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PART A - (10x2 = 20 marks)

1. What are hybrid smart materials?

2. What is an intelligent system?
3. List the functions of strain gauges?
4. What is a strain Rosette?
5. What is chemical sensing in structural assessment?
6. What is the role of a sensor?
7. How the actuators are used in structures?
8. Name the piezoelectric materials used in smart structures.
9. What are Geometrical processors?
10. List the limitations of non linear control systems?
PART B - (5x16 = 80 marks)
11. (a) Explain the functions of various sensing sytems and actuation systems
in smart structures.
(b) Discuss in detail the functions and response of instrumental structures.
12. (a) What are the different types of strain gauges in smart structure?
Explain any two of them with simple sketches.
(b) Brief on the role of (i) Wheatstone bridge and (ii) Pressure transducer in
smart structure.
13. (a) Explain (i) passive sensory smart structure (ii) active sensing and
reactive smart structure.
(b) What are fibre optic sensors? Explain in detail the light propagation in an
optical fibre. What are its advantages?
14. (a) What are the different actuator materials? Explain reactive actuator
based smart structures.
(b) What is an electro rheological phenomenon? Discuss the electro
rheological fluids and fluid actuators.

15. (a) What is an optimized control algorithm? How does it help to perform
the required functions after sensing changes?
(b) Write brief technical note on:
(i) Data acquisition [Marks 8]
(ii) Signal processing [Marks 8]