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The Crime of the Century?

By Elton Camp
Coward and murderer is the hew and cry
For this heinous act, he deserves to die
Innocent Cecil, this fiend cruelly did slay
For decades, in a foreign prison, may he stay
Do the righteous really understand
Trophy hunting is legal in that land?
Needless killing is repugnant, I agree
But far worse than this we often see
Pitbulls kill humans all along
Some act as this isnt very wrong
Such dogs we mustnt hate
Adopt after we rehabilitate
Regularly, cops kill those unarmed
Yet, far fewer folks get alarmed
Even if charges are made against him
Chance of significant punishment is slim
A leader, multitudes destroyed on a whim
Yet, where was the outcry to punish him?
Rather, what he did was just great
For his moral compass is so straight
The dentist is rightly on the spot
But Crime of the Century, it is not