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Does your company have a Driving Policy?

Is this Policy communicated and recorded against all
professional drivers HR and Training records?
How do you select competent drivers?

How do you assess and risk profile your drivers?

What form of professional and ongoing training to you give

your drivers?

How do you monitor that your drivers are driving safely?

How do you reward you drivers for safe execution and

driving activities?

How often are your buses maintained?

Is there a daily cleaning and inspection schedule carried

out daily and monitored?


How do you audit and evidence all the answers that you
have given to the above questions?

Drivers credentials & qualifications undergo
with Admin. Manager review prior to hire
them. Good length of driving work
experience & having good moral character
is a big factor to hire them.
GS Neotek reserves the right to counter
check the background of drivers including
contacting their reference person &
previous employer as well as the traffic
department for any chance of existing
driving violations.
GS Neotek sends drivers to Driving
Improvement Training (DIP) prior to allow
driving in PRC Project. They have also
given the Drivers Awareness Training for
Intersection Roads & Camp to ensure they
abide in project driving rules.
Safety reminders are always given to
vehicle drivers. Safety officers & other
staffs/workers are encourages to report any
driving violations committed by drivers.
Disciplinary actions including penalty are
being enforced by the company.
Driver with good performance is
appreciated & mentioned in tool box
meetings. He can also have the chance to
be nominated for monthly safety award.
Buses are maintained periodically. Monthly
inspection are being conducted as
preventive maintenance to ensure vehicle is
in good/safe condition
Yes. Daily vehicle inspection checklist is
always filled-up by drivers prior to use/drive
the company vehicle.
Records of trainings, attendance, checklist,
resume and driving qualifications are kept
by both Admin. & HSE Department for