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Visually strong; clever

use of different animals/

human hands to create
tigers fac.

Simple, but effective.

Like how it conveys


Simple, like how symbol

illustrates name.

We dont necessarily want

trees/mountains in our
logo, but this is an interesting execution, including incoroporating the

Clever solution using

wildlife to create the
shape of the African continent.

Again, clever solution

using wildlife to create
the shape of the African
continent. Nice type treatment and colors, too.

We may want to incorporate

differnt landscapes into our
logo and this could serve
as one example. I dont love
the execution or the colors,

Very simple, but nice type

treatment and colors.

Like the execution of

the flag and the silhouette over itmakes for a
strong image.

Like the graphic. Think it

represents the arctic well.

Like the unusual, interesting treatment of the sky.

Strong mountain graphic
and nice use of type.

Strong graphic, like how

the bird is incorporated
into the graphic. Nice
type treatment and use of

Simple, but effective

graphic. Nice type treatment, too.

Interesting graphic.

Like how the tree represents Y and the bird

perched on the type.

Like the different animals

incorporated into the
logo, although dont like
how its so monochromatic. That makes it hard
to see.

Simple, but nice.

Nice graphic.

Like how the graphic illustrates the name.

Nice graphic.

Like the colors.

Nice graphic. Dont like

text treatment or placement, though.