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Sky Zone Branding Strategy Assignment

Kira McCall
MCOM 333
May 14, 2015
Part 1 Determining Brand Qualities
A. Using the organization that you have chosen to brand, ask yourself what do you think this
brand should be known for. In determining this, type out a list of between 8 to 15 qualities
that you want other people to think about or associate when they hear or see the brand that
you have chosen.
Sky Zone


All ages



Fitness and well-being oriented options


Customizable experience

Group friendly

Cost efficient


B. Using the list of words that you composed, type out a list of between 8 to 15 qualities that
represent the image or impression that you believe exists today for the brand by stakeholders
(such as users, customers, employees, volunteers, donators, vendors, etc.);


Not enough locations in some states

Family friendly

Good package deals/ events

Crowded during peak hours

Not aesthetically pleasing

Weak social media presence

No advertising presence

Brand awareness lacking

B. C. Research the social media that your organization currently uses. Look at its website for
any signs of social media use. Also go to, and to see what results that you get from your brand and its followers. In
reading posts from readers and your organization, learn what your brand attempts to
accomplish with each social media. List all social media used, with a sentence or paragraph
after each, indicating how the social media is being used by your organization and its

Twitter 6,568 followers

On their official Twitter page, Sky Zone retweets photos that users post and share
news about the company and hashtags. During March and the NCAA basketball
tournament they used the hashtag #SkySlamMadness to promote their contest. They
also posted advertisements for the contest. Users are using Twitter to talk about their
visit to Sky Zone, but most are not mentioning the brand directly (using the @

mentioning feature). Followers are favoriting whenever they are retweeted or

featured on the official brand page.

YouTube 4,064 subscribers

On YouTube, Sky Zone uploads videos of customers using their services like the
dodgeball trampolines at different Sky Zone locations. They have also uploaded a
video that featuredsthe winners of the Sky Slam Madness competition, and a birthday
advertisement that highlights the features that can be enjoyed if you hold a party at
Sky Zone. They using loyal customers to show off their services and bring in new
customers. They only have a few views (often less than 10,000) on most of their

Instagram 47.1K followers

On Instagram, the brand is interacting with customers by reposting photos from their
visits at Sky Zone. They are also sharing advertisements and videos. This is a good
way for them to interact with customers. Followers are liking photos, particularly
when they are tags in it, commenting, and asking Sky Zone to check out a photo or
video they posted.

Facebook 91,275 likes

On Facebook, the brand shares photos of customers using their services to highlight

the fun element of the indoor park. They are sharing articles or videos that support
using trampolines for exercising. Users are making comments about their visit to a
Sky Zone location and asking for information about locations and other customer
service issues.
SocialMention, AddictoMatic, and OneSearch Results

One user posted pictures of their familys Sky Zone visit on Flickr

No direct Twitter mentions

Blog post on WordPress about experience at Sky Zone positive feedback

Bing News- articles or headlines about openings and Sky Slam contest

Most mentions of the brand are on Twitter.

The top hashtags were #springbreak, #skyslammadness, #skyzone

45% reach (unique authors divided by the total number of mentions)

32% passion SocialMention says this a measure of the likelihood that individuals
talking about your brand will do so repeatedly, i.e., dedicated advocates.

After looking at the brands social media, I can see that the brand excels in reach and
needs to improve on finding dedicated advocates to talk about their brand. They do a good job of
tailoring messages to both young adults and teens, but also parents of younger children. They
should utilize the positive messages posted on their Facebook page to promote the brand and
create stronger messages for parents of pre-teens.
History of Sky Zone
2004: Rick Platt uses $2 million to recruit athletes and build a 17,000-square-foot arena in Las
2006: After initial opening is a failure, the concept of open trampoline parks for the general
population and not just athletes is proposed.
2006: Platts son, Jeff, opens a second location in St. Louis.
2010-2011: Sky Zone jumps from six locations to fourteen.
2012: Company grows to eighteen locations
Source: Huffington Post: Guarini, D. (2012)

Part 2 Examining Competitors

A. Using the organization that you have chosen to brand, identify two other successful
competitors that are going after a similar target audience as your brand.
a. Dave and Busters (D&B)

b. Chuck E. Cheese
B. Go to the two competitors websites and research the social media that your competitors
currently use. Go to, and to see
what results that you get when you enter in each of your competitors names. Also, go to
Towson Universitys Cook Library website ( and enter in the
competitors name in the OneSearch bar. In reading all this information, note in this paper
each social media that your competitors use and in a sentence or two what they are trying
to accomplish with each social media that they use.
Dave and Busters

Twitter 26.5 K followers

Dave and Busters tweets pictures using recent trends like college game days, and
Star Wars Day. They also post video advertisements from YouTube and post about job
openings. Users are retweeting and sharing tweets with friends who they want to go with
or share offers with.

Instagram 9, 307 followers

They post pictures of advertisements and only a few reposts from fans. It seems
that theyve even posted the same fan photo more than once. Users are liking photos and
leaving comments about wanting to go to Dave and Busters.

Facebook 525, 785 likes

On their Facebook page, Dave and Busters posts the same photos that they use on
Twitter. They also include hashtags in some of their ad-copy. Fans are leaving comments

about customer services and deal offers.

YouTube 908 subscribers
On their YouTube channel, Dave and Busters has separated their videos into three
categories. They have a playlist called Big Winners that features customers winning big
on some of the games. Their next playlist, called Arcade Masters, features customers
beating records and receiving high scores on the some of the games featured at their
locations. The last playlist features advertisements. The first two playlist are full of
content that is customer and user-created. Dave and Busters simply uses the tags to post it
on their channel. This allows customers to show off their skills and what they did at
SocialMention, AddictoMatic, and OneSearch Results

Most results in SocialMention are images posted by one Photobucket users

17 % reach

58% passion

No top hashtags

Article about Chris Hemsworth spoofing a trip to Dave and Busters as Thor.

(Smejek, 2015)

News coverage of fight at a Dave and Busters location.

Chuck E. Cheese
Twitter 13.8K followers
On Twitter, the brand uses popular hashtags like #FakeResumeSkills and
#YouKnowILikeYouWhen and makes them relevant to their brand and services. They
also post pictures and celebrate the birthdays of various public figures. They also post
videos from YouTube. By doing this they are tying together multiple platforms and giving
users fun tweets to retweet and favorite.
Instagram 5,673 followers
The brands posts similar content to the brand Twitter page including pictures of
food and seasonally relevant advertisements.

Google+ 477 people in their circles. 8,187 have the brand in a circle
Post the same visual content that is posted on Instagram account. Users are simply
liking the posts but not really leaving comments.

Pinterest 5,011 followers

The brands page has various boards that feature the brands deals, their work with

Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and videos featuring users doing the Do the Chuck E. dance.
They also have non-brand or service related boards like Playing with our food which
features pins with kid-friendly recipes and Fun and Games which has pins about a
variety of games, both indoor and outdoor, that children can participate in.

Foursquare 703 followers

Very infrequent posts about a variety of things like deals for bringing in canned
goods and other promotions at various locations.

YouTube 13,997 subscribers

The brand has videos featuring some of the brands characters, real kids interacting with

them, advertisements, and a series called Things that make Nigel say gross featuring a kid
named Nigel. Some videos have over one million views but the comments are sometimes
disabled. This means they want to avoid negative commentary but they are also taking away the
opportunity for positive feedback.
Facebook 845,877 likes and 8, 041,654
On this page the brand posts the same content that can be found on their Twitter,
Instagram, and Google+. They also allows users to post on their page. Through this feature they
reply to customer concerns and issues.

SocialMention, AddictoMatic, and OneSearch Results

Most results on SocialMention are images

13% reach

64% passion

News about new game app had the most search results during OneSearch

Named the number one child-friendly restaurant by Technomics Consumer Restaurants

Brand Metrics Program (Close Up Media, 2013)

C. Finally, given what you have read, describe each competitor in a paragraph analyzing
their strengths and weaknesses (what each does best and what each does not do as well)
as it relates to social media. End by describing in a paragraph the opportunities that you
feel your organization can take advantage of, through social media, given what your
competition is doing.
Dave and Busters strengths are Twitter and tailoring their messages to older audiences. They
use rich media including pictures on their sites and also stay relevant by using current trends like
the recent college basketball playoff season to interact with followers and get their brand seen.
Their weakness is YouTube. They have under one thousand followers. They also have a weak
Instagram presence. They do not post often so the followers they do have are not consistently
seeing them on their timeline. Their pages, particularly their site homepage has more information

on it and uses dark colors, giving the brand a more mature look.
Chuck E. Cheeses strength is YouTube. On this platform, their videos have the most views
out of the three brands and the brand also has the most subscribers. They also have a strong
Facebook page. They interact with users and have a lot of page visits and likes. The brands
weakness is reach. Although they use seven social media platforms (three more than both Sky
Zone and Dave and Busters) they have the smallest reach percentage according to
SocialMention. Also they have a small number of followers on sites like Foursquare and
Google+. In their attempt to branch out and use the new and popular sites, they weaken
themselves with a lack of variety across the platforms and trying to go where their audience may
not be active. They mostly advertise to the parents (mostly moms) of children who could be
potential customers. With bright colors and fun wording, they aim to come off as a fun and safe
Sky Zone can capitalize on Dave and Busters weak Instagram presence and lack of top
hashtags on Twitter. They can also use the fact that Chuck E. Cheese doesnt have much variety
in their posts across various platforms, with the exception of Pinterest, to their advantage. They
can also capitalize on the fact that while the audience for all three brands overlap, Dave and
Busters targets a slightly order crowd, and Chuck E. Cheeses main audience are parents and
younger children who are not old enough to use social media.

PART 3 Setting Objectives

A. Take what you wrote in Part 1C and copy and paste all the social media that your brand
currently uses and next to each social media describe what you perceive is the outcome that
each social media achieves for your brand.

Instagram Sharing pictures and short videos to show and broadcast what the Sky Zone
experience is like and the enjoyment users are getting from using the brands services.

Facebook Sharing pictures users have been tagged in and having an open wall for
customers to see what other customers are doing at various Sky Zone locations and to
answer questions. This provides the brand with positive content to use elsewhere in
promotions and get feedback from customers.

Twitter Allows the brand to quickly post brand news and promotional content to
encourage fans to mention them and to appear on more timelines. They can
instantaneously reply to feedback and let users know that they are being seen and heard.

YouTube Saves the brand advertising production and sales money while providing an
owned platform to give viewers a glimpse of what the Sky Zone experience is like.

B. Next, take what you wrote in Part 2B and copy and paste the social media that competitors
to your brand use. Noting what you wrote in Part 2C, come up with at least four social media
that your brand could use (either ones that your brand can utilize better or new social

Dave and Busters

o Twitter
o Instagram
o Facebook
o YouTube

Sky Zone can change or use:

Increased interaction between the brand and followers on Twitter more with followers
like answering questions. This will cause more people to mention them in the hope of
getting retweeted.

Post better quality photos and videos.

o Its understandable that they want to post user-created content to show fans
interacting with their services, but they need to also be polished with their own
content. A blurry photo wont receive as many likes.

Promote their YouTube more.

o I didnt even know they had an account.

o Feature more user-created content

Chuck E. Cheese
o Twitter
o Instagram
o Facebook
o YouTube
o Google+
o Pinterest
o Foursquare
Sky Zone can change or use:

Take submissions for future contests through YouTube to allow for more user interaction

Create better quality videos on YouTube

Do a better job of tailoring messages to parents.

Overall, Ive chosen for Sky Zone to continue using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

with some changes to more effectively use each platform.

Write out an objective for each social media that you have identified in part 3B. Objectives point
to changing levels of awareness, acceptance or action. They are singular, impact oriented,
challenging and attainable. Each objective you write should be: SMARTSpecific, Measurable,
Attainable, Realistic, and Time Sensitive (ex: By tweeting twice a day, my brand will increase
the number of Twitter followers it has by 100% over the next three months)
1. Reach 10,000 Twitter followers by September 2015 by:
o Tweeting twice a day
o Having weekly hashtags
2. Reach 125,000 Likes on Facebook by October 2015 by:
o Using sponsored/ native stories
3. Reach 50,000 Instagram followers by August 2015 by:
o Promoting Instagram on Twitter and Facebook
o Regraming photos with brand related hashtags
4. Reach 8,000 YouTube subscribers by January 2016 by:

o Producing better quality videos

o Creating a bi-weekly vlog series
PART 4 Matching a Target Person to Your Objective
A. Using the organization that you have chosen to brand, create a very specific target person
who would use your brand. While there may be many different types of people who use
your product or service, this profile should identify characteristics making up one of your
brands more frequent users. Use, as an example for doing this, the target person
description shown in class.
Sky Zones target person is Synclaire. She is a nineteen year old sophomore at
Towson University. Synclaire loves working out, exploring the area and the city with her
friends, and finding places that she visit with a group of people. Synclaires birthday is
coming up within the next few months and she wants to start looking for something fun
to do. She isnt old enough to drink, so bars are off the table. While Googling places in
Baltimore, she comes across a few options that include bowling and laser tag. She has
done both of these before and wants something new. She loves Dave and Busters and has
been before, but the closest location in Hanover, MD is too far away from Towson.
Synclaire continues to scroll when she comes across Sky Zone. When she visits the
website she is immediately greeted with bright colors and the option to find the nearest
Sky Zone locations to her.
After typing in Towsons zip code she is happy to see that there is one in

Timonium, which isnt too far on York Road. She clicks through the site and sees photos
posted by other customers that paint a fun picture of their experience at Sky Zone. She
notices a lot of younger kids on the website and cringes at the thought of little kids
running around screaming. Upon further investigation she sees that Sky Zone has a
weekly event called SkyJam that is open to customers ages 16 and up. Customers get 90
minutes of jump time, two pizza slices, a soda, and the most popular music playing while
they jump for just under $20. She tells her friends about this option. Some have heard of
Sky Zone and never been while others have not but are excited about the idea.

B. Next, describe at least two distinct target groups that include key demographic or
psychographic characteristics important to your brand (at a minimum: male/female and
age range) but other factors such as education level, income level, location of residence
and lifestyle, can be listed, too). The person described in Part A should fit into one of
these descriptions.

Target Group 1
a. Men
b. 15-25 years old

Some college

d. $0- $50,000 K

e. East Coast (DMV & Baltimore area)

f. Athletic

Target Group 2
a. Women
b. 15-30 years old
c. High school & College
d. $0-75,000K
e. East Coast (DMV & Baltimore)
f. Interested in fitness, alternative workouts, and hanging out with friends

C. Based on your target group and the social media that you want to use in Part 3B, research
the four social media that you listed in that part and the demographic characteristics of
users. Pew Research Centers Internet and American Life Project provides relevant data
of major social media sites or you can search using Google or Bing or go to the social
media sites. Services like provide relevant data, too, but require signing
up. In creating this, list the name of a social media first (i.e., Instagram) and then list
relevant demographic characteristics of the users of that social media below it. You
should end up with four social media headings and distinct demographic characteristics
underneath each social media heading.
a. Instagram

i. 53% of young adults ages 18-29 use Instagram


26% of all adults are using the site


49% use the site daily


Woman are more likely to use the site as well as Hispanics,

African-Americans, and those who live in urban and suburban areas.

v.Among teens aged 13-17 using IG, 61% are girls and 44% are boys
(Lenhart, 2015)
b. Twitter
i. 23% of all adults use the site

36% of users visit the site daily


Saw an increase in 2014 among college graduates and people from

households earning $50,000 or more a year.

c. Facebook
i. 71 % of adults use the site

70% of users engage with site daily


Most popular social media site


Acts as home base for users who use multiple platforms

v.For teens, it is most popular among those who come from lower income
households (Lenhart, 2015)

More female users with 66% men and 77% women

d. YouTube
i. 81% of teen internet users aged 14-17 use the site. (DMR. 2014)

85% of adults in the world consider themselves regular YouTube



YouTube reaches more US citizens aged 18-34 than any cable

network. (Perion Codefuel, 2014)

D. Your social media target group demographics in Part B should match closely to your
social media site demographic characteristics listed in Part C. If not, revise either the
target group in Part B or choose a different social media to use in Part C and Part 3B.


A. First, type or paste each S.M.A.R.T. objective that you came up with in part 3C
underneath Part A here.

Reach 10,000 Twitter followers by September 2015 by:

o Tweeting twice a day
o Having weekly hashtags

Reach 125,000 Likes on Facebook by October 2015 by:

o Using sponsored/ native stories

Reach 50,000 Instagram followers by August 2015 by:

o Promoting Instagram on Twitter and Facebook
o Regraming posts with Sky Zone related hashtags

Reach 10,000 YouTube subscribers by January 2016 by:

o Producing better quality videos
o Creating a bi-weekly vlog series

B. List the four social media that you have chosen to use for your organization. Underneath
each social media, cite three tactics used by other organizations in their social media
efforts. Type the tactic and then next to it, paste the hyperlink where this information can
be found. There should be a total of 12 hyperlinks included. It is o.k. to use hyperlinks
from examples you have cited in previous extra credit assignments or that were presented
in class.
a. Twitter
i. Hashtag of the week (Jimmy Fallon)
Ask for retweets (Liverpool FC)
Use content from Instagram and Facebook (Starbucks)
b. Instagram
i. Regram pictures with brand related hashtags (Starbucks)
Show behind the scenes updates on new locations & their progress
(General Electric-GE)

Fan submission contest (Buffalo Wild Wings Fannerism)
c. Facebook
i. Build awareness and hype for new locations - (Brendans Irish Pub)
Seasonal events/contests (Coca Cola)
Respond to everyone (Dove)
d. YouTube
i. Vlogs series (Red Bull) -
YouTuber endorsement ( LOreal & Blair Fowler)
User- generated brand content (Taco Bell)
C. Lastly, list the four objectives again and underneath each objective, describe at least three
messages that can be used with each of your objectives. For example, if you are trying to
increase the number of tweets for a restaurant one of the messages could be to discuss the
benefits of trying a new menu item.
a. Reach 10,000 Twitter followers by September 2015
i. Tweet about summer deals

Share photos of new location openings and ask those in that area to
retweet to share the news
Have a hashtag contest where the winner receives a follow from
the brand
b. Reach 125,000 Likes on Facebook by September 2015
i. Share photos of new locations under construction

Discuss the benefits of brands indoor facilities during the summer

Share information about the health and workout benefits of
c. Reach 50,000 Instagram followers by August 2015
i. Share photos and behind the scene videos of new locations

Post photos of workout classes

Create collages or unique art using the sticker balls that are at each
Sky Zone location
d. Reach 10,000 YouTube subscribers by January 2016
i. Create vlog series about events/ features at various locations. (SkyJam.
Birthday parties, etc.)

Share link to YouTube channel on other social media


Interview with CEO about development of brand

Part 6 Evaluating Success

A. Using the organization that you have chosen to brand and four social media that you have
chosen to use (from Part 5B), in a table, first list all the social media that you intend to use.
Next, type four metrics or measurements that apply to each social media used. The
measurements should be directly applicable to the objectives and tactics that you set up in
Part 3. You can expand the chart below to fill in details or create your own chart in Microsoft
Word by clicking on Insert, then Insert Table, and then list how many boxes across and how
many boxes down that you want in the table. The table below is 5 by 5.







Reach 10,000

mentions by

Tweet at least
twice a day

retweets and
favorites by


Reach 125,000

Respond to
80% of

shares by 20%

bounce rate


Reach 50,000

Post at least 2
photos or
videos a week

Increase likes
per post by

Track overall
rates (rate of
comments and


Post a vlog
video bi-weekly

Gain at least

Get 50,000
views on CEO

visitors by

B. Summarize in a paragraph, for each social media (four paragraphs in all), which parts of the
Social Media Metrics Model that you propose to measure through the four metrics that you
chose in Part A of this assignment. Add why you feel the measurements that you chose
would provide meaningful data to your organization.
For Twitter, the main parts of the model I think would work best for the proposed metrics are
exposure and engagement. Tweeting twice a day will produce messages for audiences to see
twice every day. Aiming to increase mentions, retweets, and favorite will show the brand if their
messages are being seen and shared. We can also use the advocacy part of the model because
retweets are like digital word of mouth for the brand. Measuring engagement will be meaning to
help the company know if their messages are reaching the right audience and drawing them to
the brand, as well as if theyre posting at the right time of day.
For Facebook, the parts of the model that apply are advocacy, engagement, and influence. By
aiming to increase the brand will be able to measure how many people share their content and
how often (are they the same people sharing continuously or unique users). This will help the
brand measure the reach of their post and gain insights on what kind of post gain the most action
(sharing). Reaching a set number of likes and decreasing bounce will help the brand measure
how many people are seeing their messages and how long people are interacting with the brand.
The goal is to change the behavior of users who may come to Sky Zones page but do not

explore it.
For Instagram, the parts of the model that apply are engagement and exposure. By measuring
follows, likes, and comments the brand can see how users are interacting with brand via posts
and what kind of tone they are using in their comments. They can also see what kind of posts
(photos, videos, or regrams) get the most feedback.
For YouTube the most applicable parts of the model are exposure, engagement, and
advocacy. Exposure ties in with views and searches. The brand can see how many people are
seeing their content and how they find it. This could help them understand how to tag and label
their content in the future. Engagement relates to views vs. thumbs up or thumbs down and
comments. By looking at the number of views and comparing it to the number of people who
give the video a Like or Dislike, the brand can see how many people are actively engaging
with the brand and their content. They also monitor the comments section to gain feedback.
Part 7 Advocating Your Brand
A key part of social media strategy is spreading the word about your organization to others in a
positive way. This often means finding others to advocate your brand. A best practice is to do this
through online influencers. In this final exercise:
A. Using the organization that you have chosen in this class, come up with two people who
you think could serve as online influencers for your organization. The choices could relate
to your organizations field or a unique connection that an influencer already has in
common with your organization.

a. Ryan Higa YouTuber

Ryan is funny and has a vast audience that ranges from teenagers to young adults
and possibly older. He also has connections with other YouTubers that he does
collaboration videos with.
b. Massiel Massy Arias Fitness coach
Massy has a dedicated follower-base who takes her fitness tips as gospel. She has
the credibility and already has earned some of her own media exposure because of
her training and followers.
B. Look up the two individuals on a social media of your choice and note how many followers
each has on at least one social media.
a. Ryan Higa
i. YouTube 14,340,903 subscribers
ii. Twitter 1.62 million followers
b. Massiel Arias
i. Instagram 1.7 million followers
ii. Twitter 74.1 K followers

C. Describe in a paragraph, what you would like your online influencer ideally to say using
social media. Next, give one example of a post that you would like your online influencer to
make. The word post here can be interpreted as any type of posting such as a post on
Facebook, a tweet in Twitter, a photo and caption on Instagram, a video and description on
YouTube, a blog, and other examples similar to a post, depending on the social media that
you choose to use in this example.
Ryan Higa could make a YouTube video about a visit to Sky Zone talking about which

location he went to, what he did, who he went with, and his opinion of Sky Zone. Massiel could
talk about the fitness benefits of Sky Zone and how using trampolines for workouts is a new
fitness trend. She could do this through a short video or just a photo with a caption like she
usually does. An example of a post from Ryan is a tweet saying, My day at Sky Zone with a
link to the YouTube video. An example of a post from Massiel could be a video of her doing a
demonstration of a workout on a trampoline in Sky Zone. Her caption reads, Paid a visit to Sky
Zone to try out some trampoline-friendly workouts. They even have yoga and jump classes that
you can find online. #themassymethod #trampolineworkout #skyzone. Massy typically also
goes into detail about the number of reps and encourages users to share her post with a friend in
need of fitness advice.

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