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Learning about

The Solar System!

Ms. Damian

What is the Solar System?

The solar system is everything that moves around the sun. Our solar system consists of eight
planets, but it is said that there could be more that we can not see. The sun is the center of
the solar system. Our solar system is said to have formed about 4.6 billion years ago. The
four closest planets to the sun are known as the terrestrial planets because they have dense,
rocky surfaces. These four planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

The Sun
Makes up 99.8% of the mass within our Solar System
All the planets revolve around the sun since it is the center of the System
The center of the sun is about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit.
The sun is the reason the Earth is still around because of how powerful the

energy that is produces.

What is a Planet?
In order to be a planet there must be enough mass to be able to form the

nearly round shape

Must orbit the sun
Dwarf Planet

an object that meets planetary criteria except that it has not cleared debris from its orbital neighborhood


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The smallest planet
A bit larger the our moon

Closest planet to the sun

36 Million Miles

Rocky Planet
Has solid, cratered surface.

59 days on Earth is equivalent to one

day on Mercury
Takes 88 earth days to orbit around
the Sun.

A little smaller than Earth
Second closest Planet to the

67 million miles

Rocky Planet
Cratered and volcanic landscape

243 days on Earth is one day

on Venus
Makes an orbit around the
Sun in 225 Earth days

Third Planet from the sun
Rocky Planet
Solid and dynamic surface of

mountains, valleys, canyons,

plains, and other things.

Also an ocean planet

70% of Earths Surface is


Has one moon

Fourth Planet from the Sun
Rocky Plant
Volcanoes, Impacts, Crustal

Movement, Dust Storms

687 days on Earth is

equivalent to how long it

takes for Mars to orbit around
the Sun.

Fifth Planet from the sun
Gas Giant Planet
No Solid Surface
Predicted that there is a solid

surface the size of Earth

Atmosphere made up of
Hydrogen and Helium

Makes an orbit around the

Sun in about 12 Earth


Sixth Planet from the Sun
Gas Giant Planet

No solid surface

Takes 29 Earth years to

orbit the Sun

Atmosphere is made up

Hydrogen and helium

Seventh Planet from the Sun
Ice Planet
80% or more is made up of

icy material

28 years on Earth is how

long Uranus takes to orbit

the Sun

Eighth Planet from the

Sister Ice Planet with
Thick and hot

combination of:

Neptune take 165 Earth

Years to orbit the Sun

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