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The Letters Of The Urdu Alphabet Lesson 4 1 “Tho Sound of the English lottor “V" does not exist in Urdu, 2 Writing always commences from the “right hand sido" 3 Capital letters are not used in Urdu at al, 4 The sound of ALL the letters of the Urdu Alphabet (according to this ‘systom) will ond in tho sound of "EAR" as in Year. SOUNDED AS IN THE LETTER Av. | B. tomer P.. be rorsian Tu = b When the + appears above the letter, it takes the sound of tem Indian the preceding lettor but Is pronounced by putting ones tongue to the pallate, Persian ie U Gee sn d Dine ) {Tongue tothe palate) 2 edn TIA rane vinnnesome Lin 5 R... J Ke late) Inaian MS Lun Sion J pertn * Letters using three dots above the letter, will use the one dot on top and the other two below whereas letters using three dots below the letter, will use one dot below and the other two above. Example: Ke