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Alcohol Fact Sheet #1

The law and alcohol

Under 5 years old

• Under 5s may not be given alcohol except on medical orders

Under 14 years old

• You can not go into a bar unless it has a “children’s

• You can go into licensed premises where alcohol is sold, but
not drunk. This can be a shop that sells alcohol, but where it
cannot be drunk
• You can go somewhere where alcohol is drunk, but not sold,
like a pub beer garden

14 or 15 year old

• You can go anywhere in a pub, but not drink alcohol

16 or 17 year old

• You can be bought beer or cider to drink with a meal, but not
in a bar

Under 18

• It is against the law for anyone under the age of 18 to buy

alcohol in a pub, off-license, supermarket or any other outlet
• It is illegal for anyone to buy alcohol in a pub for someone under 18

A policeman can confiscate alcohol from someone under age