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Wendell Phillips Academy High School

Course Syllabus Algebra


Teacher Information
Name: Ms. Cholewick
Office Hours: Tuesday/ Thursday after school until 4:30 and by appointment
School Attributes
The manner in which we prepare students at Wendell Phillips Academy High School is informed by Learners Life: (1) Compassion, (2) Integrity, (3) Reflection, and
(4) Commitment
Course Description:
Algebra 1 is intended to build a foundation for all higher math classes. This course will review algebraic expressions, integers, and mathematical properties that will
lead into working with variables and linear equations. There will be an in-depth study of graphing, polynomials, quadratic equations, and systems of equations
through direct class instruction, group work, homework, student projects and technology.
Materials List (You are expected to bring everyday!):

Three-ring Binder (Provided)

Each student will be provided an organized binder. Binder checks will be done periodically to check for completeness and organization.


Loose-leaf paper, notebook, and pencil

A notebook will be used in class for interactive activities. All homework will be done on loose-leaf paper and in pencil (NO PENS).


Calculators will be provided for each student to use during class time.

Grading System: Grading will be split up into the following categories:

Class work
(Participation, Activities, Worksheets, Do Nows, Exit Slips, etc.)
(Includes unit tests, quizzes, projects, presentations, papers, etc)

Grade Percentage

**Grades will be printed periodically and discussed with you individually**

Grading Scale will be as follows according to CPS policy:
90% - 100%: A
80% - 89%: B

70% - 79%: C
60% - 69%: D

59% and below: F

Electronics in the classroom:

Cell phones, I-pods, etc. are not allowed in class. I follow Phillips cell phone/electronics policy and that can be found in the student handbook.
Class Attendance/Absences:
Attendance is mandatory for the successful completion of this course. If you have an excused absence, it is your responsibilities to find out what we did while
you were gone. You need to contact a classmate or check the while you were absent bin for any assignments and class activities, and then see me before or after
school to ask specific questions on the work you missed. Unexcused absences = 0 for that days assignments, INCLUDING tests!
Homework Policy:
As we are preparing for college, there are certain skills that must be emphasized. One of these skills is completing coursework in a timely manner. With
that being said, late work will suffer a penalty at the discretion of the teacher. Varying assignments will carry different penalties, but late work will never be
accepted for full credit, without proof of an excused absence.

You will complete in PENCIL ONLY all assignments, quizzes, and tests. You will receive a zero for graded material done in pen after the first week in a course.
(Follow the pencil protocol before the bell rings as needed.)
Expect pop quizzes over your assignments. On Fridays, I will have you transfer your homework solutions or notes over to another paper for a pop quiz. I will use the
homework wheel often that will be spun to determine how I will check the homework for that week (Completion, Accuracy, and Pop Quiz)
Behavioral Expectations:
All students will be expected to follow Phillips policies while in the classroom. Students will also follow classroom expectations:
Report to class (in your assigned seat) BEFORE THE BELL RINGS on a daily basis. Once the bell rings, you are considered late and you are
required to have a pass or tardy slip. It is expected that at the sound of the tardy bell students will have already sharpened their pencils and are
prepared with spirals.
Bring all required materials to class EVERY DAY.
Engage and participate in ALL learning activities throughout the class period. If you are sleeping or have your head down throughout the class,
you will be marked absent.
Engage in a respectful attitude toward others, furniture, and materials. Profanity or disrespectful language is NOT accepted.
Copying/cheating/plagiarism, etc. is unacceptable and may result in a final grade of zero along with school suspension and a parent/guardian
All school policies will be enforced in this classroom, including dress code and the ban on personal electronic devices.
Consequences include:
One Verbal Warning
Removal from class
Class Procedures
Beginning Class

1. Students will greet the teacher, quietly enter the classroom, and collect any material needed for the day.
2. Students will silently begin Do Now activity.
3. Attendance will be taken.
4. If you are not in your seat working, you will be counted as tardy.

Bathroom Passes

There will be no passes. Bathrooms are to be used before and after class unless a doctors note is present.

Test Days

Students will sit in rows when taking an exam. The room is to be silent during all exams. If any student
is caught talking or cheating, they will earn a zero for that exam.

Ending Class

1. Students will complete their exit slips daily.

2. Students will stay in their seats until dismissed. The bell does not signal dismissal.
3. Students will hand their exit slips on their way out.

A combination of lecture, class discussion, presentations, videos, cooperative learning, and problem-based learning will be used in this course. Grades will
be determined by the satisfactory and timely completion of assignments.
General Information:
If you are having trouble with this class, come to me immediately and I can work with you. If you wait till the end of the marking period, it will be TOO
LATE. I will be available to help you understand so you can be successful in this class.

These descriptions are subject to change at the discretion of the Instructor.

Contact Wendell Phillips Academy High School
244 E. Pershing Road, Chicago, IL 60653
Tel: 773-535-1603
Principal: Ms. Stacie Chana

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To the Parent(s)/Guardian(s):
Please read and discuss this material with your son/daughter. It is very
important to me, as the instructor, that you and your child understand the
expectations and requirements of this course. Please feel free to contact me
via email or call me at the high school if you have any questions or concerns.
Each student is encouraged to keep a written record of their scores and to
tally their grades themselves during the year. I appreciate your support and
look forward to a very productive year!
Ms. Cholewick

**Please return this page 3 to me signed by the end of the first week of
I have read, understood, and agree to the guidelines regarding Algebra 1
expectations and content. If I have any questions or concerns, I will call the
school at (773) 535-1603, call Ms. Cholewick at (pending) or email Ms.
Cholewick at as soon as possible.
Parent/Guardian Signature
may contact you there)

Work Phone (if I

Home Phone
**Email Address**
(Please print clearly)
I have read, reviewed, and understand the information regarding Algebra 1
Student Name
Contact Wendell Phillips Academy High School
244 E. Pershing Road, Chicago, IL 60653
Tel: 773-535-1603
Principal: Ms. Stacie Chana

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Student Signature


Student Email Address** (Please print clearly)

Contact Wendell Phillips Academy High School

244 E. Pershing Road, Chicago, IL 60653
Tel: 773-535-1603
Principal: Ms. Stacie Chana

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Contact Wendell Phillips Academy High School

244 E. Pershing Road, Chicago, IL 60653
Tel: 773-535-1603
Principal: Ms. Stacie Chana