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I was seated next to Norwood Teague as part of a

group gathering. He was friendly and appropriate. This is the most time I've ever

spent with him. Previously I have just greeted him with minimal small talk but never
had a conversation.

That evening, we had a dinner planned for the group with drinks ahead of time B
I. He sat near me ^^^^^B and continued to be appropriately friendly. We
sat with a group of people. He asked me about my family, kids, education,
hometown, etc. I asked him a few questions. I learned that he was single and I

thought of someone I used to work with that he might be interested in meeting. I

told him about her, showed him her pic on Facebook and he said he'd like to meet
her. He asked for my cell number, which I gave to him so I could forward her contact
info. I continued to talk with the rest of the group. I did notice that he had two
martinis and a glass of wine before dinner.
During dinner he started to text me. [See attached for complete text exchange.) It

was initially a fun, back and forth teasing which was slightly flirtatious but felt
harmless. Then his texting started to cross the line as he suggested skinny dipping,
another drink with no touching, his attraction to me, etc. At this point, I responded,
"No" and "Stop". He continued to text. I left the room to go to the bar and he followed
and sat down next to me. He asked if I was happily married, if I had ever had an
affair and if I would be open to cheating on my husband. He said that I couldn't deny
the connection between us. I shook my head and looked for others. I motioned for
people to come sit down next to me, which they did and I talked to them. Then

everyone moved ^^^^^B again. I sat down at the table. NT was to my left.
-was to my right. Across from me sat |
I, among others. I heard texts coming in on my phone. He told me to
check them and I said no. He continued to tell me to check my phone but I wouldn't.
He started to pinch my buttocks repeatedly as well as my waist. I tried to ignore him
by turning away from him. He continued saying things to me but I ignored him. I felt

trapped and frozen. At one point, I exchanged glances with^BI an(l wlth I^BB who
both seemed to acknowledge that NT was bothering me. BB stated that he was

going to ^^^^^^^^^B and asked if I wanted him to walk me back. He told me

later .that he noticed I was very uncomfortable and was trying to help. I stood and

left with ^^B and ^^^^^^^^B. I was shaken and went back to

to talk after ^^^^^^^B said good night. When I got there I looked at my phone
and saw the texts he had been sending me ^^^^^^^^B- They were lewd and
disgusting. Shordy_after I looked at them, he tried to face-time me on my phoneJ.

ignored the call. ^^B walked me back ^^BBBBB-1 asked if |

would walk me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B so I wouldn't have to walk alone and he
agreed to do so.

In the morning we were all back in the conference room together for the day's

meetings. I asked to talk with ^B and told her what had happened the night
before. She said she was aware something was going on and that I was very
uncomfortable. People had been assigned to tables and again he was at my table. He
acted like nothing had happened. I was very uncomfortable. When I went up to get
coffee he came up to talk to me. He made small talk. No reference was made to the
previous night.

After the

I was over, I met ^^B and ^^^^B for lunch

told me that NT had sexually harassed her the night before and

she described what happened. I told her what had happened to me. There were

definite similarities.

I was back in the office the next day. That morning he sent me an email inquiring

about some ^^B work we had discussed on the ^^^^^^^^^^^B. I delegated

his request to someone on my staff. She responded to him and copied me.

11:18 PM

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Yesterday 6:50PM



Serious, would

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r too kindred!!!
to stay away

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no mr


Can I clone u?
Sorry if that's

11:19 PM

o AT&T ^

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I will




11:19 PM

o AT&T ^

-f ^ 26% BZJ^



"^ e^t ^-% ^

10:55 AM

ooo AT&T ^.

-I % 95%

. I-' '


One drink with U


, 3i St


oooo AT&T ^

10:56 AM

-f ^ 95%

No, a simple drink


Ur too cute, sorvy

No skinny dip?


;^ 95%

oooo AT&T ^

However I have had

and still have a

U hat me

One semi touch

One tongue touch
n c I it

Flat and mega

tongue on clit

; -f ^ 94% I!-

oooo AT&T ^

rro~iuuuri in ry

tongue touch



Where r u!



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