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& Child Development

Course Syllabus
Logan High School Mrs. McKinley

Credit: .5

Required Materials:

-Folder or Binder for every class

-Writing Utensil

Lesson Plan Website:

Course Description:
This course provides students with the knowledge of how parents and child care providers meet the
needs of infants and young children. This course will help students recognize how different lifestyle;
value systems and relationships affect childrens growth and development.

Textbook (provided):
This book will be used as a in class resource only. It may be checked out to complete make-up work
due to a legitimate absence. A non-returned book will result in a $50.00 debt slip sent home.

Grade Distribution:
Your final grade for the course will be reflective of positive participation, cooperation, assignments,
and assessments on a point system.

Classroom Expectations:
1. Be Respectful
2. Be Safe
3. Be Responsible
4. Participate
5. Be Creative

1. Be on time for class

2. You have two weeks from the assigned date to turn in missing work.
Work will not be accepted after that date and grade will result in a 0. It is your responsibility
to check what you missed and turn it in in a timely manner.

3. Cell phones are not to be seen or heard or will be put in my desk.

4. You must bring all papers given throughout the semester to every class session. I will
dock points for leaving papers or not bringing them to class when checked.

5. Enjoy what we do in this class and be proud of your work! This class is supposed to be
educational while also interesting and fun. You will use things you learn in this class for the
rest of you life. I want you to get as much information as possible out of this class and have
fun while doing so.

Failure to follow expectations will negatively impact your grade

Course Outline:
The following are the main topics we will be covering throughout this course
(Not limited to these topics)

Growing with Children

Living in Families

Physical, Cognitive, Social & Emotional,

Development (1-3)

Effective Parenting Skills

Physical, Cognitive, Social & Emotional,

Teen Pregnancy & Parenthood

Development (4-6)

Prenatal & Birth

Health & Safety

Preparing for Birth

Special Challenges for Children

The Babys Arrival

Caring for Children

Physical, Cognitive, Social & Emotional,

Careers in Child Development

Development (1)