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10 tips to keep your home Fifth Dimensional

I suddenly realised that my decking was green with mould and my little waterfall
was clogged with leaves, while the flowerbed was overgrown. So we set to and
power jetted the decking, replaced the waterfall with a new Buddha water feature
and planted geraniums and aubretia in the flower bed. It looks gorgeous and
radiates a fifth dimensional light. Then I started on the house! So here are some tips
to keep your home 5D.
1. Flowers radiate fifth dimensional energy and help to keep the energy pure and
beautiful. Remember to bless and thank them.
2. Water, especially if it is flowing raises the energy. Bless the water in a water
feature and it will keep the energy clear and high.
3. Spiritual books radiate light so prune your bookshelves if necessary and keep the
high frequency ones.
4. Clear the junk. Lower energies accumulate where we store old stuff. Time to
remove it and let higher energies flow round your home.
5. Play beautiful music or sing, om or chant.
6. Incense bring in the energy of fire and the wisdom of the herbs you are using. Or
light a candle when you can do so safely.
7. Dedicated crystals can hold the energy in the fifth dimension.
8. Ask Archangel Michael to put a protection round your home. It is not enough to
ask. Visualise a deep blue bubble as well.
9. Ask Archangel Sandalphon to place a fifth dimensional bubble over everyone who
enters your home. This will keep them fifth dimensional for a short while.
10. Ask the angel of your home to help you keep your home fifth dimensional.