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Southern Company

Facts and Figures

46,000 MW capacity; 303 generating units

Regulated Utilities

Alabama Power
Georgia Power
Gulf Power
Mississippi Power
Southern Nuclear

Competitive Power

Southern Power
Southern Generation


Southern LINC Wireless

Southern Telecom

2012 sources of electric generation

32% coal
47% gas
16% nuclear
5% renewables

Corporate Reputation
Southern Company (NYSE: SO) on Fortune 500 List
Among Fortunes Most Admired Electric and Gas Utility

For the past 13 years, Fortune magazine has listed Southern Company as one of the most
admired U.S. electric utilities based on:

Quality management
Quality products and services
Long-term investment value
Financial soundness
Ability to attract, develop, retain talented people
Responsibility to community and environment

Platts Power Company of the Year 2011

Power Company of the Year 2012

Southern Company
Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Capability
Only US electric power company with in-house
EPC capability (1,600 employees)
Perform all EPC activities for Southerns fossil and
hydro fleet of power plants
Owners engineer for nuclear EPC
Integrated strategy development, technology
selection, EPC execution and operating fleet O&M
Deployed/managed over 72 million construction
man-hours over the last 5 years
Highlights of construction project results since

11,200 MW of NGCC at costs 35% below national average*

3,100 MW of SCR and 3,800 MW of FGD at costs 10% and 18%
below national average** (respectively)

Natural gas combined cycle (NGCC)

Southern Company NGCC Reference Plant Design

MHI 501 G 2X1 900 MW

Standardized Southern reference plant designs

Operating performance metrics lead U.S. industry
* SCR Cost Construction Survey Results 2010 Electric Utility Cost Group (EUCG) survey
**Scrubber Cost Construction Survey Results 2009 Electric Utility Cost Group (EUCG) survey
Industry database: All-in cost in nominal $, F Class 2x1 CCs > 500 MWs or G-class 2x1. Total database of 8500 MWs in AL, FL, LA, MS, SC for 2003COD.

Southern Company R&D

Only U.S. electric power company with internal

R&D organization
Approximately 150 engineers and scientists in
laboratories and facilities dispersed across
operating assets

Active collaboration with other power companies;

domestic and international

Primary goal of research portfolio is to provide

technology options to power operating business



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