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Characters of Comedy: A Guide to SitCom Acting & Writing

By Scott Sedita
If you are looking for a breakdown of the formulas of comedy, I recommend this book.
Remember, A) just because you use the archetypes that Sedita identifies, it doesnt
mean your show/character will be hackneyed and B) just because a character is
primarily of these 8 doesnt mean that they dont explore other sides of their
Who are the 8 Characters?
1. The Logical Smart One responsible, stable
2. The Lovable Loser sarcastic, optimistic, needy, impulsive
3. The Neurotic awkward, nervous, controlling, worried
4. The Dumb One friendly, nave, gullible, no ulterior motive
5. The Bitch/Bastard mean, insensitive, insecure, doesnt apologize
6. The Womanizer/Manizer (AKA Slutty Spice) charming, seductive, horny, superficial
7. The Materialistic One judgmental, entitled, spoiled
8. In Their Own Universe (AKA Spacy Spice) odd, eccentric, uses illogical logic
I tried to find these characters in sitcoms that I watched. There is definitely room for
interpretation and, for a long-lasting series, like Friends, characters will probably take
a turn in each of these archetypes.
Post a list for your favorite show or let me know if you disagree with my lists.
Arrested Development
1. The Logical Smart One Michael, George Sr., George Michael (sometimes Maeby)
2. The Lovable Loser George Michael, Tobias
3. The Neurotic Tobias, George Michael
4. The Dumb One Gob, Maeby
5. The Bitch/Bastard Lucille
6. The Womanizer/Manizer Gob/Lindsay
7. The Materialistic One Lindsay
8. In Their Own Universe Buster