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Automatic Fire

Extinguishing System
Presented by : Sriram.P
Chittoor Terminal

Automised CO2 fire


Operation of the system in each gantry and

TLD is controlled by a CO2 realease panel.
The solenoid valve which controls the supply
of CO2 to the header with projection
containing dry chemical powder which will
run vertically over the place in TLD shed
where the truck would stand, will be given by
a separate 24VDC battery so that in case of
power supply cut off as ESD operates, also
opening or closing of valve can be done.

Provision is to be given in the panel to keep

the whole system in switch off mode for
maintenance of solenoid valves, there by
using a valve preferably hand operated gate
valve and an nrv (to prevent back
pressurization of header with air) to cut off
the CO2 supply from main header.
Header line would be pressurized by battery
of CO2 cylinder probably up to 50kg/cm2 etc
as the economical cost of the system may
prove worthy.

Detection of fire is done by smoke detectors in

combination with heat detectors.
System will operate provided either of heat
detectors or smoke detectors (photo electric or
ionization type) reaches alarm state.
If 2 of the 3 detectors placed each over a bay
gets activated, an electrical siren and a local
language annunciation is given immediately
for evacuation of TT crew followed by a time
delay of 1 min to operate solenoid valve for
containing of fire in the bay.

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