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Thursday, June 18, 2015 - Page 21

Foggs are Rodeo Parade Grand Marshals

GEORGE AND SHIRLEY FOGG - Were the 2015 Tarkio
Rodeo Parade Grand Marshals. Shirley rode a horse down
Tarkios Main Street 52 years ago in the Missouri State
High School Rodeo Parade. The Foggs have been great supporters of the Tarkio Rodeo for many years. Their three oldest children competed in the high school rodeo here. Their
son, Scott, was the All-Around Cowboy in 1973 and 1975.
Shirley was a judge for the Queen Contest in 1975 and she
helped as secretary of the All-American High School Rodeo
in Tarkio from 1978-1979. Son, Todd, won the All-Around
Cowboy title at that rodeo in 1979. The Foggs grandson, Dakota, is also now competing and participated in this years
rodeo. Lots of young area cowboys got their start at the
Foggs Jr. Rodeo held in Mound City. The Foggs were honored to be named this years Tarkio Rodeo Parade Grand
Marshals and enjoyed riding in the parade on Saturday,
June 13, 2015.

(Photos By Megan McAdams)