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August 10, 2015

Jim Kasama, Community Development
Administrator and
Tim Schwehr, Associate Planner
Sherilee Pocino
And the neighbors of Hollis Lane
Subject: 2236 Hollis Lane
Hi Jim and Tim.
I just want it to go on official city record that the neighbors of the
Hollis Lane project believe there are several more building codes
this project violates.
9113.1 indicates the easement shouldnt be included in the lot
depth. Therefore, the front setback requirement should be
started from the near side of the easement, not the far
side.meaning the front setback should be 25 from the near side
of the easement .or 50 from the far side, not the 4711 shown
on the Staff Report.
9113.1 indicates the easement shouldnt be included in the lot
area. 9250.3.12 says the lot coverage percentage shall not
exceed 35%. When the easement is excluded from the lot area,
the lot coverage percentage of 40.2%.
9252.2.2 indicates no structure shall encroach through a plane
projected from an angle of 30 degrees from the front property
line. As you can see from the attached drawing, a good portion of
the home projects through this 30 degree plane. 9113.1
establishes that the front setback starts from the near side of the
easement.9112.32 says that a lot may only have one front lot
line..therefore, the point from which this 30 degree plane is
projected begins at the near side of the easement.25 feet from
where the front of the house should be.
I hope the Planning Department will consider these additional
code violations when they prepare any future reports on this
Thank you for your consideration,