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: 6 : £ 3 Proiessional Development | Plan ih nN By: Ayessa Escandar OY, ‘ 5 BY VS VG5 ROO ets Sve Hr) sy Personal Year 1 -Awill est ter sleeping Dattern by going to bed at 11:00 pm and waking up af 6:20 am in order to have more sleep so that I may gain optimal energy that is needed fo that day. = L will establish a better meal prep, by preparing all my meals on Sunday for the whole week, so that T can eat healihier and have meals ready for each day of the week. — Year 5 = Twill marry iriend, who 1 ave been witht now for 7 years, in order (o finally start our journey as husband and wife together. - will purchase my first car, specifically a Jeep Wrangler Tnlimited, because by this time I will need anew and more reliable Vehicle to get myseli from one location to another. Year 3 eacemlac I graduate irom Touro University, ‘and move info an apartment where I will be living by myself in order to ain independence and grow as an adult. = L will purcharse my first pet dog, specifically a bull dog, because I have been wanting a pel for years ‘and | Mink bull dogs make a great pet and companion, ee Year 10 — husband, by having al least 3 children, because I have always Wanted my Kids to have sibilings as they grow up. - [will take care oimy mother physically and financially, so that she I LS WE -Iwil , volunteer work in order to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of occupational therapy. | Twill participate in the student ‘ambaysador program, in order to get ‘involved in the school and gain ne(working experience within the community and the field of ‘occupational therapy. | = Year 5 - [will work ina home health setting where I will help patients improve their health and create modifications within their homes, because that is one of the areas I am also interested in, = L will volunteer in the community by helping those in need who need ‘occupational therapy in order to sive back to the community. Year 3 . vac therapy job, specifically in the older adult field, because it is one of the areas of occupational therapy tat T enjoy. ~ Twill work al a large hospital, located in Orange County or Los Angeles, in order to gain a lot of |) experience and good benefits. a Year 10 + Twill teach tional (herapy Classes af local community colleges, in order for students to Sel a basic understanding of what occupational therapy is and if they would like fo pursue a career in it. - [will look into possible careers of becoming chairman or director of ‘occupational therapy in a local ‘university, in order to inspire students in their future career. A Educational q Year 1 - L will establish a better study habit Year 3 by studying right after school in order fo gef more work done and finish at TE = [wll puelase books and join oe courses fat wil help me study for a) | aes uevemsethewanieat? the National Board of Occupational fie aye aoe Therapy exam in order (o pass the pesaciive oil ats uagiay ca eat Tas) fest the frst time I take it Rol get a grade below aB. + [will continae fo study my occupational therapy textbooks, so that I can contain the knowledge I a learned irom graduate school and use if towards my job. Year 5 ————— = [will continue tay education by Year 10 ‘applying (0 @ doctorate program for ‘occupational therapy so that I may = Lwill attend ual Occupational teach students about the field of ‘Therapy Association of California occucpational therapy. conference, (0 stay updated on the a We Tatest occupational therapy practices - [will accumulate continuing and network with colleagues. educational credits whenever Dossible, in order fo stay current on ~ Twill attend some annual the knowledge of occupational ‘Occupational Therapy Conferences 8 therapy. that are held in different locations in <) the United States, in order to stay 3) SS Globally connected with fellow colleagues and to support the field of occupational therapy. el Recreational/Leisure Year 1 & - [will create more time to spend ‘With my family and friends so that I may improve my occupational balance and relieve some stress. - [will create more time to do outdoor activities, such as hiking when it gets a little cooler, in order to stay active and relieve stress. aaa Year 5 wae ‘husband, so that we can visit many different Astan countries and go siteseeing and gain memorable experiences fiat will enrich our outlook on the world. ~ [will go hiking in Utah where they have beautiful hiking trails, in order to stay active while also vacationing and going siteseeing. Year 3 - [will find more fime fo work out, af least 3 times a week, in order to stay healthy while gaining muscle mass and losing weight. ~ [will take cooking classes at least once a week, so that | could learn different recipes and cooking techniques. ——— Year 10 - | will fake my husband and our kids to Horida, so that we can all have fun and bond when we visit all the Disney theme parks. - L will host annual get togethers with my whole family in order to spend time with them and enjoy their company, while also showing them my catering and party planning skills.