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; Hazel Park Academy ea Saint Paul S2s2\Pa aca PUBLIC SCHOOLS — 1140 White Bear Avenue Nocth + Suint Paul MN 55106-3098 Hp, Telephone: (651) 293-8920 + Fax; (651) 228.3609 * htep// Coleman J. McDonough, Principal February 24, 2010 Dear Sir or Madam: Gea er or {0 hiahrintermediate students. “She accepted her assignment wih enthusiasm and spent a oveot {deal of time procuring supplemental materials to enhance her instruction giving the given curricular {ext video clips, graphic organizers, poster sets, visual images, intemet scavenger hunts, ard Sees discussions. She did a wonderful job in making these topics relevant to students’ lives to ensure Understanding of the true meaning and nature of the events in this time period. Sho ais taught Level 1 and 2 students units regarding geographical concepts. tn level 1, she taught Freese? skils and vocabulary, such as map scale and time zones. In level 2, she taught or Cherccipinary unit inthe Writng and Geography classes about Asia, using India, Saudi Arabia, and Jovan oe Poumiy, Gate studies. Her assessments were truly engaging, requiring students to write Using the contort oss basis and then editing their dialogues to present a short animated fim. Ms. Ohlert showed a great deal of talent as a teacher and a professional during her placement at Hazel atk Academy and | stronaly recommend her forthe job ofa teacher of Engish Language Leaner ato wcct be a great asset to any school community. Sincerely, f SMULGLIH Dine Sarah L. Schmidt de Carranza ELL Teacher