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Method of Work

Horizontal Boring for 32" Casing, Gresik - Semarang 28" Pipeline

The casing used for the road crossings will be installed using a
pipe jacking
Entry and exit pits will be at each end of the crossing. The Boring
will be installed at the entry pit side and the jacking rams
and rail on the exit
A Pilot hole is bored from the entry to the exit side. Once the hole
is through the pilot bit is replaced with a reamer and at the same time
a casing is set on
the jacking frame.
As the casing is jacked into the ground the and the reamer clears
the soil
ahead of the pipe and inside the pipe.
When one casing has been installed, a second one is lowered
into the jacking pit, welded and the jacking work continues the same
as for the first pipe. This
sequence is continued until the crossing
is completed.
In some locations it will be necessary to cut the casing pipe into
6 m sections
due access and safety considerations. This just
means there will be an extra weld in the casing and has no material
effect on the crossing.
The method of work described above is used for installing casing,
which was as requested by the ITB. If the so called, "mini HDD" is used
then the product pipe is directly installed into the ground without using
casing. IMM can also do this should it be required, but so far there has
been no request or approval from Wika-Kelsri-Rabana consortium for
this method of construction.