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My Football Trading BluePrint for Making

Thousands of Dollars Betting on Both Teams to
Score [BTTS-Yes] Market!

Harrison Okoyibo

Results for June 2015





AGF Aarhus AB Copenhagen 5-3















Sandnes Ulf

The both teams to score betting market have been one of the fastest growing within the
industry over the past couple of years. This e-guide is a valuable resource for the betting
community especially for premium tipsters and high rollers!

Making a substantial profit in less time with lower risk. Strong picks is all you need!!!

Let me first introduce myself personally to you.
I'm Harry Okoyibo, the owner of My journey into the betting industry
began in 2006 as one of the pioneer of sport betting in Nigeria. During my early days, Id
made mistakes leading to heavy losses in the process and positively Id accepted this as
part of my learning experiences. Today the story is different as I have succeeded in
trading on football as a smart, meticulous, pro-punter with results to show.
My specific goal is making regular income of 100,000 every football season. For this to be
realistic, I approach this business in a completely different way to most punters by
betting methodically & strategically.
Where others have failed, I have excelled and have resolved to help those struggling to
make headway in this business. So, if you are thinking of giving in or giving up, I have
good news for you. I have you in mind; thats why I decided to write this report, and makes
it available to you.
Download my complete betting secret [TRENDS] report right away & you'll see the winning
coming in like never beforeFor Only 27
Youll get access to the staking plan designed to accelerate the growth of your sportsbook
account bankroll.
This is the best secret you wished you had known long ago.

Enjoy Football Betting with


How to Decode The Trend for BTTS-Yes

First step Go to

If you are complete new to this, Prosoccer is a free football predictions site for punters, but
the data on the websites table isnt easy for most people to understand. I will keep this
guide simple and up to the point to get you started ASAP!

Professional and accurate soccer tips, soccer picks. Free consistent 70% hits rate
soccer total goals, & both teams to score (BTTS) tips provider online. Logon to We treat soccer
betting like investment and we help you to achieve stable consistent profits from it.

Next step is to study the tables Menu

The important section of the tables menu you should focus on Matches =>
Prediction(%) => Under/Over 2.5

Below Matches, you have [Home Team Away team]

Below Prediction(%), you will see [1

2][ TIP ]

Below Under/Over 2.5, there youve goals line of -2.5, and +2.5

Listen... if you're new to Football betting, you don't have to struggle. And, if you have some
experience, this e-guide can open up a new profitable strategy to you.

The Winning Trend

Last step

Now, Im going to show you how to pick matches that will end with both teams to score
[BTTS-YES]. If you look at the above screenshot very well, youll easily locate the Winning

Trend for goals galore

There were two qualified matches on July 5th, 2015
To fully understand how it works lets make use of a table:










Hodd - Follo

30 20 50





Odd BK - Valerenga

30 20 50




Qualified Matches:

Hodd Follo

Odd BK - Valerenga

Qualified 1X2 Percentage Trend

30 20 50

Qualified Under/Over 2.5

+2.5 => (65)

These are the only useful data to determine matches for goals galore!


If you enjoyed reading this valuable report, please share this PDF
file with a friend, or tell them about our Web site at:
Hint: This is a tried & tested betting strategy for BTTS-Yes, so you can place your bets with

Results after 90 minutes

Though you wont be having regular qualified matches, but whenever there are such
games, you are sure to be a winner even before placing your bets. You can be making
+10,000 every football season, depending on your stakes and bankroll. Ive about seven

(7) more strategies like this and if youre serious is making more money; then grab it at a
discount price of 27.

Percentage Progressive System

Once you have a profitable winning strategy the next step is how to manage your
betting bank for MEGA profit.
Professional gamblers understand that a good staking plan is crucial to maximizing
profits and limiting losses, and thats what set them apart from the amateur
The pro-traders dont bet for fun. They bet for profit.
[No matter how good anyone is at picking winning bets, no one can pick winners all the
time. Even the best punters do have bad runs.]
The beauty of percentage betting is that you can never lose your bankroll (unless you
hit an infinite amount of losers!). Though, it takes a while for the returns to build up over
time with patience.
=> Start Bank 500/100 x 5% = 25
Assuming youre starting with a bankroll of 500 and decide to stake 5% of your total
bank on each trade, your first bet will be 25. If your first bet wins at odds of evens,
leaving you with a bank of 525, then your next stake will be 26.25. However, if your
first bet loses then your next stake will be 23.75.
The percentage progressive system requires that you recalculate your stake whenever
your betting bank increases or decreases.
If you dont practice proper bankroll management you will probably end up losing all
your money to the bookies. Money management does need strong discipline but the
whole point is that you should have a set of defined rules in place that you follow.

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Football betting isn't just for fun. If you really want to be making steady income betting
online, then you need a working system.
I advice you as an authority in this business to adhere strictly to the rules of this system
and apply it accordingly. If you are already betting with another system, please treat this
e-Guide separately because I wait to hear your own testimony soon!

I will be posting "Free Premium Football Picks" on this blog site @ starting July 2015
I am giving you this eBook with Master Resale Rights for free.
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The Nice Punter,

Harrison Okoyibo (