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Shank Behavior Expectations

Behavior expectations for our classroom are related to the ideas below. Students and parents should discuss each
box below, and sign at the bottom of the page.

1. Our school-wide behavior


We expect students to CHOMP at all times:

C: Cooperative
H: Honest
O: On Task
M: Mindful
P: Prepared

2. Mrs. Shanks Student

1. Follow directions the FIRST time they are given.
2. WRAL when a teacher or classmate is speaking.
3. Keep hands, feet and all objects to yourself.
4. Use kind words or NO words.

3. Striving for Level 6:

As fifth graders, were able to think about the motivation for our behavior. This year, well work on upholding school rules and
classroom promises because we expect it from ourselves. Well aim to be level six decision-makers:

Level 1: I dont want to get in trouble.

Level 2: I want a reward.
Level 3: I want to please people.
Level 4: I want to follow all the rules.
Level 5: I put others before myself.
Level 6: I have personal behavior expectations for myself, and I stick to them!

4. Daily Classroom Procedures

Students will read the Morning Message upon entering the classroom each day, and follow directions given. Students will
prepare for the day and begin assignments quickly, remembering that morning work is a time for SILENT productivity.
Students will make recess fun for everyone. You CANT say, You cant play.
Students will make new friends during lunch, and include all classmates! NO seat saving.
Hallways are a SILENT zone. Students will travel on the third tile from the right wall.
Students will remember that talking in the restroom disturbs other classrooms.
Students will make in-class transitions quickly and quietly.
Students will work to keep an organized work-space at school. (This includes desks, cubbies, book boxes, and binders.)
Students will be an ACTIVE member of our classroom community! All students are expected to participate in lessons, ask
questions and ADVOCATE for themselves.

Weekly behavior will be communicated through conduct sheets sent home in Friday folders. Friendly warnings and
reminders will be provided, but if students choose not to correct negative behaviors, parents will be contacted via
phone or e-mail. Inappropriate language, bullying classmates, and other major offenses may warrant a write-up
and/or office visit. Remember, as 5th graders you are leaders of our school. Your actions reflect who you are as a
person, and set the example for younger students!
Student signature: ______________________________________________ Date:____________________
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Shank Homework Policy


In 5th grade, completing homework is purposeful:

1. We complete homework to practice skills learned each day.
2. We complete homework to prepare for something we might learn tomorrow.
3. We complete homework to show what we know.

Homework expectations:
1. ASSIGNMENTS/FREQUENCY: Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday. Students will have math
homework every night and science OR social studies homework 2-3 times per week. Daily language arts
homework will consist of reading log (which we will discuss in more detail during the first week of school)
and word study. There is scheduled time to complete word study assignments during our language arts
block. If time is used wisely, students should have very little at-home word study homework. Throughout the
year, additional assignments and projects may be added.
2. AGENDAS: Students will use agendas to record homework assignments neatly before specials each day.
During first quarter, students should have parents initial their agendas nightly. Parent initials will be
checked periodically by the teacher, but it is ultimately the responsibility of the student (not the parent or
the teacher) to make sure the agenda is signed and that all assignments are completed.
3. QUALITY: Students are expected to do their best work, be neat, and work independently. It is okay for
parents to answer questions and assist students minimally, but the majority of work completed should
reflect the students ability. If students dont turn in quality work, the teacher may ask for the assignment
to be redone. This is especially important on math homework, where students are usually expected to show
work and explain their thinking.
4. DURATION: Each evening, 5th graders at Sycamore Creek should expect to spend an average of 50 minutes
working on homework. If your child consistently spends more or less than this amount of time, please
contact me so we can make adjustments.
5. FORGOTTEN/LATE ASSIGNMENTS: If students forget a HW assignment, they are expected to turn it in by
8:15 AM the next school day. If forgotten homework assignments become a pattern, students may be
required to complete the missing assignments during a working lunch in the classroom. Parents will be
informed weekly of missing homework assignments through conduct sheets in Friday Folders. If students
still have missing assignments from the week on Fridays, OR have turned in MULTIPLE late assignments, it
will affect their HW grade on conduct sheets.

Homework expectations are set to promote each 5th graders individual responsibility for completing assignments on time and
with quality. Please discuss these expectations together with your child and sign below.
Thank you for your support!

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