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Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

Unit 1 Comparison between Different Databases

1.___________ is considered the most significant resource of any organization.



2. A__________is very significant resource, it requires tough, protected and easily obtainable
software that can collect and utilize it fast.



3. An organization comprising a database system usually includes a person called as

A.system administrator.

B.database administrator. administrator.

4. The operational datas responsibility is handled by ___________.

A.system administrator.

B.database administrator. administrator.

5.Installation of databases is responsblity of ______________.

A.system administrator.

B.database administrator. administrator.

6.configuaration of databases is responsibility of______________.

A.system administrator.

B.database administrator. administrator.

7.The Storing data in an outmoded method can be averted in ___________.

A.databases B.tables



8.______________process results in wasting storage area.

A.redundancy B. atomicity C. flexibility. D.integrity.
9.Security guidelines are defined by DBMS to use the ________.


Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

10.By providing security database can be accssed only by doing suitable __________.
A.accsess B.login C.retrival


11.Dbms can offer simultaneous __________ of numerous parts included in database.


B.execution C.login


12.Databases __________specify that there should be accurate data.



C.atomicity D.flexibility

13.Two entries having some variation that propose to display the same information is considered
as an example showing ______________.
A.deficiency of integrity B.efficiency of integrity C.redundancy of integrity D.flexibility of
14.___________constraints can be defined and applied means of DBMS.




15.Dbms include suitable backup in the situation of __________.


B.faliure C.crash


16.__________can straightforwardly have an interaction with database by means of user

interface which is offered by Dbms.


C. client-server D.multiplexer

!7.The process of ___________the representation of data is significant for replacing data or

moving data
among systems.


C. standardizing. D.Moving

18.The database can be utilized as stable ___________of application objects,database as well as

structure of database.




19.Database can store a _______object of languages.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

A.simple B.complicated

C.regrous D.difficult

20.To bulid up the programs related to client utility,the effort needed ________significantly with
A.increases B.decreases

C.proportional D.varies

21.People can have interact with data available in database through various _________.
A.The clients can inspect the outcomes or even collect and store the results in _____or _______
A.excel or word

. B.pdf and word

C.pdf and excel

D.rar and pdf

22.The commands that can be issued against database by clients are known as___________.




23.For ad-hoc querying the knowledge of _______language is needed on the client part.




24.A ___________interface is utilized to consent the request of the clients such as to enter
,modify or delete data.
A.graphical user
25.____________ includes programming logic which is essential to execute the requirement of
the clients. logic logic

C.development logic

D.application logic

26.The machine which is utilized for running user interface is considered as ______.




27.The machine which is utilized for running DBMS and includes a databse is considered as the
___________ of database.
A.server B.client



28.The __________databases are prepared for assisting one client.

A.two tier B.personal

c.multi tier

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

29.In _________databases users cannot easily distribute the dta between all databases.

B.two-tier C.multi-tier

30.The ____________databases are mostly utilized by small-scale organization where the

requirement of sharing data with someone else is negligible.
. A.personal B.two-tier


31.If there are numerous circumstances when the clients or work group want the data to be
distributed and used for sharing data is the creation of ___________ client-server databases.


C.three-tier D.multi-tier

32.All computers uses a particular application providing user interface and business logic by
which __________of data is performed.

B.manipulationC.accsess D..release

33.Applications that are required to assist numerous users are built by means of the
A.single B.two

C.three D.multi

34.To carry out the transaction of business which are requested by clients the required business
logic is included in the __________________ layer..



35.application such as crm and scm system also relay on _________for data warehousing.
A.database. B.table C.record


36.The _______database is designed for the utilization of whole organization.

A.enterprise application B.two-tier

C.multi-tier D.single-tier.

37.The requirement of informstion from various branches and divisions are successfully
supported by an ___________database. tier B.two-tier C.multi-tier D.enterprise
38.In ___________user can work with the data used in the past.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020 warehouses. mining c.enterprise application logic.

39.The size of personal databse is __________mb.

B.two C.three


40.The size of Two-tier database is __________mb.





41.The size of three-tier database is_________mb.





42.The size of Erp database is ______mb.



C.5-100 D.100-1000

43.Dbms provides permission to several users to make use of ________databases



C.three d.several

44.Servers ofdatabases are commited system that carry ______databases.

A.two-tier B.real

c.three tier D.multi-tier.

45.In________model we organize data into structure which appear as a tree.

A.hierarchical data

B.relational D. object..

46.A_________ is represented by a node available in structure which appears as tree.



C .field


47._________ has a simple design process since data usually consists of hierarchical relationship



48.Implementing _____________ database is quite difficult since it is based on the datas

physical warehousing.




Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

49.moving a part of data from one position to the other position needs you to modify _______
accessing application related to that data which is complicated to perform.
50._________ model was invented by Charles Bachman.
A.heirarchical model model C.client-server model model

51.CODASYL stands for _____________.

A.Confidence on Data Systems Languages

B. Conference on Data Systems Languages

c.Conference on Data Software Languages

D.Complicated on Data Systems Languages

52.Turbo IMAGE, IDMS, RDM Embedded ,RDM Server are example of _______model..
A.heirarchical model model C.client-server model model
53._________ model makes use of a mathematical relation concept.
A.heirarchical model model

C.client-server model

D.relational model

54.The relations ______ is based on how many attributes exists in respective relation schema
A.schema C.feild D.record
55.In _______model classes, objects, in addition to inheritance are straight forwardly assisted in
database schemas as well as query language
A.A.heirarchical model model C.client-server model
56.________permits the developers of software to incorporate their individual types in addition
to methods and these can be used in the DBMS.
57._______ type of database is also known as object oriented database.
A.Object database B.relational database database D.heirarchical database
58._________ are carried out using navigational interfaces instead of declarative on.
59._________ DBMS have the capability to support numerous clients. B.client-server C.centralized D.distributed
60.The ___________purpose DBMS are planned and constructed for a particular application

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

61.OLTP stands for ___________.

A. online transaction processing systemsB.order transaction processing systems transaction processing software truncation processing systems
62.In ___________database stores the data in storage devices located in one place. B.client-server C.centralized D.distributed
63.In ________ databse stores the data in storage devices located in different
Geographical area. B.client-server C.centralizedD.distributed
64.In _______ databse data is administrated by a central DBMS. B.client-server


65. .In _______ databse data is administrated by number of servers. B.client-server
66._________is more secure compare to distributed database. B.client-server


Unit:-2RDBMS and SQL

66.The two most common query languages available are ______and________
with RDBMS.
67.______ was developed in mid 70s at IBM research simultaneously with the development of
A.sql B.qbe
68.________is a standard relational database language used for creation, deletion and
modification of database tables
69._________ uses SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE command to modify the data.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

70._________ language is used to define the structure of the table.





71.__________ are the actions that are run by DBMS whenever some event related to the
database occurs.




72.With _________ feature of SQL, users can execute the queries at run-time
A.compile time.

C.loading time D.linking-time

73.DBMS maintains the data ________ to avoid the wrong information to enter in

B.reduncdancy C.consistancy D.atomicity.

74.The condition of integrity constraints are defined on database __________.

A.table B.record
C.field D.schema
75. When database instance fulfils all the integrity constraints -defined on the
database schema, it is then known as ______ instance
A.single C.bad
76.When all rows in the column have unique identifier it means each row is
different from other it is known as _________ integrity.
B.entity C.referencial
77._________ integrity is placing aprimary key (PK) constraint on particular column.
B.entity C.referencial
78.The________ of a relational table uniquely identifies each record in the
A.reference key B.primary key c.candidate key D.comopsite key
79.In database language a ________ is group of allowed values for a column
A.domain B.record C.feild

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

80.________ integrity is also called 'attribute' integrity.

A.domain B.record C.feild
81.__________integrity is formed with the combination of Primary Key (PK) and
Foreign Key (FK).

B.entity C.referencial


82.__________ key is a column or even a group of columns in a table

that accept its values from the primary key (PK) from another table.
A.foreign keyB.primary key c.candidate key D.comopsite key
83.To preserve the ________integrity, the foreign key in the 'child' table can only take values that
are inthe primary key of 'parent' table.
A.relational B.entity C.referencial
84.______ command is used to insert record in table
A.insert B.update C.delete
85._______ command is used to delete row from the table
A.insert B.update C.delete
86._________ command is used to deletes all the information of a dropped
relation from database




87._______ command deletes the complete database schema which

contains tables, domains and other elements.
A.restrict B.cascade C.drop D.alter
88.________ command deletes the database schema if it does not contain
any element or else the command will be terminated.
A.restrictB.cascade C.drop D.alter
89.________ command adds attributes to an existing relation.
A.drop B.update C.delete
90._______command is used To select data in rows and columns from one or more tables
B.alter D.update
91._________command is used to lock a table or view, limiting access to it by other users B.lock C.log D.exit

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

92.An ________ is used to retrieve all columns from the table

93.A Subprogram that returns a value is known as _________
A.functions B.array C.string D.pointer
94.________ function contains a column name and returns the count
of tupple in that column.
95.When __________command is used then it will
return only the COUNT of unique tupple or distinct values of the column.
96._____ function is written with column name and gives the sum of all
tupples present in that column.
97.____ function or Average function is written with column name and
returns the AVG value of that column
98._____function or Maximum value function written with column
name returns the maximum value present in that column.
99.______function or Minimum value function written with column name
returns the minimum value present in that column
100.________ clause is utilised with the group functions for retrieving the data
which is grouped according to one or more columns.
101._________ command is used for updating a single value without updating all
the values in tupple
A.drop B.update



102.A ______ is a subschema in which logical tables are generated from more than
one base table.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020


B.sequence C.cursor


103._______ language is thelanguage in which the SQl queries are embedded.

A.query B.programming D.sql
104.__________ can be used in thehost program to determine the place for inserting the special
variable by the pre-processor.
A.create B.update C.sql include D.insert
105.The______ is used for identifying a query in an open statement and
also helps in query evaluation
A.view B.sequence C.cursor D.trigger
106.When any error occurs in the execution of SQL query then the error report is
stored inside a special variable. These special variables are called as ___________.
A .SQL conference -area variables
B. SQL communication-against variables
C. SQL communication-area variables
D. Standard communication-area variables
107.The ________ statement is another embedded SQL statement, which is used for
deleting the temporary relation that stores the query result.
A.close C.end D.exec
108.The __________unit of database processing is defined by mechanism provided
by transaction processing.
A.logical B.physical C.sequential D.random
109.The term _______ defines those properties that must be related with transactions in order
that the reliability of the database is assured.
A.logical B.database C.ACID D.adress
110.The __________ property of a transaction makes sure that either every operation is
executed in a successful manner or none of them is executed at all.

C.intigrity D.durability
111.The _________ property requires that the database integrity rules must be obeyed properly.

C.intigrity D.durability
112.The ________ property provides assurance that all transactions are executed independently.

113.When a transaction is completed successfully, _______ property

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

makes sure that the changes performed in the database are saved in
the physical database.

114.SQL offers the concurrency control for the execution of a transaction via a
Data Control Language which can also be called as __________.
A.sql dml. B.sql dcl C.sql dll D.sql
115.On the execution of _________ statement, every modification done
by the related transaction until now is made constant
A.rollback B.commit D.exit
116.On the execution of ________ statement, every change
performed since the preceding COMMIT statement is rejected.
A.rollback B.commit D.exit
117.__________ condition arises when a transaction reads data written by a concurrent
uncommitted transaction.
A.Dirty readB.Non-repeatableread
c.Phantom read D.exit read
118._______ condition is caused by a transaction which reads data again and finds that data has
been modified by committed write operation of some other transaction.
A.Dirty readB.Non-repeatableread
c.Phantom read D.exit read
119.________ condition arises when a transaction executes a query again it had previously
executed and gets rows different f rom what it got earlier
A.Dirty readB.Non-repeatablereadc.Phantom read D.exit read
120.In _________ isolation the transactions are forced to execute sequentially.
A.Serialisable B.Read committed c.Read un-committed D.write
121._________ SQL permits to create and submit SQL queries dynamically or run
A.static B.dynamic C.relational d.object-oriented
122.Two attributes A and B in any relation R are said to possess a ________ if for each distinct
value of A, there is only one value of attribute B associated with it.
A.functionaly associated B.functionaly dependent C.independet

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

123.FD is symbolically represented as_____________.

A .A--B
B.B--A C.AB D.b->A
124._____ attributes depends on the PK (primary key) attribute.
A.foreign key B.Non-key C.composit key D.candidate key
125.___________of a relational schema (R) consists of replacement of the relation schema by
two or more relational schemas all of which contains a subset of the attributes of R.
A.relation B.decomposition C.function D.composition
126.___________ decomposition, when the parts ofthe table can be joined back again without
adding more tuples added to thedatabase relation.
A.loosless joinB.tight-join
C.flexible-join D.scalar join
127.If the data values stored in a relation are _________, then the database is said to
possess redundancy.
A.unique B.repeated C.acsses D.less
128.Database containing multiple copies of the ______ data result in wastage of expensive
storage space.
A.unique B.same C.more D.less
129.If there is any type of disagreement between data items in a database, then it is referred to as
A.atonicity. B.redundancy C.inconsistancy D.consistancy
130.When a person tries to update the redundant database, then it results in
A.update B.insertion C.alter D.delete
131._______ is another type of update anomaly which occurs when inconsistencies arise due to
the removal of record from a relation.
A.update B.insertion C.alter D.deletion.
132.when an attributes value for a particular record needs to be modified, then this change must
be done in all the occurrences of the record. Otherwise, it results in_______ anomaly.
A.update B.insertion C.alter D.modification
132.__________comprises of various set of rules which are used to make sure that the database
relations are fully normalised by listing the functional dependencies and decomposing them into
smaller, efficient tables.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020



C.generalization D.specialization

133.Normalisation technique is established on the idea of _______ forms.

A.consistant B.normal C.general D.special
134.A table is said to be in a specific normal form if it fulfils a particular set of ______ which are
defined for that normal form
A.value B.feild C.constraint D.record
135.E.F. Codd and R. Boyce presented a more substantial definition
of third Normal Form known as___________normal form.
A.first B.second C.BCNF D.third
136.In ______normal form all the columns in the table must be composed of atomic values.
A.first B.second C.BCNF D.third
137.A column is said to be _______ if the values are indivisible units.
A.atomic B.uniqu C.consistant D.perfact
138.Any attribute (column) is said to be _______ dependentif its value can be determined by any
one or more attributes of the primary key, but not all.
A.fully B.partially c.automatic D.functionally
139.In the ______ normal form objective is to resolve transitive
A.first B.second C.third D.fourth
140.A _______ dependency arises between two attributes when any non-key attribute is
functionally dependent on some other non-key column which is in turn functionally dependent
on the primary key.
A.partially B.full C.transitive D.functional
141.BCNF stands for ______
A. Boyce-Codd normal Form B.Better -Codd normal Form
C.Boyce-Correct normal Form D.Bee-Codd normal Form
142.every relation which is in BCNFform is also in ____normal form.
A.first B.secondC.third D.fourth
143.The essential condition for a relational schema R to be in BCNF is thatwhenever any
nontrivial FD XA holds in R, then X must be a _______ key of R.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

A.primary B.composit c.candidate D.supar

144._____normal form allows decomposing a relation into three or more relations.
A.first B.second C.third D.fifth
145.The join dependency is more general form of________dependency.
A.single-value B.multi-valuedC.transitive D.functional
146.A relation should be in ______ normal form if and only if all join dependency in the table is
connoted by candidate keys of the relation.
A.first B.secondC.fifth D.fourth
147.Normalisation and database design are two closely ______ terms.
A.integrated B.sequential C.random
148.Relations are referred as _______.
A.record B.table c.schema D.database
149.Attributes are referred as ___________.
A.record B.table c.schemaD.column
150.Normalisation is implemented to preserve data ______________.
A.consistancy B.redundancy C.integrity D.inconsistancy
151.During the normalisation process, you need to decompose database tables
into _______ tables.
A.smaller B.few C.large D.few
152.________ is the process of converting higher normal forms to lower normal forms with the
objective of getting faster access to database.
A.normalization B.decompositionC.composition D.generalization
153.In_______ technique the records are summarised in some summary columns
thereby reducing the number of records stored in a table.
A.summary data B.duplicate data c.consistant data D.redundant data
154.__________ Fragmentation is another denormalisation technique in which the database table
is split by rows
A.vertical B.horizonatal C.normalize D.special
155._______ fragmentation breaks tables/relations by columns.
A.vertical B.horizonatal C.normalize D.special

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

Unit-4:-Query Optimisation
156.___________ provides various algorithms for implementing the different types of
relational operations that appear in a query execution strategy.




157._________is one of the primary algorithms used in query processing

A.sorting B.searching C.insertion D.deleting .
158.___________is used to reorder data into a new desired sequence
A.sorting B.searching C.insertion D.deleting
159.Internal sorting uses __________ memory so it is fast but also expensive
A.primary B.main C.cache. D.secondary
160.external sorting is slow and cheaper as it uses __________ storage devices
.A.primary B.main C.cache. D.secondary
161.Sortmerge strategy divides the main file into sub-files of smaller size termed as
A.sort C.merge D.execute
162.The number of initial runs and the size of a run (nR) are governed by the number
of ________ and available ___________. blocks,buffer space of size,buffer space space,no of block

Dno of run,buffer space.

163.The number of runs that can be merged together in each pass is termed as the degree of




164.The worst case performance comes with minimum value of dM as ____________.


Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

165._________ operation performs the task of retrieving the desired records from the database.
A.update B.retrive C.delete
166.If they scan entire file and then retrieve the records satisfying the
user defined condition they are termed as________scans.


C.sequential D.random

167.if the search algorithm carries an index, then that search is termed as ________ scan..
A.index B.file C.sequential D.random
168._________scan retrieves all the records from the file and
checks whether the attribute values qualify the criteria or not.
A.index B.file C.linear D.random
169.______ search is faster and more efficient than the linear search has the search space is
reduced to half in each comparison
.A.index B.fileC.linearD.binary
170.If the query checks for equality between the key attribute and the primary index then
__________search might be used.
A.index B.binary D.hash
171.________ operation is used to join two database tables/relations.
B.avg C.join D.sum
172.In ________join If an hash key or index is there for any one of the two join attributes
retrieve each and every record t in X,
A.nested loop

B.single loop C.sort-merge D.hash join.

173.Among the following Set operations the _________operation

is most costly.



174Set operations like UNION, INTERSECTION and SET DIFFERENCE can

be applicable only to ________ compatible relations


C.set difference D.cartesian product.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

175.____________ Functions are functions that provide mathematical operations.

A.hash B.agrgregate C.intersect D.set difference.
176.The _____ function returns the average value of a numeric column.
A.avg B.sum C.max D.min
177.The_________ function returns the largest value of the selected column
.A.avg B.sum C.max D.min
178.The ________ function returns the smallest value of the selected column

B.sum C.maxD.min

179.The ________ function returns the total sum of a numeric column

A.avg B.sum C.maxD.min
180.The __________statement is used in conjunction with the aggregate functions to
group the result-set by one or more columns..
A.having B.where by
181.heuristics means a good idea to make _______ decision B.worst C.unique D.multiple
182._________ can be defined as rules governed from common sense rather than from an
exhaustive methodology
A.query B.heuristic C.aggregate D.optimization
183.The basic heuristic rule says that before applying _________operation or any other binary
operation, SELECT and PROJECT operations must be applied.
A.intersect B.union C.join D.cartesian product
184.Query ________ represents relational calculus expression.
A.tree B.graph C.key D.root
185.A query _______ is employed to represent relational algebra expressions
A.tree B.graph C.key D.root
186.f two operations produce same result they are said to be __________.
B.iniquivalent C.integrated D.universal
187.For the conversion of this tree into an execution plan, which are not the

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

requirements of the optimiser:?

A.index search for the SELECT operation
C.nested loop join algorithm for JOIN

Btable scan as access method for EMPLOYEE,

D.sequential search for select operation.

188.Materialised (stored) evolution specifies that the result of operations can be

stored as _________ relation.
A.permenant B.temporary C.local
189.Semantic query optimisation is a technique to modify one query into another query by using
the _________ database constraints.
A.object-oriented B.relational Ccentralized D.distributed.
190.If u want to retrieves the names of employees who earn more than their
Supervisors then the query will be______________.
191.____________ technique can be used for framing proficient
algorithms for problems like view/index selection, query result caching and
A.semantic query optimization
B.Multi-query optimaization.
B.single query optimaization
D.query execution
192._______ algorithm is a cost-based heuristic algorithm.
A.A.semantic query optimization
C.single query optimaization
D.query execution
193.A greedy strategy works in a _______ manner
194._________ lookup firstly starts executing the outer query and when outer
rows are generated then it invokes the sub-query

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020



195._______ lookup starts with the sub-query and processes one sub-query row at one time..
A.forward B.reverse

196.________ is defined as a set of rows which is used to encode the

changes to a specific base table.
A.semantic data B.centralize data stream D.gama stream
197._________ operator is considered as a side-effecting operator deletion creator updater selector
198.A________ database is a database that can be connected to by a mobile computing device
over a mobile network..
A.cell D.centralized
199._________ refers to the procedure for selecting the best execution strategy amongst the
various options available
A.semantic query optimization
B.query optimaization.
B.single query optimaization
D.query execution
200.Heuristics approach to query optimisation uses _______ and algebraic techniques to improve
the efficiency of query execution
A.heuristic rules. B.algebraic rules C.semantic rules D.query rules.

Query Execution
201.Physical query strategy is made from _________
A.relation B.operand C.operator Dfunction.
202.The principal methods for execution of the operations of relationalalgebra are; scanning,
hashing, sorting, and indexing are the major approaches.
State true or false

can use the index not only to get all the tuples of the relation it
indexes, but also _________ . get only those tuples that have a specific value

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

204.When iterators are used, many operations become _______

A.activeB.passive C.inactive D.iactive
205_________operationsrequire neither an entire relation, nor a large part of it, in memory at
A.Full-relation, binary operations B.Tuple-at-a-time, unary
C. Fill-relation, unary operationsD. Fill-relation, binary operations
206.The__________ one-argument operations need to consider all or most of the tuples in
memory at once.
A.Full-relation, binary operationsB.Tuple-at-a-time, unary
C. Fill-relation, unary operationsD. Fill-relation, binary operations
207.One benefit of a nested-loop join is that it fits well into an _____ structure.
a.tuple b.iterator c.relation
208._______ will initialize a main-memory structure to represent a set of
tuples of R.
a.R.close() C.R.getnext() D.r.return()
209.________ will release the memory
a.R.close() C.R.getnext() D.r.return()
210.In __________algorithm two passes are usually enough, even for very large relations pass B.two pass
C.three pass
D.four pass
211.A relation is said to be _______ if its tuples are packed into the least blocks that can possibly
hold those tuples
A.bulk B.clustured c.non-clustured D.mix-clustured
212.It is the responsibility of the ______ to let processes get the memory that they need for
reduction of the delayed and unsatisfiable requests.
a.buffer manager b.cache memory
c.primary memory D.rom
213.Buffer management architectures are broadly divided into______ main categories: B.two c.three d.four
214.In most of the relational database management system, the buffer manager controls_____
memory directly
a.buffer manager b.cache memory
c.main memory D.rom
215.The buffer manager allocates buffers in _______ memory.
b.cache memory
c.main memory D.rom

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

216.parallel computers all have some communications facility for passing information among
A.memory B.processors C.buffer d.monitor
217.In _________each processor has access to all the memory of all the processors.
a.shared memory B.shared processor C.shared nothing D.shared all
218.NUMA stands for__________.
A.non uniform memory access memory access
C.non universal memory access D.non uni memory axise
219.In_________architecture, every processor has its own memory, which is not accessible
directly from other processors
A. shared memory
B.shared processor
C.Shared Disk:
D.shared nothing
220.________ manage the potentially competing requests from
different processors.
A.disk controller B.shared processor C.shared memory D.shared nothing
221.In___________architecture all processors have their own memory and their
own disk or disks,
A. shared memory
B.shared processor
C.Shared Disk:D.shared nothing
222.The shared-nothing architecture is the most commonly used architecture for
___________database systems.
A.high-performanceB.low-performance c.average performance D.central performance
223.One of the chief heuristic rules is that before applying the JOIN or other binary operations,
one must apply _________ and ________operations., C.project,union
224.The basic outline of a Heuristic Algebraic Optimization Algorithm is given below.
1. Break up any SELECT operations by means of conjunctive operations
into a cascade of SELECT operations.
2. Move each and every SELECT operation as far down the query tree as
is allowed by the attributes which are involved in the select condition.
A.both are false B.both are true
C.statement 1 only true D.statement 2 only true

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

225.External Sorting is the essential algorithm for implementation of _______operation.
226.The ________ operation is one of the lengthiest operations in query processing
227.The_________ operation is especially quite expensive.
A.project C.join D.Cartesian product
228.The ________ operations when applied to an entire table, can be computed by a table scan
or else by using an appropriate index.
A.aggregate B.sum C.relational D.average
229. ________ blocks which contain the tuples of R are known to
the system.
a.index-scan B.Table-scan C.row scan D.column scan.
230.In ________algorithm Data from the operand relations is read into
main memory and processed in some way written out to disk again pass B.two pass
c.three pass
Unit 6 Adaptive Query Processing and Query Evaluation
231.query processing process known as
A.query execution B.eddy. C.query optimization

D.query evalution

232.We can merge the execution as well as an optimisation phase of query processing by
combining eddies with suitable _______ algorithms. B.join C.project D.union
233.The purpose of the addition of an eddy is to control various ______ in a query.
A.operand B.operator c.relation D.set
234.The eddy maintains a_______ queue of all tuples that require processing.
A.priority B.order C.inorder D.preorder
235.______is a sharednothing parallel query processing framework. It adjusts dynamically to
any fluctuations in workload and performance.
D.shared memory

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

236.In the hash ripple diagram,the arrival rate of one relation is _______ times faster than the
A.two B.three C.four D.multi
237.A _______ can be used to robustly produce near-record performance on I/O intensive
benchmarks such as hash joins and parallel sorting.
A.eddy B.river C .process D.instruction
238.River is essentially ________threaded.
A.single B.double C.multi D.triple
239.The participating operators of an eddy are encapsulated by the ________.
240.A fixed-sized buffer of tuples that is to be processed by one or more operators is maintained
by an eddy __________.
B.process C.component
241.Eddies derive their name from the ________ data flowing within a river
C.single D.multiple.
242.A tuple entering an eddy is related with ______ bits and a tuple descriptor containing a
vector of _______ bits.
B.ready,done C.exit,enter D.enter,exit
243.An eddy _____ the Done bits, and sets the Ready bits suitably when it receives a tuple from
one of its inputs.
B.flush C.zeroes D.hash
244._______ operators produce output tuples that match to combinations of input tuples.
A.relational B.binary
C.comparison D.unary
245.A ______ buffer of tuples that is to be processed by one or more operators is maintained by
an eddy component.
A.variable-size B.fixed-size
246.There are two issues which affect the overhead of barriers in a plan. They are:
a) the gap between arrival times of the two inputs at the
barrier; B) the frequency of barriers.
A.both are true. B.both are false C.a is true D.b is true
247.In order to allow changing rates for each input,______joins were designed

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

248._______ selects a plan to accomplish a query using available statistics

249._______ executes the plan to get query results.
250.A ________ keeps the statistics utilised by the optimiser.
A.statistic tracker
251.________ systems are also known by "self-tuning or "dynamic" systems.
252.The query processing system is said to be adaptive if it has _____features.
253.The feedback required in an adaptive system is solution to its _______.
254.Adaptive data query and processing is essentially used by data grids to offer better
_________to users and applications in spite of dynamically changing resources and
D.quality of service
255.Adaptive query processing has been utilised to detect and correct ______ errors due to
wrong statistics or simplified cost metrics.
256._______ are frequent in the busty performance of servers and networks in wide-area
A. Variabilities B.consistancy C.redundancy d.atomicity
257.______ utilises intervals over query cost estimates,rather than specifying the estimates for
A. Error-aware optimisation B.Enter-aware optimisation
c.Error-aware operation
D.Error-award optimization
258.Query plans ______ can be symbolised as trees and are algebra
A.optimizer B.selector C.iterator D.executor
259.Merging techniques are used by all sorting in ______ database systems.
A.relational B.object-oriented C.real D.centralized

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

260._____ proceeds in divide stage and the combine stage. B.sort
C.merge D.insert
261.Hash table overflow occurs if the data in hash table is ________than main memory
A.smaller B.larger C.equal D.not equal
262.______scans can be made quickly with read-ahead
A.index B.hash
C.file D.key
263.Advantages of disk access
a) It is not possible to scan an index without ever retrieving records, i.e. if just
salary values are needed and the index is on salary.
b) Multiple indices can be joined to satisfy query requirements, even if
none of the indices is enough by itself
A.only one a is true

B.only b is true C.both are true D.both are false

264.______of pipelined query processing operators during flight is the basic challenge of runtime re-optimisation
B.inorder C.reorder
265.A query evaluation plan contains an extended _____algebra tree.
A.relational B.symbolic C.relative D.conditional

Unit:7 Concurrancy control serializibility

266.A _____is used by the transaction to reject data access to other transactions and thus avoid
inaccurate updates
B.serialize C.lock D.commit
267._______ Locks just prevent other transactions from editing (writing to) the data item B.write C.exclusive D.dead
268.The _________lock is followed by a transaction if all lock requests occur prior to the first
unlock operation inside the transaction B.two-phase D.write
269. In case of_________ phase, all necessary locks are attained by a transaction without
releasing data.
A.growing B.shrinking D.write

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

270.In case of ______ phase, all locks are released by a transaction.

A.growing B.shrinking D.write
271.The rules followed in case of two phases locking protocol are given below
Two transactions cannot comprise inconsistent locks
2.No unlock operation can be performed before a lock operation in the similar transaction.
A.both are false B.both are true C.1 is true D.2 is true
272. In case of Row-level shared locks, various users are permitted by shared locks to
_______data, but no user is permitted to change that data
A.write C.update D.share
273.In ________ lock only one user is permitted to update a specific part of data
A.shared B.exclusive C.write
274.______locks, at all times, are considered as row-level locks.
A.shared B.exclusive C.write D.update
275.Update locks are said to be comparable to _______ locks.
A.shared B.exclusive C.write D.update
276.Transactions with unexpected read write locks can make use of_______Locks
A.shared B.upgrading C.write D.update
277._______ Locks are utilised for incrementing & decrementing stored values
A.shared B.increment C.write D.update
278.The _____ table signifies a relation that relates database elements with information
regarding locking

B.hash C.lock D.increment

279._______ approach grants longest waiting request. It does not provide starvation.
B.fsfc C.fifo D.lifo
280.in_________If there is a U lock waiting for upgrading an X lock, grant that first.
A.upgrading priority C.write D.exclusive
281.The warning protocol is used to handle locks on a ______ of database elements.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020





282._____signifies intention to request an S lock

283.______ signifies intention to request an X lock.
284.If ______ transactions are proposed to read or write a sub element, an I lock is provided to
both of them. B.two C.three D.many
285.The purpose of concurrency control is to guarantee the transactions serialisability in the
environment of a______ database.
A.single-user B.multi-user C.double-user D.triple-user
286.A ______ timestamp is updated when the data of the object is changed. B.updateC.write D.exit
287.In ______ phase, the serialisability of the schedule is verified by contrasting RS(T) and
WS(T) to the read / write sets of the simultaneous transactions. B.write C.validate d.start
288._______ is a set of transactions that have initiated, but have not still accomplished their
validation stage. B.write C.validated.start
289._______ is a set of transactions that have completed validation, but not still accomplished
their write stage B.write C.vaL d.start
290._____ is a set of transactions that have accomplished all the phases

B.write C.vaL D.FIN

291.Database ________ is concerned with the restoring of the database to an accurate state in the
occurrence of a failure
A.consistancy B.recovery C.duplicasy D.atomicity
292.In case of differential backup, only the ____ variations that are performed on the database
are copied.
A.first B.second C.third D.last

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

293. A transaction log backup method is used to back up the transaction log operations that are
not shown in a _______backup copy of the database
A.preceeding B.successiding C .first D.last
294..Write-ahead protocol makes sure that transaction logs are always written _______ any
database data that are really updated.
A.after B.before C.first D.last
295.______ is considered as a temporary storage part available in primary memory.
A.buffer B.register C.cache D.main memory
296.________ is an operation where all the updated buffers are written to the disk by the DBMS.
A.database checkpoint B.buffer C.lock D.fin
297.When deferred write or deferred update is used by the recovery process, the transaction
operations do not update the _______ database instantly
A.centralize B.distributed C.logical D.physical
298. The term Database Element points to various _______ in the database.
A.relation B.attribute C.entity D.element
Unit:-8 Transaction processing
299.A clear solution to the issue of maintaining locks in a distributed database is considered as
A.centralized B.symbolic C.relative D.conditional
300..Primary-copy locking method includes _______ the function of the lock site.
A.centralized B.symbolic C.relative D.distributing
301.Local transactions control ________ database system. B.local C.centralized D.distributed
302 Global transactions control __________database system.
A.single B.multiple C.double
303.Global data cannot be accessed by ______ transactions. B.local C.centralized D.distributed
304.A _____ transaction is the one that is permitted too much time to hold locks, and that
particular lock is needed by another transaction.
A.small B.long

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

305.Commercial 64-bit systems can sustain main memories of _______ of gigabytes. B.two
C.ten D.hundred
306.Performing locks on a resource is one of the methods that are used to ______transactions.
A.concurrent B.serialize C.intermidiate D.single
307. _________describes the concurrent execution of several transactions
A. Serialisability B.recoveribility D.maintanability

308. Performing lock on a resource is one of the methods that are used to _______transactions.
A.sequence B.parallel C.serialize D.recover
309.The __________is used to create the order which implements the operations
inside simultaneous transactions.

A.sheduler B.lock C.deadlock D.readlock

310.__________ must be guaranteed to prevent inconsistency from transactions interfering with
one another.
B.recoveribility D.maintanability
311.The _______ lock is followed by a transaction if all lock requests occur prior to
the first unlock operation inside the transaction. B.two-phase C.three-phase D.multi-phase
312. _________ locking defines the process of acquiring and giving up the locks. B.two-phase C.three-phase D.multi-phase
313..In case of _______ phase, all necessary locks are attained by a transaction without
releasing data.
B.shrinking C.logging D.commit

314. In case of _______ phase, all locks are released by a transaction.



C.logging D.commit

314._________ is considered as interactive in which every transaction is processed as it takes

A.Online transaction processing system
315._______signifies that data is not read by the commited transaction where the data is written
by the commited transaction where the data is wriiten by terminated transaction.
A.recoveribility B.serializibility C.transaction D.maintanability

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

316 A series of operations comprising database operations that is atomic with regard to
concurrency and recovery is calleda___________
A.recoveribility B.serializibility C.transaction D.maintanability
Unit 9 Parallel Database Architectures for Parallel Databases
317.A ________database can be defined as a database that run multiple instances to "share" a
single physical database.
A.single B.distributed C.parallel D.centralized
318.There are numerous advantages of parallel database technology
1. Increased throughput
2. Decreased response time
3. Ability to process an extremely large number of transactions
A.all are trueB.only one is true C.only 2 is true D.only three is true
319.state true false.Speedup=Time_Original/Time_Parallel
320.Scale up means to process a larger number of jobs in the ______ time period.
A.same B.different C.original D.duplicate
321.state true or false.Scale up Volume_Parallel/Volume_Original
322.In a ______ parallelism approach, one operations output is streamed into the input of some
other operator and these two operators can function simultaneously in series
A.pipelined B.partitioned C.sequencial D.serial
323.In a _______parallelism approach, the input is partitioned between different processors &
memories, and also the operator can often be divided into several autonomous operators each
working on a part of the data.
A.pipelined B.partitioned C.sequencial D.serial
324.In a _________multiprocessor architecture, several processors share storage disks and
common memory with assistance of interconnected network
A.shared-disk B.shared-memory C.shared-processor D.shared-nothing.
325.In a ________architecture, each processor has its own personal memory besides one or more
disk storage.
A.shared-disk B.shared-memory C.shared-processor D.shared-nothing.
326.In ______ architecture, every processor has its own personal memory and only shares
storage disks via an inter-connection network.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

A.shared-diskB.shared-memory C.shared-processor D.shared-nothing.

327._________of Query evaluation is done by using parallel optimisation methodologies for
making repartitioning more competent.
B.evaluation C.atomicity D.consistancy
328.SMP stands for______
A.symantic multiproceesor
B.symmetric multiprocessor
C.single multiprocessor
D.symmetric machine
329.In _______ query processing, multiple processes together at the same time to handle one
individual SQL statement.
C.symmetric D.asymmetric
330.The basic unit of work in parallelism is called a ________.
A.granule B.parellel C.sequential D.symmetric
331.The total servers allocated to one single operation are the __________for the operation.
A.dencisty of parellism of parallism of parallel D.deployment of parallel
332.Operations that need the output of other operations are known as _________ operations.
A.child B.parent C.derive D.base is essential that the child operations have been executed _______ the parent operations, as
parent operation requires the output of child operations to consume.
A.before B.after C.last D.second
334.The total quantity of parallel-execution servers that are linked with a single operation is
known as the __________.
A.dencisty of parellism of parallism of parallel D.deployment of parallel
335.This parallelism attempts to ________the time required to retrieve relations from disk by
partitioning the relations on multiple disks.
A.maximize B.minimize C.remove D.add
336.I/O parallelism is also referred to as__________. partitioning. parellism security recoverability
337.In horizontal partitioning, the tuples of a relation are distributed between several disks in a
manner such that each tuple is on _____ disk. B.two C.three D.multiple

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

338._________ features can help to significantly enhance data access and improve overall
application performance. partitioning. parellism security recoverability
339.________ partitioning is best when all the applications want to access relation by scanning
sequentially all of it on each and every query. B.round-robinC.hash D.range
340.State true or false.Round robin technique is not suitable for sophisticated access of the
341._______ Partitioning helps to avoid data skew i.e. data is evenly distributed across the disk. B.round-robin C.hashD.range
342.In ____________partition the administrator chooses an attribute as the partitioning attribute
and specifies attribute-values within a certain range to be placed on certain disk. B.round-robin C.hash D.range
343._________ parallelism means executing different independent queries simultaneously on
separate CPUs.
A.intra-query B.inter-query C.extra-query D.intro-query
344.State true or false.Response times of individual transaction/queries are not much faster as
compared to the transaction or queries that run in isolation.
345.In ______ parallelism a single large query is broken into a number of pieces (subtasks) and
those subtasks are executed in parallel on multiple processors
A.intra-queryB.inter-query C.extra-query D.intro-query
346._______ parallelism relates to the capacity to break up a query into various parts across
various partitions of a partitioned database which may be on one single machine or several
A.inter-partition B.intra-query C.inter-query D.intra-partition
347.In ________parallelism, the implementation of each single operation in query is parallelized
A.inter-operation B.intra-operation C.inter-query D.intra-query
348.In case of ________parallelism, the various operations in a query expression are
implemented in parallel.
A.inter-operation B.intra-operation C.inter-query D.intra-query
349.State true or false.Parallel processing of data from outside sources is required in order to
manage large quantities of arriving data.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

Unit 10 Object Oriented DBMS

350.The Object Oriented model or paradigm relies on the encapsulation of the data and code into
one ______unit.
A.single B.multiple C.dual D.triple
351.State true or false.The main benefit of the object oriented paradigm is the capability to
modify an object definition without having an effect on the remaining system.
352.An _______ is considered as the unit of transfer from server to client
A.class B.object C.function D.string
353.In _____ approach, we consider page as the unit of transfer from server to client.
A.file server B.index server server D.client server
354.State true or false.A probable disadvantage of page server approach is that methods can be
assessed only on the client
355.In ________ approach, the client processes of OODBMS have an interaction with a network
file service for reading and writing database pages.
A.file server B.index server server D.client server
356.Object clustering can be defined as the capability for an application to offer information to
the _______ DBMS.
A.object-oriented B.centralized
357.An _______ of an object is maintained even when all or some values of variables or even
definitions of methods vary with time.
A.element B.attribute C.entity D.identity
358.______ signifies a user supplied name which is utilised for identity;
A.nameB.valueC.built-in D.identity
359.______ signifies a value of data which is utilised for identity B.value C.built-in D.identity
360.____signifies that an idea of identity is built (created) into programming languages or the
data model or and it does not need any user supplied identifier B.value C.built-in D.identity
361.Procedures are used to illustrate an objects behaviour and they are also known as

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

a.class B.object C.string D.function
362.___________ basically signifies hiding the data inside the object from the outside classes
A.inheritance B.encapsulation hiding D.polymorphism
363.A _________ model is defined as an organisation of the real world objects (entities),
restrictions on them, and the relationships between the objects.
C.object D.inheritance
364.A _______ language is considered as a tangible syntax for a data model
A.sql B.database D.php
365.Entity of any real world is known as an _______.
A.class B.object C.function D.string
366.A _______includes a set of all objects, which share the same group of methods and
A.class B.object C.function D.string
367.This includes deriving a new class (which is known as subclass) from a current class (which
is known as superclass).
A.inheritanceB.encapsulation hiding D.polymorphism
368._________ are considered as the paths utilised to carry out navigation-based data access.
A.relationshipB.encapsulation hiding D.polymorphism
.369.Object identifiers can uniquely identify _______.
A.classB.object C.function D.string
370.An _______ is used to illustrate the behaviour or ability of a class without performing to a
specific implementation
A.classB.object C.function D.interface
371._______ symbolises an agreement between a supplier and its users, which defines what's
needed from every implementer.
A.classB.object C.function D.interface
372.If one or more interfaces are implemented by a class, a separation from a class name is
provided between those interfaces by a _______.
A.semicolon B.colon C.coma D.asterisk
373.We can define the class hierarchy in___________

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

374.We use the keyword _____ to signify that one class is considered as a specialisation of
another class.
A.having B.has a C.isa D.groupby
375.State true or false.The concept of substitutability is considered as a significant loss of
inheritance in object oriented systems.
376.The capability of class to inherit the variables and methods from numerous superclasses is
known as_______inheritance.
A.multilevel B.multiple C.single D.dual
377._______ data is defined as the data that continue to occur even after program that generated
it, has finished. B.consistant C.persistant D.inconsistant
378.A programming language which is expanded by means of constructs to manage _______data
is known as a persistent programming language. B.consistant C.persistant D.inconsistant
379.State true or false

programming language is influential; however, it is easy to make mistakes that can

harm the database.
380.________graph is a directed graph with no directed cycles. It is formed by a collection of
vertices and directed edges, each edge linking one vertex to another
A.directed acyclic B.directed cyclic C.indirect graph graph

Unit 11 Distributed Databases

381.A database that physically resides entirely on one machine under a single DBMS is known
as ________database management system. B.localC.distributed D.centralize
382.Database management system that resides entirely on a machine different from that of the
user connected through a network is known as ________database. B.localC.distributed D.remote

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

383.The entire database is controlled by a single site and hence is known as _______ Database
System B.local C.distributed D.centralized
384.A multiple-source and multiple-location database is called ________ database B.localC.distributed D.centralized
385.______ is the cost of connecting the sites physically in system.
A.connecting cost B.installation cost cost D.physical cost
386.______is a Cost of time required and total expenditure to transmit a message from site A to
site B
A.installation cost B.connecting cost C.communication cost D.physical cost
387._______ means the frequency of failures in link or sites
A.consistancy B.recoveribilityC.relaibility D.durability
388._______meansThe level at which data could be accessed in spite of the malfunction of some
sites or links.
A.consistancy B.recoveribilityC.relaibilityD.availability
389._______means The ability to track data distribution, replication and fragmentation by
enlarging the DDBMS catalogue.
A.tracking of data of data C.recoveribility of data D.relaibility of data
390._______processing means the capability to transmit queries and access remote sites between
different sites via communication network.
A.Distributed query B.centralized queryC.object-oriented D.real
391.state true or falseReplicated data management means The capability to choose which copy
of one copied data to access and to sustain the reliability of copy of replicated data.
392.In _____Distributed transactions should be carried out with adequate security management
of data and the access/authorisation rights of users B.reliability C.consistancy D.recoveribility
393.state true falseReplicated data management means capability to choose which copy of one
copied data to access and to sustain the reliability of copy of replicated data.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

394.state true false.Distributed database recovery means The capability to recover data from
case-by-case crashes and from different types of malfunctions, for example; breakdown of
communication link.
395.state true or false.
Each workstation should have essential hardware and software that allow them to establish a
network with other components on the distributed database system
396.________ Processor is also called Transaction Manager (TM) or Application Processor
A.transaction B.centralize C.distributed D.real
397.________ is a software component on every computer in the distributed database system.
A.transaction B.centralize processor
398.When the database technology is the same at each of the locations and the data at the several
locations are also compatible, that data is known as _______database
A.hetrogenous B.homogenous



399.In _______ DDBMS, every one of the site might manage different types of DBMS
A.hetrogenousB.homogenous C.centralized D.distributed
400.________means System keeps several copies of data, stored at various sites, for quick
retrieval fault tolerance.
A.fragmentation B.replication C.inheritance D.polymorphism
401.In _______Relation is divided into various fragments stored at separate sites
A.fragmentation B.replicationC.inheritance D.polymorphism
402. Relation is divided into various ________.
A.part B.fragment C.subpart D.function
403.Vertical fragmentation is similar as __________.
A.inheritance B.decomposition C.polymorphism D.fragmentation
404._______ fragmentation of a relation or a table can be acquired by dividing the table into a
number of sub-tables having disjoint columns.
A.vertical B.horizontal C.sequential D.serial
405.In _______fragmentation a relation can also be fragmented both vertically and horizontally.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

A.verticalB.horizontal C.sequentialD.mix
406.Replication comes in helpful, when you want to improve the _______ of data
A.recoverability B.accessibility C.reliability D.serializibility
407. If various sites are linked to one another, then the user at a site might access data that is
present at some other site this is known as ________. independence independence
C.physical independence
408.In the ________interface the end users are free to have interfaces of their own choice at their
sites .
A.centralize B.distributed C.user-friendlyD.object-oriented
409. It is more costly and also tough to implement a distributed database system as compared to
_______local database.
A.centralize B.distributed C.user-friendly D.object-oriented
410.The updation of data on more than two networked computer systems is termed as a
A.centralize B.distributedC.user-friendly D.object-oriented
411._________ managers handle constant data and perform in collaboration with Distributed
Transaction Coordinator (DTC) to guarantee isolation & atomicity to the application.
412. Commit protocols are utilised to make sure _______ across sites
A.atomicity B.durability C.consistancy D.redundancy
413. When a site is unsuccessful or fails and then you restart, it has to perform ________ for all
transactions that it has not yet committed suitably.
A.redundacny B.recovery D.consistancy
414. Two phase commit is one transaction protocol intended for those complexities that happen
with ___________ resource managers
A.centralized B.distributed Csingle D.parallel
415.________ transaction manager with two phase commit protocol uses a coordinator to handle
individual resource managers
. A.centralized B.distributed Csingle D.parallel
416. In ______ pages, entries are planned by identifier or name and intended for forward lookup
to locate more about entry

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020



417. In _______ pages, entries are designed/planned by properties to locate entries matching
particular requirements
A.yellow C.white
418. In ddbms _________features the database is located at various sites or that there are many
users accessing the data at the same time is not known to the users. B.consistancy C.transparancy


419.___________ transparancy feature permits one distributed database to be treated as a single

(albeit logical) database.
A.distributed B.transaction C.faliure D. Heterogeneity
420. ___________ transparancy feature permits a transaction to be executed either completely or
not at all just as in case of a local database system.
A.distributed B.transaction C.faliure D. Heterogeneity
421. _________feature permits the distributed database to continue to be operational even if
there is a failure at some nodes.
A.distributed B.transaction C.faliure D. Heterogeneity
422. In _________transparency The fact that the constituent databases are of different types; that
the hardware systems are of different types etc. are not known to the users due to this feature of
A.distributed B.transaction C.faliure D. Heterogeneity
423. __________ transparency permits a physically dispersed database to be managed as though
it were a centralised database.
A.distribution B.transaction C.faliure D. Heterogeneity
424._______ transparency resides when the user should recognise the database fragment names
but have no need to declare at which locations these fragments are situated.

B.transaction C.faliure


Unit 12 Object Relational and Extended

Relational Databases
425. State true or false.
The main advantage of object relational data model arises from the concept of reuse and

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

426. Some of the important characteristics of object relational databases are

1.Nested relations
2. Complex types and object-orientation
3. Querying with complex types
A.only 1 is true B.only 2 is true C.only 3 is true D.all are true
427. ______ acts as a framework into which specialised software modules can be embedded.
A.ordbms B.oodbms C.dbms D.rdbms
428. The type constructors are also known as __________types.
B.structure C.user-defined D.string
429. A working group composed of ___________ representatives of the OODBMS vendors
established ODMG-93 standard. B.two C.three D.five
430. ______language defines how to formulate a database schema (the structure of a database). It
is neutral to programming languages.
A.object model B.Object definition C.relation D.semantic
431. ________ determines how the various objects are represented for exchanging them between
different OODBMS.
A. Object interchange format

B.object model B.Object definition D.relation

432. The ability to store, retrieve and modify persistent objects in Smalltalk is provided by the
_______Smalltalk binding.
A.obmg B.ocmd C.Odmg D.odmc
433. ANSI and ISO have developed a new SQL standard as ________.
A.sql5 B.sql3 C.sql2 D.sql
434. Each SQL3 table has a predefined column called as________ that contains row identifiers
which can be used as values in other rows.
A. IDENTITY B.attribute C.entity D.key
435. State true or false
Caching avoids the expenditure of referring to disk every time the page is accessed.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

436. The _________has the right to read more data from pages in memory, every time a single
execution of the embedded logic is completed.
A.ordbms B.oodbms C.dbms D.rdbms
437.___________is a template index structure based on B+ trees, which allows most of the tree
index structures invented so far to be implemented with only a few lines of user-defined ADT
a. Generalised Search Tree b.BINARY SEARCH tree C.relation tree D.mst
438. 15. Which one of the following is the easiest to use?
429.Out of RDBMS, OODBMS and ORDBMS, which has got the best performance?
439. A combination of an atomic data type and its associated methods is called an ________
A.abstract data B.user-defined C.function D.structure
440. The_________ method used to store, find and retrieve the data from a database.
A.find B.retirive D.access
441.________ Generally used to store multimedia data such as video, images and audio. It stores
data in binary format only
A. Character Large Object B.Binary Large Object C.string large object D.array large object
442.__________ is used for documents or large strings that use the database character. It stores
this string data in the database character set format.
A. Character Large Object B.Binary Large Object C.string large object D.array large object
UNIT :-13 XML Query Processing
443. ________ is turning out to be the most significant new standard used for the representation
of data and exchange on the World Wide Web.
A.html B.Dhtml C.javascript D.XML
444. XML-QL syntax comprises _______ sections, one of which is a WHERE clause and a
second one is a CONSTRUCT clause. B.two C.three D.four

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

445 In _______clause the first part is known as the search string, and the other part is known as
ORDER-BY clause which is used optionally. B.having by D.where
446. The _______ clause provides permission to arrange the data retrieved in the variables.
A.order-by B.having by D.where
447. The _______ clause is a necessary clause that provides the file name of the XML file. It can
be a single file name included in quotes.
A.order-by B.having by D.In
448. The ________section provides permission to state a pattern for output.
A.order-by B.having by D.construct
449.______is considered as an early query language used for semi structured data.
A.sql B.plsql D.lorel
450. Lorel language makes use of the ________as the data model for semi structured data.
A. OEM (Object Exchange Model) B.oam C.odm D.omd
451. State true or false.The drawback of Lorel language is that it is dependent on OQL parser
452. Quilt is considered as a functional language where you can represent a query as ________.
A.statement B.relation C.expression D.block
453. Quilt expressions include seven major forms. They are:
1.path expressions
2.conditional expressions
3 variable bindings
A.only 1 is true B.only 2 is true C.only 3 is true D.all are true.
454. ______ assesses to the group of nodes in 'a' that takes place previous to some node in 'b'.
(A).a BEFORE b (B). a after b.. (C).a INTERSECT b (D). a EXCEPT b.
455. _________assesses to the group of nodes in 'a' that are also located in 'b'.
(A).a BEFORE b (B). a after b.. (C).a INTERSECT b (D). a EXCEPT b.

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

456.__________assesses the group of nodes in 'a' that takes place after some node in 'b'
(A).a BEFORE b (B). a after b.. (C).a INTERSECT b (D). a EXCEPT b.
457._________ assesses to the set of nodes in 'a' that are also not located in 'b'.
(A).a BEFORE b (B). a after b.. (C).a INTERSECT b (D). a EXCEPT b
458. ____is another XML query language which makes use of path expressions.
A.sql C.Xql D.plsql
459. XSL stands for__________.
A.Extensible Stylesheet Language
C Extended Stylesheet Language

B. Extensible Set Language

D. Extensible Shape Language

460________ is an XML query language which is generated for XML data sources.
A.XQuery B.LQuery C.SQuery D.ZQuery
461. The XQuerys body comprises of any or all of the following expression:
1.Literals and variables
2.Path expressions
3. Predicates
A.only 1 is true B.only 2 is true C.only 3 is true D.all are true.
462.The full form of FLWOR is___________.
463.State true false. Relational scheme is divided into scheme-oblivious and
scheme conscious method.
464. _______is also a labelling method which is executed in SQL server
465.______is a language designed to recognise parts of XML documents, to query the data of
A.xquery B.Xpath C.Xml D.Xql

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

466. ________ is considered as one of the XML data management system by means of an
A.xquery B.Xpath C.Xml D.Xtron
467. A query processor BEA/XQRL executes relational scheme by means of _______
A.xquery B.Xpath C.Xml D.Xql
468. The function of a ___________is to take out the querys high level abstraction and its
procedural assessment into a group of low-level operations.
A.query processor B.query simulator C.query optimization D.query handler
Unit 14 Database Application
469.________ database do not form two visible classes, but they rather define two ends of
database rule languages. B.relational C.object C.central
470. _______ can be defined as a method which specifies various active rules.
A.sequence B.cursor C.trigger D.procedure
471. DB2, Oracle, and MS SQL Server are considered as the__________ relational databases.
A.commercial B.herarchical C.centralised D.distributed
472. STARBURST document makes use of the following keywords
A.all are true B.1 is true C.2 is true D.3 is true.
473. The model which is utilised to state active database rules is known as_________
A.Event-Condition-Associate(ECA) B. Event-Criteria-Action (ECA) model.
C. Event-base-Action (EBA) . D. Event-Condition-Action (ECA).
474._______ is a relational model database server developed by IBM.
A.sql B.DB2
475. What does the CREATE TRIGGER statement states?
a) trigger name b) trigger class c) trigger function d) trigger variable

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

476 . Events ____________ by the rule action that automatically identifies

477.Temporal databases are used to record __________data.
A.time-referenced B.relational C.object-oriented D.distributed
478.A _________ database stores data with respect to valid time.
A.rollback B.historical C.bitemporal D.temporal
479._________ database stores data with respect to transaction time.
A.rollback B.historical C.bitemporal D.temporal
480.A ________ database stores data with respect to both valid time and transaction time.
A.rollback B.historical C.bitemporal D.temporal
481.A ________database store only a single state of the real world, usually the most recent state
in the context of both valid time and transaction time
482. A _______database stores the history of data with respect to both valid time and transaction
A.rollback B.historical C.TimeDB D. snapshot
483. Multimedia databases facilitate the users to store as well as generate query for retrieving
A.multimedia D.graphic
484. The _______ database management system comprises of open source system.
A.multimedia D.graphic
485. Video database management method is used to take care of ____________ storage
A.extended B.internal C.external D.static
486. In Video database management, the database ____________ and the streaming zone are
split by the buffer pool.
A.Buffer zone

B.cache C.memory D.secondary

Advance database management system.

Subject code:-mca 3020

487. Which processing is used by VDBMS video pre-processing toolkit to partition raw video?
a) Semantic based query processing b) Distributed query processing
c) Both
d) None of the above