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KPeENDIxX IL @ORCA conso2si0s CTION © EXPEDITING RVICES "aa0 Sayre Pony Sune 8 Moanin View CA OH USA “a (60) 4a 0100 Fax (80) 260800 ceagrcarspecioncors uly 30, 2012 Project Name: 203193 Fugitive Emission Qualification Test Customer Name: CCI Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca 92688 PO Number: 840010, “This soniation issued to Conti Components incorporated, to confi that at thei request, the undersigned Third Party Inspector witnessed the test at 22591 Avenida Empresa, Rancho Santa Margarita, California 82688 forthe purpose to witness the fugitive emisions test per Cx test procedure TP-67BA and according to 150 Standard 15848-1,2006{), Type testing a ambient temperature and clos Ci (1766-4 atm em’ /see/mm stem dia. carried out successful sing below described prototype control valve. Valve Type: Globe Vaive part Number 400556-1 (rising ster) Valve Size 100 mm x 100 mm (4 NPS x4 NPS) CCl packing partnumber: 255670174 ‘Stem Size: 254 mm (Linch OD) Scope of inspection caried out ‘Reviewed calioraion & ceraictions for all the measurements equipment 2. Verified prototype valve test setup, part number 400556-1 3. Witnesses helium leak measurement taken by 3 party certified level technician 4. Reviewed CC! test procedure T9678 Rev. A for compliance with ISO 15848-1, Rev. 2006 (E) ORCA consoxsnios INSPECTION & EXPEDITING SERVICES 2600Sayshore Pho, ull 116 Mounian View GA 64043, USA Toe (65420-0100 Fx (80) «28.0800 eaoanspecton cor ‘Test Completion Date: July 30, 2012 ‘Valve Manufacturer: Control Components Inc, Fugitive Emission Spee: 150 15848-1 Rev. 2006 &), Type Testing Fugitive Emissions Class: Class CH (1.76 €-8 atm cm'/sec/mm stem Packing Torque 67.8 Nm (SO Fe-Lbs) Pass/Fail Leakage Rate: 4,876.3 atm em"/see Body Seats: soPPM Test Method: Total Vacuum per ISO 15848-1, Annex A Test Pressure Class: ANS 2500, Number of Mechanical Cycles: S00 (CO1 Level) stroke: +/-76.2 mm (+/-3 inch) @ 50% (6 inch to total stroke) Fu Fluid: 99% Helium Pressure, valve at ambient temp.: 430.Sbarg (6250p) Valve Test Temperature: Ambient Number of Thermal Cycles: ° Number of Stem adjustments: 0 ‘Test Procedure: CC1TP678 Rev. A Hellum Mass Spectrometer: Pfeifer HLT S60 Results ofthis test performed on above valve and found to be satisfactory meeting the Fugitive Emissions requirements of the 180 15848-1 Rev. 2006 (6, for type testing class CH, endurance level CO}. Packing and valve body seals leakage rates were measured by level ll technician representing Hellum Leak Testing, Inc, with Mass Spectrometer model: PFIEFER HLT.S6O