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A few activist artists and their website

Robert Ernst MarxPaints and sculpts to personify the human condition. His favorite
themes to address is power, the exclusivity of church and state,
and abuse.
Masami Teraoka
Draws images to represent globalization and the clash between
Pawel Kuczynski
Illustration artist whose works convey many messages and
meanings. His art addresses war, social media, politics, etc.
Young Soon Min
Los Angeles artist from Korea. Her art consist of many themes
that deal with issues of representation, cultural identities, history
and memories.
Dread Scott
Draws, sculpts, photographs, and performance art are the genres
he works in. His topics range from adolescent youth, stereotypes,
exploitation, and suffering.
Chris Jordan
Photographic artist whose works portray human consumption
and the impact it has on the environment. - bees
Bjorn Richter
An artist/illustrator, graphic designer, and sculptor. His art
addresses many social issues mainly concerned with the
environment and the use of resources.
Gregg Deal
A Native American artist who address his heritage, culture,
prejudice among Native Americans.
Sue Coe

Mixed media artist who addresses various issues. Most of her

work documents the protest animal rights and some of her work
addresses politics, rape, foreign policy, greed, and more.
Scott Erickson
A visual artist who works with non-profits to help raise funds and
awareness. His art has dealt with AIDS, orphans, cultural
differences, etc.
Ricardo Levins Morales
Considers himself an artist/activist and addresses many topics in
his work. His favorite medium is scratchboard. You can find art
about education, different cultures, politics, consumption,
gender, etc on his website.
Mel Chin
A conceptual visual artist motivated largely by political, cultural,
and social circumstances.
Wayne Gilbert
Uses oil and human cremated remains to create works of art on
life and age.
Ai Weiwei
A Chinese contemporary artist who addresses human rights,
political issues, and government corruption.
Allora and Calzadilla
Through a wide range of mediums and work these artist
concentrate on political tension and the public.
Hank Willis Thomas
Contemporary African-American artist whose particular interest
deals with race, advertising, and popular culture.
Arman Pierre Fernandez

An artist who addressed many topics and was influenced from

Pop Art and Dadism. Some of his well known work address
consumerism and the amount we waste.
Dhruvi Acharya
Her art addresses the aspects of an urban womans life. Her art
is also addresses death, love, and the environment.
Rokni Haerizadeh
Dubai based artist whose work addresses social and public
gatherings in Iran.
A graffiti street artist whose work often addresses many
controversial issues.
Mike Edwards
A typographic artist whose images incorporate text to portray
various meanings.
Kryzysztof Wodiczko
An artist who creates many of his many and images through
projections upon monumental architecture. Art ranges in topics
from political to homelessness.
Mark Vallen
American activist artist whose art addresses many issues from
globalization to war.

Other Activist Artists to Look Into

Elana Mann
Kate Clark
Sarah Sze
Tabitha Vevers
Brian Kenny
Suzanne Lacy
Anthony Freda
Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
Alexsandro Palmobo
Aunia Kahn
Pablo Llana
Pian Shankong
Maria Acha Kutscher
David Maisel
Aida Sulova - !about/c1x9v

Olafur Eliasson
Amanda Schachter
Naziha Mestaoui
Mathilde Roussel
Mary David Hobson
Ester Hernandez
Vik Muniz
Ales Nabaum
Paulo Grangeon
Thomas Saliot
Anna Westfall
Megan Jacobs
Cathy Whysocki
Vincent Leandro
Kenji Nakayama

Christopher Hope
Heather Soltz
Dylan Taverner
Jerry W. Miller
Laura Dunn
Chelsea Briganti
Marc Clamage