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Trumps Cat and Christys Dog

By Elton Camp
According to what I hear
Like owners, pets will appear
In two cases, it seems true
See how it looks to you
A cats inclined to scratch and bite
It never backs away from a fight
It expects to be catered to
With great respect from you
A fat dog will bark and growl
If opposed, it will begin to howl
Its appetite is its downfall
Sees food and eats it all
At a stop, they had their pets along
A decision that soon proved wrong
While side-by-side the animals sat
They suddenly got into a bad spat
Trumps cat began to angrily hiss
Christys dog the fight wouldnt miss
It caused their owners to angrily frown
Soon, only pieces of the pets were found
Though attention the pets enjoyed
Each, the other, utterly destroyed