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About the Island

Date of Implementation:
Lesson Title:
Success Criteria:

3/9 & 3/10

Lesson #1: Multiple Choice
Short Stories
- The multiple choice portion of the packet will be
completed accurately.


- SWBAT use multiple choice strategies to narrow down the

question and answer it accurately.
- SWBAT find evidence in the text to support their answers.


1. Opener: Whip-Around *#
- The students will be asked to name a multiple choice
strategy that they use when answering multiple choice
- A volunteer student will start with the manipulative
(squishy ball) and answer the question. As soon as they are
done, they will throw the ball to another student after
making eye contact and making sure they are ready to
catch the ball.
2. Mini-Lesson (5-10 minutes) *^#
- The students will be guided through the first page of their
second packet. (Attached). The packet is filled with
strategies regarding multiple choice, short answer, and
essay questions.
- The students will learn how to choose the best multiple
choice answer and complete some examples.
3. Essential Questions:
- What are some strategies one can use when stuck on a
multiple choice problem?
4. Independent Work Time: Students will pair up with a
partner and take the rest of the class to read through the
story and start answering their multiple choice questions
using the strategies introduced. #
- If the students are stuck on the multiple choice portion, the
first question can be demonstrated and modeled using the
strategies discussed.
5. Homework: None

* Multiple Intelligences
^ Individual Accommodations
# General Accommodations

About the Island

Assessment Tasks:
------Modifications for Special

- Whip-Around participation.
- Multiple choice portion of the packet.
- Individual work time participation.
General (for all)
- Opener as a prep for
upcoming multiple
choice strategy lesson.
(Plus kinesthetic
- Printed hand-out of
strategy packet.
- Mini lesson working as
a pre-teaching
- Working with a partner
(peer collaboration).

Individual Students
A Day

B Day