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"UNT fosters a great

team environment that
promotes collaboration and
camaraderie across the

Business Service
Center Update
With the creation of the UNT
System Business Service Center
(BSC), effective June 1, 2011,
certain campus HR services and
programs have been moved to the
UNT System.
As stated in Chancellor
Jacksons Official Notice sent out
on April 29, 2011, the Business
Service Center will initially provide
the following services to all system
member institutions:
Human Resources
Due to the transition of the
above noted list, it is important
that our constituents are aware of
the staffing changes in our HR
A total of 22 staff positions
that were previously part of the
UNT HR department now report
into the UNT System BSC. There
remain 13 staff positions to
support our campus with Staff
Employee Relations services and
programs and Workforce Planning/
Organizational Development.

UNT HR is currently in the

process of restructuring and
realigning the remaining HR staff.
Once staff members are realigned, you will be notified of any
changes in your consulting team
members with all of the appropriate contact information.
As we work through this transition, we ask for your patience and
understanding, as we are committedto keeping your needs at the forefront to ensure they are being met.

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Business Service Center Update.......2
New Employment Website Goes Live.....3
New Hire Orientation............................3
Mediation Program Reminder.............4
Employee Assistance Program.......... 4
Task Payments..........................................5
Annual Enrollment for Benefits........ 5
Training Highlights................................. 5

New Employment Website Goes

Attracting and retaining excellent faculty and staff to
UNT starts with having an employment brand that
accurately portrays what it means to be a part of UNT.
This brand should reflect UNTs culture, values, and
strategic goals.
HR has partnered with URCM to align the UNT
career site with that of the Universitys. The
new site is now live and includes the following features:
A What We Offer page
States UNTs Cultural Mission
Uses key phrases diverse, collaborative,
inspired, and Its Your Journey. Take
Charge of Your Future as a call to action
for applicants to apply.
A Working at UNT page that
Has links to UNT videos and the UNT
Event Calendar
Lists Fast Facts about UNT
Contains quotes from current staff employees
stating what they like about
working at UNT
A North Texas Region page:
For those faculty/staff candidates that are
considering relocating to North Texas from
other areas
The new site can be found at: http://www.

New Hire
8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Marquis Hall Room 118
July 12, 2011
July 26, 2011
August 9, 2011

New benefits & retirement

eligible employees must
meet with HR Services on
their first day of employment
to complete new hire
paperwork & will be
registered for New Hire
Orientaion at that time.

August 23, 2011

Mediation Program

Dont Forget About the Employee Assistance

The Employee Assistance Program
(EAP) is designed to aid employees in
managing daily responsibilities,
life events, work stress or issues
affecting quality of life. Confidential
services are provided at no cost to
employees and their benefit eligible
dependants including assessments,
referrals and short-term problem
resolution. If youre interested in
any of these services or in getting
additional information, call 800-3433822.
In addition to the toll free
number, the EAP has a
comprehensive website: http://
www.alliancewp. com/.
HelpNet is an online database
housing 1500 tip sheets, resources,

interactive tools, prevention

guides and self-assessments geared
towards assisting employees with
various work and personal issues.
To check out this wealth of
information and resources, click
the Members tab and use the
temporary login: UNTmember@ and password:
AWP4me, then you can create
anindividualized account.
You can also visit the
Employee Assistant Program
Toolkit on the HR website for
monthly newsletters focused
on subjects important to
both employees and those in
supervisory roles.

The University offers mediation

as a form of alternative dispute
resolution for the campus
community. We have twenty two
faculty/staff members that are
trained mediators and available
through this program.
Mediation is a voluntary,
confidential, and interactive
process that enables people to
work through issues of importance
that are causing conflict. During
a mediation session an impartial
person, the mediator, facilitates
communication between the
parties to promote reconciliation,
settlement, or understanding. This
is achieved through facilitation of
conversation, helping the parties
involved to prioritize issues.
After utilizing the mediation
program, one participant provided
feedback that he was very hopeful
about the climate of his work
environment due to his colleagues
willingness to participate.
If you feel that you can benefit
from the mediation program or
would like more information,
please contact Jordan Engel, HR
Generalist, at extension 3995.

Task Payments
Your HR Consulting
Team can help
you determine if a
task payment is an
appropriate payment
method. There are
both state and federal
laws that must be
followed when paying
employees, and we are
here to guide you

Training Highlights
through those
Obtaining HRs prior
approval for task
payments will help
prevent issues with
payments and ensure
smooth processing.
Please contact your
HR Consulting Team for

Please refer to the 2011 training catalog to find the dates,

times and a complete listing of training sessions available
to you. Below are a few examples of the courses being
offered for the months of July and August.
Effectively Managing Employees Personal
Issues at Work
Emotional Intelligence
Hiring with PeopleAdmin
Making the Most of Your Benefits
Manager Roundtable - Corrective Action
On-boarding New Employees
Position Classifications
The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
Understanding Retroactive Pay

Annual Enrollment for Benefits

July 11 - August 5
Annual enrollment is your opportunity to make
changes to your insurance coverages. During open
enrollment you can:
Enroll in or make changes to a Dependent Care
and/or Health Care account
Apply for the State Kids Insurance Program.
You must reapply for SKIP each year and
applications must be postmarked by August 1st.

Enroll in/change dental plan

Add/Drop dependents to medical insurance
Apply for term life, disability and long term care
Apply for medical insurance from waived status
For additional information on plan year changes