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DeKalb County Board of Ethics Agenda

Thursday, August 13, 2015

6:30 p.m.
Conference Room A, Clark Harrison Building

Call to Order




Adoption of Agenda


Review and Approve Meeting Minutes from May 14, 2015


Reports Financial Report


Unfinished Business
A. Final hearing Rhea Johnson against Commissioner Stan Watson
B. Preliminary hearings
1. Viola Davis and Joel Edwards against Judy Brownlee
C. Status reports pending matters
1. Rhea Johnson against Burrell Ellis tabled
2. Viola Davis against Kelvin Walton
3. Viola Davis against Nina Hall
4. Thomas M. Owens complaint against Robert Lundsten tabled
5. Rhea Johnson against Commissioner Sharon Barnes-Sutton
6. Viola Davis and Joel Edwards against Commissioner Sharon Barnes-Sutton
7. Robert Lundsten against John A. Ernst, Jr.
8. Rhea Johnson against Vaughan Irons
9. Request for advisory opinion
a. Viola Davis conflict of interest policy
b. Deputy COO Cedric Alexander book and website re Leadership

New Business
A. New complaints to determine jurisdiction
1. Jeff Rader by Barbara M. Lee
2. Kathy Gannon by Barbara M. Lee
3. Nancy Jester by Barbara M. Lee
4. Jeff Rader by John Evans
5. Kathy Gannon by John Evans
6. Nancy Jester by John Evans
7. Debra DeBerry by Stephen Cox
8. Robert James by Beatrice W. Williams