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How do you communicate with them? / Skype / Email

on chat
I communcate with them in Facebook. , skype

What was your experience in the host families? If you had another experience, explain.

It was my first experience. I learned about their culture, houses, lifestyle. iI loved there. I had new friends.
My experience in the host families is that i saw haw they live and i studied much more new words.
t was my first time. At first I was so shy, but then everything was good. I get used to the family.
Days which i spent in Bulgaria was very successful, great people , many interesting places and other equally cool
at first I was afraid, then I got used to stay there. It was so nice.
It was super, they were so nice. I felt like I was at home.
I stayed at the hotel with my teachers. It was fine but I would have liked to stay with a family to know better the real
life of bulgarian people in a small village
I stayed at the hotel, it was very nice and the staff very friendly
at first felt alone, then it was ok.
learned that can stay alone far away from my family. It was my first experience.
It was my first experience. I liked it. I met people and learned their culture.
learned their culture, and their lifestyle like their jobs, food, school.
it was super. I am happy to have new friends new family.
I stayed at the hotel
I feel myself happy to have a new friend in Bulgaria.
It was wonderful. I learned about their culture.
I learned about the families culture.
I understand that I can stay somewhere else far away from my house. The family was so hospitable, nice, easygoing.
My experience from Bulgaria We were in Bulgaria in September in 2014 , It was the best time of my life. Experience
were amazing . We visited many beautiful places like : local school, recreation center in mountains , the capital of
Bulgaria - Sofia and some other places . Food in Bulgaria was good but different from the food in Poland. We tasted
their traditional dishes. In Bulgaria is also different religion, culture and language, so we could learn and talk about it.
The people were really nice and friendly to us. They welcomed us very warmly. We spent a great time, we enjoyed
ourselves, danced and watched movies. It was a great adventure. I hope that one day I'll be there back
Unfortunately I did not meet families (we were accommodated in a hotel).
They did their best. They were very friendly and took care of me. They prepared food for us very carefully.
I didn't stay with a family; I stayed at the hotel with my teachers
I learned different people, different culture.
I believe that I can trust someone else. I explored different families' cultures.

What did this meeting bring to you? 30 words

My english has improved. saw the Bulgarian historical places and learned their culture.
After this meeting I changed my mind about future decision and lifestyle decision. I have never thought that can stay
far away from my family. But now I trust myself more and want to travel more.
I learned a lot about the other countries and I have made a lot of new friends, I can't wait to meet them again.
It was an experience. I learned about the other countries lifestyle.
It supplied me to think about my future life.
I found an education system and a very interesting sport center in the mountains. I discovered the bulgarian, their
traditions and customs. I loved the food and contact with people.
was happy. it was a pleasure and big chance for me. Bulgaria is a very nice country.
Bulgaria is nice , poor but they have humility and they are proud to be Bulgarian; They were very pleased to host all
this countries.
Information about the country, my self-confidence is increased because did something different.
new friends, getting used to live far away from my family.
I loved Sofia and its monuments, especially religious monuments because they are different from ours. I loved
meeting foreign students and I found that Bulgaria is a very beautiful country.
I found out many things that i had no idea. I noticed that people from there are different than people from Poland.
They are kind, friendly. This journey has made that I corrected my English and I can easily communicate with people
from other countries.
my English has improved. I trust myself more. I am not shy anymore. I have an idea for my future.
I trust myself more. I was so happy. I meet new people and they are friendly
This meeting brought to me new skills, new experience . I learned more about other religion, other culture, and
learned their religion, culture and how to earn money. I met people and had seen the difference of education.
meeting different friends. I learned different cultures, religion.
met new people, learned many things.
I visited different countries so had seen different places. I got an idea of my future lifestyle
This meeting brought to me information, language skills, knowledge about culture and language in different countries.
This meeting brought to me friendships, very funny memories and happy moments.
I loved the mountains and the Rila monastery. This meeting was interesting for me because I didn't know Bulgaria and
it's really a beautiful european country.
Know the economic and social situation of an European country, its culture and the mentality of people and their
vision of the world. To know the rural world and the working tools of the farmers, his way of life and their social life
that interested me a lot.

It was the second time I went to Bulgaria and I loved it. This meeting was an opportunity to know better some aspects
like education and cultural traditions. The visit to Yurukovo was very interesting for me because when you go as a
tourist, you can't see the same things and it's more difficult to talk with people.
This meeting brought to me new words, friends, funny moments, learning more about other countries, presents etc.
My English is improved. I learned about countries, schools.
The meeting enriched me a lot. It made me aware of the diversity of cultures. I could communicate with foreign
students and it has been easier than >I thought. Being able to speak in english helped me to feel more self-confident.
Thanks to this travel, I understand better the reality of the European Union.

Any other comments? Feel free to write your overall opinion about the project or anything
you want about your stay in Bulgaria (program, visits, atmosphere, etc.)?...
liked it
want to stay there more.
I really liked the visit to the monastery: Even if there was a lot of people, there was silence. I liked the architecture of
the monastery and its position.
we can stay more.
As I said before, I would have liked to be hosted by a bulgarian family to be with bulgarian students and understand
better the reality of the country
I loved the program because there were many interesting and different activities, it wasn't boring.
Other friends from Bulgaria were really funny. We talk to each other about our problems! They gave us so many
memories (and really delicious cookies!). We had a really good time there.
I feel free to write my opinion. The atmosphere was very nice and pleasant.
Everything was great.
we could stay more than a week.
Atmosphere was great , people frendly and warmly .
I loved a lot walking in Sophia, meet people of the other delegations and to speak with them educational questions
brought a lot me. The landscape of Bulgaria, lights and contrasts really touched me.
It was wonderful, I loved Rila monastery.
Everything was nice.
The project is one of the best ideas in the world because the kids became knowing about other countries and became
friends with other kids.
At first I thought that I will get bored because the place to where we arrived wasn't too interesting, it was a small
village in the mountains. People with whom I made friends there made these few days were wonderful. I got to know
new culture.
Trip was long but enjoyable.

The hotel in Bansko and the stay were very good but I would have liked to stay with a family to know better the
bulgarian style life.
I loved everything
I really would have liked to be hosted by a family!

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