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Conservative Climate Change

Action Plan

Dr A Miller

1. Decrease Oil Imports from South America and the

Middle East
2. Close US BASES in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Germany and
3. Increase American Energy Production at home in Clean
Energy Jobs and Clean Coal Technologies.
4. Stop all Foreign Aid to Islamic Countries and use that
money to create American Jobs and help out Americans
in America.
5. Encourage Private sector investment in Clean energy
jobs, green energy and clean coal technology research
and jobs.
6. Cut the Size of the Goverment and Government travel
and official travel by Planes and Automobiles by 50%

Conservative Climate Action Plan

1. :Increase

Drilling for Natural Gas and Oil.

2.Increase American Bio-Diesel Production
3.15% of American Military Bases in
America should be powered by green
4.80,000 Dams in America, with only 3%
powered increase this to 10%
5.No more funding on ISIS airstrikes or
bombing of Islamic terrorists America will
not be involved and the Muslim world can
sort out their own problems we only stay
in the Middle East to protect Israel and
only have a base in Israel and an Aircraft
Carrier in the Med near Israel.

Use of alternate fuels in our Vehicles, Navy

ships, law enforcement vehicles and public
transportation, the goal should be 5 million cars
on bio-diesel by 2018, and all public buses.

Conservation of land and water resources

Reducing deforestation
Lowering subsidies that increase use of fossil
Subsidies to Coal Companies that reduce their
emissions and invest in Clean coal energy and
technology jobs.