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Building Envelope Affect on Energy Savings

Performance Energy Efficiency and Control Sustainable Building

Environmental Performance of Adaptive Building Envelope Design
Sustainable Building Materials and Environmental Assessment Methods
Energy Efficiency Methods in Sustainable Building Materials
Investigating Daylighting in Atria and Adjacent Spaces
Adaptable Building Materials for Climatic Design Applications
Balancing between daylight and thermal performance through facade strategies.
Building Form and Thermal Performance
Passive design strategies to improve comfort and energy savings
A Responsive Skin for Multistorey Buildings
The Intelligent Skin
Facade as Adaptable Skin
The Double-Skin Glass Facade
Double Skin Facades for Office Buildings
Lightweight facades and flexible assemblies.
Dynamic Office Building Faade in warm-humid of Climate
Dynamic Roof Structures for Retail Use: A prototype for low energy design in a warm-humid climate
Dynamic Daylighting Responsive: A Design Proposal for an Art Gallery
Comfort through Change: an adaptable building facade.
Lightweight facades and flexible assemblies.
Environmental Attributes Of Double Facades.

Building Siting, Massing and Orientation

Building Envelope
Natural Ventilation
Building Greenery and Landscaping
Renewable Energy
Fabric Design (e.g. materials and insulation)
External Shading

Ventilation Openings, Stacks

Roof Structures, Rooflights

Smart Refurbishment: passive design strategies to improve comfort and energy savings
The 24 Hour Cool Office: Passive Cooling strategies for offices in Bangalore, India
Adaptive Facades: Passive cooling for the warm-humid climate
Vernacular vs Contemporary: Sustainable Housing Design
Double Skin Facades for Office Buildings: applicability and comfort studies
Design guidelines for traditional and contemporary windows
Application of Traditional techniques to Contemporary
Design Guidelines for Balconies