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By Road

Khajjiar is connected by road and is 26-km from Dalhousie and 24-km

from Chamba. It is 204 km from amritsar.

Aap Ka Ghar Cottages Khajjiar

Hotel Aap Ka Ghar Cottages
Khajjiar District Chamba
Chamba Himachal Pradesh
Phone: - 91-1899-225677
Mobile:- 91-97361-04007
Email: -
Website: -
Family Rooms: - 4000.00 INR per day
Super Deluxe: - 3000.00 INR per day
Deluxe Rooms: - 2000.00 INR per Day
Three Bed Room Cottage with Kitchen: - 7000.00 INR per Day
Three Bed Room Cottage: - 6000.00 INR per Day
Complete Pent House of : - 10500.00 INR per Day
Prime Attractions of Khajjiar
Kalatope Khajjiar Sanctuary
It's possible to trek 30-km from Dalhousie to Chamba along the
eastbound road from Gandhi Chowk. A short but steep ascent leads to
the Kalatope wildlife sanctuary, from which one can walk into a
pleasant track.
Khajjiar Lake
Fed by slim streams, this small lake rests in the center of the large
glade of Khajjiar. The glade and the lake are held sacred to 'Khajjinag'after whom the place is named.
Golden Devi Temple
Adding to the charms of Khajjiar, which also hugs a golden-domed
Devi temple, is a golf course set in the midst of the idyllic
surroundings. The golden spire of the Devi's abode beckons one to the
fringe of the lake.
Khajji Nag Temple
A little away from the lake is the temple of Khajji Nag belonging to
12th century A.D. In the mandapa of the temple one can see the
images of the Pandavas and the defeated Kaurvas hanging from the
roof of the circumambulatory path. The sanctum of the temple has
been beautifully carved from wood.

The Lake: Khajjiar

Set in the rolling green turf is a small lake. The earth is 'spongy' due to
dense growth of weed called 'vacha' over which dust has formed a
thick layer of earth.
In winter, temperature can lower just above freezing point when heavy
woollens are required .
Appox. time : 5 Hour 32 Min
Approx. distance : 200.6 Km
Head east on Grand Trunk Road. (875

Continue straight on Crystal Chowk

Mall Road Area. (370 m)

3. Turn left. (380 m)

4. Continue straight. (4 km)

Enter the roundabout, then take 2nd

exit. (61 km)


Turn right at Gurdaspur Bypass. (35


7. Turn right. (7 km)

8. Turn left at Dalhousie Bypass. (27 km)
9. Turn left. (4 km)
10. Turn left. (1 km)
11. At next intersection bear right. (6 km)
12. Bear right. (7 km)
13. Take the 1st left. (5 km)
14. Turn right. (680 m)

Enter the roundabout, then take 3rd

exit. (455 m)

16. Continue straight on Chogaan. (3 km)


At the end of the road turn right. (25


18. Bear left. (3 km)

19. Take the 1st left. (3 km)
20. Destination reached.