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IN DA CLUB Words & Music Curtis Jackson/Andrew Young/Michael Elizondo Moderately J=92 Fim Cin CivE = Dtm(>5) Fim ChE Fim ff ® H Ci Ci —Dim7665) Fim = ChE Fim em a of EF . shawty, Ts your birth We gon’ par = ty like its your birth day. We gon’ sip Ba - ctm Cie Dim765) Fim CiwvE Fem E f& & car-di like it’s your bisth-day And you know we don’t give a f'** its not your birth-day! You can find me in da > 7 s © Universal Music Corp/WB Music Corp/Ain’t Nothing But Funkin’ Music/Elvis Mambo Music/Blotter Music/Music Of Windswept. ‘All Rights for Mambo Music and Blotter Music administered by Music Of Windswept. For Australia & New Zealand:- Universal”MCA Music Publishing (A.B.N. 41 003 188 967) - 3 Munn Reserve, Millers Point NSW 2000 Warner/Chay lusic Australia Pty Ltd (A.B.N. 63 000 876 068) - Ground Floor, 39 Albany Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065 EMI Masi¢ Publishing Australia Py Limited (A.BLN. 83 000 040 951). PO Blox 481, Spit Junction NSW 2088 International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved, Unauthorised Reproduction Illegal. % Chorus: Cin C/E Dém7(b5) Fim = Cénv/E Fim et g Bal ff club, bot-tle full of bub. Ma-ma, I got what you need if youneed to feel a buzz, I’m in-to hov-ing > A 2. a = —<- = Chm Cans DanTts) Fim | CivE Fem ; i i ff ‘sex, I ain't in-to mak-ing love, so come, give me a hug if you in-to get-ting rubbed. You can find me in da {simite) cm ChE Dimi(b5) Fim Cie, Fem a ed He club, ot-tle full of bub, Ma-ma, I got what you need Tm into hav-ing you need to feel a buzz To Coda ® Cine Diea7(5) Phen Chve 7s & # sex, I ain’ in-to mak-ing love, so come, give me a hug if you in-to get-ting rubbed. 1. When I pull up out Verse: CIS Ci/E —_Dim7(>5) Fem Che Fem = HE af oa front, you see the Bent on dubs. When Troll wen-ty deep, its al-ways dra-ma in the club, Whenthey heard I roll with 2. See additional lyrics Chom CawE — Dimi7(+5) Fam = ge & Chm ChvE Din765) Fim Clive Fim tt change, hold down, Gs up. I see X-zib-it in the Cutt and, man, he roll'em. If you watch how 1 a i Chm CinwvE Dém7(bS) Fem ChE Fém 4 Hag F pire HR : fo {SS SS ‘move,you'll mis-take me for a play-a or pimp. Been hit with a few shells but I don't walk with a timp. In the ar] sis # gc 3 F —S= z + — Sas al ee a a