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Name: Princess Eslais
Area: Cagayan de Oro

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Date: June 21, 2015

1. Also known as Vitamin B2? (3 points)

Riboflavin (Vit B2)
2. What is the appearance of Godex DS Capsule? (5 points)
Chocolate brown yellowish powder in a hard gelatine capsule
3. Rationale why Godex DS is given 1 capsule TID. (10 points)
Godex DS is Given 1 capsule TID because of its Plasma Half Life of 8 Hours
4. Also known as Vitamin B6? (3 points)
Pyridoxine HCl (Vit B6)
5. What are the indications of Godex DS? (7 points)

Fatty Liver (ASH,NASH)

Acute and Chronic viral hepatitis

Alcoholic Hepatitis

General Intoxication

Drug Induce Liver injury

Liver Cirrhosis

Mitochondrial Dysfunction
6. Enumerate the components of Godex DS with its milligram contents. (12 points)
300 mg............... Carnitine Orotate
25 mg....... .....17 Amino Acid (9 Essential & 8 Non-Essential)
50 mg .............Pyridoxine HCl (Vit B6)
5mg............. Adenine HCl
1mg............ Riboflavin (Vit B2)
.25 mg............ Cyanocobalamin ( Vit B12)
7. Name the Three Mechanisms of Action of Godex DS. (9 points)
The three Major Action of Godex Ds are:

It GIVES HIGH ENERGY by working inside the mitochondria for liver cell
membrane protection to boost cell function.

It DETOXIFIES free radicals (ROS) and Acyl Group to prevent further liver
cell damage to maintain healthy liver cell membrane.

It REGENERATES and REBUILDS the damage liver cell to maintain a

healthy liver cell membrane.

8. Also known as Vitamin B12? (3 points)

Cyanocobalamin ( Vit B12)
9. What is the dosage of Godex DS for Adults? (5 points)
1 capsule T.I.D for 2-3months to see remarkable improvements
10. What is the shelf-life of Godex DS? (5 points)
5 years shelf life
11. Appearance of Mitodex vial (5 points).
Pale-pinkish freeze-dried powder preparation in a transparent vial
12. Safety Profile of Godex DS (5 points).
GODEX DS is SAFE because of the following reason:

It has been categorized as Very Safe according to studies.

Virtually NO side effect

No drug to drug interaction

No teratogenic effect

NO co-morbidities indication

Can be use by pregnant women (but not in their first trimester of pregnancy)

Can be use in neonates patient using Godex DS plain

13. Reasons why Mitodex is in freeze dried powder (5 points).
14. Reason why Mitodex vial is not given direct IV push (5 points).
15. Also known as Vitamin BT (5 points)
16. Complete name of the VP- Finance (5 points)
17. Also known as Vitamin B4 (5 points)
18. Distributor of Godex DS & Mitodex Vial (3 points)
Mergers Drugfil Corporation

Total of 100 points

Good luck!