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Student Teacher: Angela Walter

School: Sunnybtae Elementary School

Date:March 2015
Period/Time: 40 Minutes
Grade: 3rd
Subject/Topic/Activity: Writing/ Quotation Marks/ Quotable Quotes
1. Standards:
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.3.2.c-Use commas and quotation marks in dialogue.
2. Objectives:
Students will be able to identify the rules for punctuating sentences.
Students will be able to create a quote using a provided image.
Students will be able to properly punctuate a quote.
3. Materials:
Sentence Strips
Construction Paper
4. Procedures:
The students will be introduced to the rules of using quotation marks.
o Optional Video
The students will be asked to tell their classmates what they know about quotations.
Authors use punctuation to tell the reader where the speaking begins and ends.
o Quotation Marks come in twos.
o Put a comma after words such as said and asked.
o Begin the first word inside the quotation marks with a capital letter.
o Put the end mark inside the quotation mark.
The teacher will write a sentence that involves quotation marks. As the sentence is put on
the board, the teacher will model her thinking and explain what she is doing what she is
The class will then work on correcting sentences using quotation marks together.
Once the students display a decent understanding of how to use quotation marks, the
students will start and activity.
Each student will be given an advertisement that has a person.
In their notebooks, the students will write a quote that they think the person in the ad
might say.

o The students must use the rules for quotation marks before they move onto the
o The students will show their sentence to the teacher for approval.
Using a sentence strip, the students will write their sentences.
After cutting out their ad, the students will glue the sentence and the ad to a piece of
construction paper.
When the students complete their project, they will work on a worksheet involving
o The students will add the missing punctuation to the quotes.
5. Assessment:
The closing worksheet will act as an assessment.
By evaluating the worksheet at the conclusion of the lesson, the teacher will be able
to see if the students understood the lesson.