined the level of risk for children in families where abuse (i.e.: physical, emotional or sexual
abused and/or neglect) was a concern or reality.
Conducted assessments, including risk and parenting assessments and apprehended children when
necessary, taking steps to ensure their placements.
Provided individual and family counselling that outlined positive communication, support and
involvement and addressed inappropriate parenting behaviours.
Successfully engaged and worked with low-income families of various ethno-cultural backgrounds
while demonstrating sound judgment and critical thinking skills.
Identified, promoted, and supported the use of community resources to assist families.
Acted as an advocate on behalf of individuals and families to negotiate the acquisition of needed
services on their behalf.
Coordinated and led interdisciplinary conferences and meetings.
Participated in professional development opportunities both within and outside the agency.
Prepared legal documentation, including affidavits, case histories and legal forms.
Attended and offered information at child welfare court proceedings.

Jane and Finch Concerned Citizens Organization (2003 2004)

Youth and Family Counsellor

Provided individual and family counseling to low income clients from diverse cultures affected by
issues related to poverty, employment, social assistance needs, discrimination, schooling, the justice
system and family conflict.
Designed and implemented anger management, substance abuse, life skills and support groups for
at-risk youth with behavioural, emotional and mental health issues.
Provided culturally appropriate parenting workshops.
Carried out a research project designed to assess the program needs of children and youth within the
Jane/Finch Community.
Developed and implemented outreach strategies to attract clients to community programs.

Campaign 2000 (June 2003- August 2003)

Research Assistant

Conducted literature searchers utilizing various methods including internet databases and libraries.
Collected data to support Campaign 2000s anti-poverty research reports.
Organized meetings for Campaign 2000 partners to discuss report release strategies.

Digs For Kids, Residential Services (August 2000 February 2002)

Residential Support Worker, part-time

Monitored client behavior and intervened in client disputes and with aggressive behaviours.
Provided direct client care/assistance regarding personal budgeting, recreational activities,
socialization, nutrition, meal preparation, stress management, personal hygiene, housekeeping,
medications, crisis/anger management.
Supervised clients in daily living skills; documented client activities and moods.
Monitored client medical regime; distributed, recorded and safely stored client medication.
Completed required and requested reports, case notes, forms and correspondence.
Requested maintenance work to ensure upkeep and cleanliness of facility; preformed essential
household duties including cleaning, cooking and safety checks.
Performed office duties including maintaining files and faxing/photocopying written materials and

Youth Justice Committee, Jane/Finch Community (2008 2009)

Met with various representatives involved with the Youth Justice System to discuss current practice
and field related issues.

Networked and liaised with professionals and citizens with the purpose of gaining knowledge of
trends, needs and supports within the Youth Justice System to enhance service provision to clients
and families.

Attended and facilitated various youth events in support of community based initiatives dealing with
grief and mental health.
Three Rivers Kids Foundation (2004 2007)

Assisted in developing the charitys logo.

Prepared marketing strategies to raise awareness and solicit donations.

Helped to develop and facilitate fundraisers to support the mission of this charity; to raise money for
poverty stricken children in Guyana who are in need of life saving medical supplies and surgeries.

Big Sisters of Peel (1999 2002)

Acted as a positive role model for a youth in need; facilitated and participated in various recreational
and skills based activities.

Attended volunteer trainings to enhance knowledge and skills as a Big Sister.

Participated in various fundraising events including car washes, bake sales and art expos.
Co-owner of Rawledge Film Productions., specializing in educational documentaries.

References Available Upon Request