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Florence Angelica C. Adviento

AB Management Economics

Florence or Flo is very dependable. She’s always ready

to lend a hand despite her hectic schedule. A bonafide
confidante and a good listener, she never runs out of
exciting stories to share. This girl knows how to paint a
smile in a long face. A very loyal and sensitive friend, she
has proven to a lot that a seemingly quiet person can have
a funny, boisterous, and infectious laugh. She is a warm-
hearted and thoughtful person who never forgets the
birthdays of her friends. She may be quiet and may look
harmless in class but, lo and behold, she gets the highest of
grades. A certified tough woman—that’s Florence!

Clarisse Mabel C. Africa

AB Management Economics

Contrary to her last name, Clars doesn’t look wild at all

even though she has the biggest eyes that blink 5 times
per second. She’s pretty reserved and seems quiet most
of the time—always patient, always careful with her words
and actions, as if she’s crossing a minefield. When you
get to know her, you’ll see her crazy side. Pick a joke—any
joke—and you can be sure she’ll crack up. It’s endearing how
Clars fills the room with her laughter. She could strike up a
spontaneous, loud, and endless conversation with anyone.
Clars is a small girl with a big forehe...heart. She is loved
by every soul she touches. With her, the world suddenly
feels safer and filled with so much love. It’s a wonder
how a small and quiet little girl like Clars can do all this—to
fill hearts with the courage to battle the monsters in our
heads. She makes us believe we can do anything.

Jan Paolo A. Alarilla

AB Management Economics

College has made many of us experience the many

characteristics and personalities that wonderfully
make Pao who he is. Pao is a beach bum, an old man, a
philosopher, a British accent, a young boy, a collection
of guffaw-inducing stories, a formally-delivered oral
presentation, a bright Sunday morning, a reggae song, a
gym instructor, a saxophone, a sentimental man, a loving
and devoted brother, an obedient son, and an aficionado
of all things beautiful. Yes, having Pao around has made
college quite an interesting ride for those who’ve come to
know him. We’ve all seen him grow and we’ve all grown
because of him. Sometimes, wonderful people come into
our lives, and we remain changed forever. Very rarely do
we find people whom we feel comfortable with from the
moment we meet them. Very rarely do we find people
who can make us laugh till we cry. Very rarely do we find
friends we know we will keep forever. Here’s to you Pao!

Dio Angelo C. Alojado

AB Management Economics

I never thought I’d be lucky enough to experience that

elusive thing called friendship. With this unique and gifted
person who shares a passion for life, his friendship touched
my life so much that I am never the same person. A very
well-rounded person, he is able to balance his priorities.
Being a student, the youth head of a parish, an active org
member, a businessman, a loving boyfriend, and a good
friend all at the same time, he knows when to have fun
and when to work on his responsibilities. With his deep-
seated sense of adventure, he loves challenges and thrives
with competition. A talented cook, he experiments with
food that always turn out good! A gifted follower and an
experienced leader, he can easily be the next president.
A gentleman to the core, he is both gallant and generous.
He is a true and honest friend who listens and comforts.
Whatever people say about him, Dio is a true person who
knows what he wants and how to get it.

Leo Angelo Miguel R. Añonuevo

AB Management Economics

A notice to the public:

I, Leo Añonuevo, intend to be great. But before I can
succeed, I must first taste defeat. But before I fail, I know
I would have done my best. But beyond expending all my
efforts, I’d know I never gave up.

I am a graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University. But

before I became an alumnus, I labored as a student. Before
I became a student, I was a respectful classmate. Before
being a classmate I was a loyal friend. Before a friend, I
was an [o]boy. But beyond the far reaches of being a mere
“[o]boy,” I became their brother.

I am free and have the choice to do whatever I want. But

before I can live my own desires, I was first a kuya. Before
I became a kuya, I was a son. Before I became their child,
I was a burden. But beyond the bounds of loins and blood
and of sweat and tears I was first, loved.

I am who I am right now not because of this future but

because of my past. Have me read this in the event that I
lose my way.

Katherine Angela P. Apostol

AB Management Economics

Kay. A word that evokes a myriad of meanings. Some

people might say that Kay is a bright and upbeat girl who
always has some new chika. Some may say that she’s the
girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. Some might know
her as jologs. But she is all that and then some! She has
few but very close friends whom she holds dear. This is
because it matters more to her to have lifelong friendships.
She is also very determined especially when inspired!
A professional and efficient worker (no social loafers
please!), she wastes no time in getting the job done. Gifted
with talents such as singing in the shower and air-guitar
dancing, she is practically made for showbiz! Seriously
though, Kay is a natural-born writer (just go to her blog!).
She is able to articulate herself well whether in class or
even in an ordinary conversation. An eloquent speaker
indeed! But what is most striking about her is that she is
a person of substance. She has a kind soul coupled with
beauty and brains to boot. Right, Lindsay?

Maria Theresa Belinda G. Aquino

AB Management Economics

Therinne. A unique name, for a unique person. This girl has

it all—beauty, brains, body, and personality. It’s no wonder
why everyone wants to know her and be with her. Despite
all these, she remains to be the epitome of humility and
simplicity. With her better-than-average grades and never-
ending activities, it’s amazing how she still manages to go
out every weekend without fail. Don’t be deceived by her
mataray look. She’s very approachable and you can really
be yourself when you’re with her. She has this distinct and
contagious laugh that could be heard a mile away. Her
sudden spells of hyperactivity will leave you breathless.
She immediately captivates you with her silly antics, as
well as her deep insights on life. Everyone loves to tease
her, but that’s just because everyone loves her and she is
never pikon. There are just some things you never forget.
Therinne is one of them.

Juan Antonio E. Arcilla

AB Management Economics

Save yourself the embarrassment of answering this guy’s

questions because there is a great chance he’s just talking to
himself. Anton must be contradiction incarnate. To give you
an idea: he’s an introvert who cannot resist being hostile. His
samurai-japanese features along with his colorfully blinding
tees make him all the more an oddity. He complains a lot,
yes, but ends up doing the things he complains about
anyway. Flattery aside, there’s more wit and sensitivity
to him than meets the eye. A very driven individual, but
finds himself lost sometimes. He loves spending time with
his family. As a friend, he’s your wake-up call but also the
comforting “good night”. A strong believer in the bicycle.
A good listener. A deep and passionate person. A source
of a much-needed laughing spree. In between, he is the
seemingly obnoxious guy waiting for that opportunity to
show he cares. Oh, and when you meet him, say “hello!”
twice for Anton 1 and Anton 2. There are two of him you
see. Not crazy, just eccentric.

Ma. Criselda Johanna L. Bagtas

AB Management Economics

Did you know that:

1. Beneath the aloof and “ice maiden” exterior, Crissa is as
humorous and as deadpan as Woody Allen?
2. She turned semi-vegetarian after the loss of her beloved
pet chicken, Kokak?
3. She grew up listening to Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius,
Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, Bill Evans, and all the jazz
4. She holds counseling and values formation seminars to
her dachshunds namely: Latrell, Latifa, Kimi, and Jamal?
5. Half of her brain functions during the day but all the
literary juices flow freely at night?
6. Ninoy Aquino gets demonetized first before it comes out
of her wallet?
7. Beneath the model-like, lithe, and leggy structure, there
lies a voracious eater?

Jennah Wendell E. Bautista

AB Management Economics

While every other kid was playing with their GI Joes

or Barbie dolls, Jennah was outside sitting on the curb,
contemplating what she’ll be twenty or thirty years into
the future. She was just that kind of girl, ever so dreamy, a
characteristic she has never lost through the years. She has
plans of continuing her studies abroad and working in the
corporate world—all plans that I am one hundred percent
sure will push through. She’s never the type to not follow
through with anything she says.

Jennah seems to be the only exception to the “no pets,

no affection” rule. Although she absolutely despises cats
and dogs and the only real pet she ever considered having
is an ugly duckling that eventually grew up to be a less
ugly duck. Insensitive is an adjective that she will never
personify. She’s very loving and will absolutely worry
about you and check up on you every hour just to see that
you’re safe. And yes, that’s definitely a good thing.

Mendel Graham A. Bernardino

AB Management Economics

Mendel is endowed with a selflessness that truly befits the

moniker of being a man for others. Coming from a rival
school, it is a lesson to us other Ateneans that Mendel has
earned our school’s motto down to its bare essentials. He
will go out of his way for those he cares about as long as
it is humanly possible. It can actually bring a tear to a red
blooded male’s eyes: the way he can reach out to touch
your life just by being there; just by being himself; just by
opening his heart to you. That’s Mendel for you, a man who
won’t openly tell you (maybe not in English though); but
he really does love you for being his friend and will repay
you just for that by also being the best person he can be
for you. Add into the mix, a humor befit of Jimmy Santos,
looks of Tom Welling and a body of Brad Pitt and you got
the quintessential, responsible, fun-loving male icon. He
incorporates the values typical of an ideal Atenean.

Maria Paula O. Braganza

AB Management Economics

Ia is a bear. Sure, she may look cute and cuddly but she
is ferocious! She will deceive you by posing in a very
endearing manner but once you get close to her, out comes
her sharp claws and teeth!

As a bear, she is also very sweet and generous. Her pointed

teeth transform into a fascinating smile that makes her win
lots of friends. Her laugh and growl, however, is hard to
distinguish. After all, what can you expect from a bear?

As you can see, this kind of bear is very rare. She is both
a lover and a fighter. She has lots of friends who go with
her through thick and thin and a family that supports her
through everything. This bear is also short-tempered. Try
not to get her angry with you or she’ll rip you in pieces.

Ia is a wonderful, well-rounded bear. She is the best bear

there is because she knows where to get the best honey
among millions and millions of hives.

Jethro E. Bugayon
AB Management Economics

I always strive to do my best if not to be the best. Indeed,

the academe taught me about marketing, statistics, how
to manage a business, how the economy goes and a whole
lot more but if there’s one most imperative thing I picked
up along the way in the last four years, it would be holistic
maturity. I learned to listen and understand, to see and
look beyond, to feel and reach out. I got to ponder on the
difference between being human and being humane. It
was all about comprehension and reaction. I realized that
those I deemed indispensable were actually superficial and
vice versa. I believe there’s a time and place for everything.
Mine is here and now. It’s all about balance now. I know my
dreams. I have set my goals. With my aspirations backed
up with the proper inspirations and relationships, I am more
than geared up to take on the bigger life. As the cliché goes,
live life to the fullest, but to me, that’s tantamount to living
for Christ. He’s my source of everything. Because of Him,
I am who I am.

Eunice Joy S. Bustos

AB Management Economics

You can call Eunice an all-around chick who has

everything—great personality, good friends, loving family,
and the list goes on. I bet she knows this but what’s good
about her is that she never lets these superficialities get
into her head.

If there’s a jack of all trades, then she could be the jill!! Ask
her something and surely she has a ready answer. This
one’s a tough troubleshooter, she has ready solutions for
whatever problems. 

She is a friend you can count on at all times. It may sound

cliché, but that’s just how it is. You can go on with your
ranting and expect that she’s listening without biases. She
is a giver who doesn’t expect anything in return. That’s
what she is to her acquaintances, friends and most of all,
family. She is one person who is too good and too nice.
She rarely, rarely gets mad. Eunice is just the sweetest,
funniest, and best buddy you could ever have!

Lisette Sophia V. Castillo

AB Management Economics

Pitet has prudently embraced the tenacity of college life.

Thanks to the university’s fresh influences, her formerly
well-structured and impervious contingencies to life
are now painted with delicate hues of nonchalance and
spirit. For this reason, she has learned to take pleasure
in “matters-of-not-much-consequence”: from munching
Sugarhouse’s chocolate truffles, to delusions on being
a goddess, to fantasies of Jerry Yan, to lazily drooling
over her beloved Korean and Chinese telenovelas. These
idiosyncrasies aside, her greatest triumph so far cannot be
measured by the numerous recognitions she has won, but
on what she intrinsically possesses—the patience of The
Alchemist’s desert woman, Fatima; the impossible curiosity
and charm of Curious George; the adorable tacit manners
of Pooh; and perhaps most remarkable is that when she
finds something or someone worth cherishing, her care
for it will be as perennial as the sun, as enchanting as the
moon, as boundless as the sky.

Crizelle L. Chan
AB Management Economic

Accomplished. Acrimonious. Amazing. Bespectacled.

Blessed. Blogger. Bratty. Combative. Content. Crammer.
CSI obsessed. Daring. Deft. Detail-oriented. Disorganized.
Efficient. Effortlessly unique. Engaging. Enigma. Fallible.
Fiery. Filipino-Chinese. Finicky. Generous. Gifted. Grumbler.
Harry Potter fan. Homebody. Impertinent. Impish.
Incurable romantic. Intricate. Jaundiced. Judgemental.
Keen. Kindhearted. Lethargic. Listless. Living contradiction.
Lovable. Magical. Marapets member. Masked. Mataray.
Moody. Noble. Oblivious. Offbeat. Pessimistic. Picky eater.
Plainspoken. Puzzling. Quiet. Quirky. Quixotic. Reality
show addict. RegCom member. Resolute. Ruminative. Self-
assured. Snarky. Snippy. Solitary. Spiritual. Sweet. Taciturn.
Tenacious. Thoughtful. Trigger-happy photographer.
Unpredictable. Unrestrained. Unstoppable. Valiant.
Vengeful. Venturous. Vivacious. Wicked sense of humor.
Winsome. Witty. Worrywart. Xanthous. Xerophilous.
Yearning. Zany. Crizelle.

Hannah Razel C. Chan

AB Management Economics

Common sense is the most fairly distributed thing in the

world, for each one thinks he is so well-endowed with
it that even those who are hardest to satisfy in all other
matters are not in the habit of desiring more of it than they
already have.
– Rene Descartes

Jeff Kendrick T. Chua

AB Management Economics

It starts out as a blur from the distance. All you can hear
is a loud vrooom as you see the plate WMU 624 disappear
around the corner. That’s Jeff the racer, driving to school.
He parks his car at the far end of the east car park, waits
a minute for his turbo to cool down, then heads for class.
Once he enters his class, he becomes Jeff the student, who,
like other Ateneans, has to worry about deadlines, exams,
and the hustle and bustle of everyday school life. As the
day ends, he grabs a couple of drinks with his buddies,
catching up, telling jokes, and sharing laughs. Here, we see
Jeff the friend, always reliable, always there. At the end of
the day, as Jeff retires back to his room, he becomes the
person anyone hardly sees. Jeff becomes the thinker, the
dreamer, and the doer. While Jeff’s day may have already
ended, he knows deep inside that his life has just begun.
Jeff never rests with mediocrity still in sight. He has a
drive and a passion and this is what pushes him towards
excellence, pushes him to succeed.

Kristine J. Chuacokiong
AB Management Economics

From the first occasion of our friendship— Tin had saved

me a seat during ORSEM—I knew, with gut certainty, that I
was in the company of quite possibly the nicest, genuinely
sweetest girl in our batch. Nothing so far has dissuaded
me to think otherwise. For near-total strangers, she made
me feel less apprehensive towards the whole ordeal
of freshmanhood and more welcome and responsive
to the idea of going to school everyday for class, for at
the very least, I had someone like her around. Tin has a
certain charm to her that gains the respect and adoration
of everybody and the disdain of none. Despite this, Tin
deserves everything accorded to her, because she works
so hard at the expense of no one other than herself, but
more importantly, at the level of her soul is a goodness
that cannot go unnoticed. If my first impression of her is
any indication, I am thankful for having known Tin, and our
every encounter since then only reinforces this.
—Trisha Sarmenta

Walter Ryan A. Contreras

AB Management Economics

At first, Ryan seems like the typical, laidback guy who

will never miss a get-together with his friends. He has an
infectious grin and a positive personality that never fail to
cheer up anyone. He has a light-hearted nature that makes
him a very good friend. He has a gift in making others feel
comfortable in his presence. No wonder many seek his
company and friendship. Beyond these traits, Ryan can
impress people with his strong sense of responsibility.
People approach him for all sorts of favors and he does
his best to accommodate all of them. He rarely likes being
the center of attention, but when the moment of reckoning
arrives, he surely delivers. He takes his work seriously, but
at the same time makes it a point to make the experience
more enjoyable for those he works with. He doesn’t like
to engage in debates, but he can stop you in the middle
of your monologue and make you go “Oo nga noh.” Ryan
seldom likes being in the spotlight, but he has earned a
special spot on the stage of everyone’s hearts.

Miguel Carlo F. Crespo

AB Management Economics

Miko’s greatest tragedy is that he thinks he resembles Jude

Law when actually he looks less than a malnourished and
anemic version of the said actor. Ironically and thankfully
though, this sickly, pale-skinned boy doesn’t exhibit the
frailty his physique implies. He usually greets people with
a grin and joshes them with his lanky body jerking in jest.
And as if to rub in his teases and jokes, he follows them up
with an evil snicker. But mind you, no matter how devilish
he seems, he nurtures an honest heart. He says whatever’s
on his mind, holding back any cowardly pretensions. He
tells things as they are, without perverting any words
or situations. And because of this, he is worth listening
to. Though he would come across as impish at times, he
nestles a patient heart. Besides waiting for Marge, his twin,
until 9pm, he is a dependable companion: always ready
for a little booze and a few puffs, always ready to listen
and always ready to help out. His good nature and tender
demeanor definitely makes Miko a keeper.

Joseph Peter L. Crisol

AB Management Economics

Spell #105: How to be an iron-chomping muscleman

(Be a JP Crisol)

Make your pecs dance and think that it’s cool. Always be
angry. Have swimming pool issues. Be a clumsy, blundering
jock, “Miss, isang BK. ‘Yun o, ‘yung Burger King,” and trip
over yourself in all your flat-footed glory, but by no means
be just any Johnny Bravo. Be a nerd—be readily responsible;
rarely, if not never, want to cut or come to class late; always
have Thursday’s assignment finished by Monday; mutter
things to yourself; trade a night out with friends for a date
with your newest video game acquisition; tend to your
mongo plants like they were ornamental. Head straight to
the gym after class. Envision yourself: “I am Superman; I
am the Hulk; I am a big brick wall.” Listen to “Eye of the
Tiger” while doing your cardio workout. Break out into
an arm-pumping (bicep-popping) dance with graceless
propensity. Last of all, always have a barbell with your
morning cup of coffee.

Hanne Louise Q. Crisostomo

AB Management Economics

Sweet, smart, beautiful, and gifted with the propensity

to make like a bull when driving behind a braking vehicle,
Louise certainly knows how to spice up a dull day.

But this chica has so much more than her driving skills
going for her. Though not an expert with computers nor
camera timers, she has absolutely no problems in bringing
out the best in people. She is a daughter that would make
any parent proud, an exemplary student, and a one-of-
a-kind friend. Her genuinely pleasant demeanor and
naturally cheerful aura have rightfully earned her a place
in the hearts of many. Her friends know that they are truly
special just because they have her in their lives.

She is extraordinary, beautiful, and truly God-sent.

Nevertheless, you might want to think twice when she
offers you a ride.

Ryan Christopher M. Cruz

AB Management Economics

Spontaneous. Versatile. Creative. With Ryan, every

new day is full of fun, wonderful surprises. He is a jack-
in-a-box of wacky antics and corny jokes that can drive
anyone crying with laughter. He bursts of ideas that are
sometimes weird, usually meaningful, but mostly unique
and out-of-this world. Gifted with a charming smile backed
with comedic gesture, Ryan can make you laugh like you
never did before. He is also a great dreamer as well. Ryan
dreams big but moves in small steps. He has this uncanny
knack of combining illusions and reality to cope remarkably
well with the demands of everyday living. Yet behind this
easygoing facade lies a dynamic and dignified man who
possesses a thirst for happiness and success. This young
fellow is dedicated to his vision of the future. A true friend
who will definitely go out of his way even if it means
jumping leaps and bounds to be there. His aspirations in
life serve to fascinate and inspire others with dreams that
can be achieved, of course, with a big laugh and a little grin
on the face.

Adrian P. Dabao
AB Management Economics

“Adrian is a man of passion. He follows his heart in all actions

with courage and style. He believes in the spontaneity of
the choices we make in life.”—Jeb Victorino
“Adrian is of the alcohol-soaked reverie, of the towel-
grinding madness, of 915, of 1501, of Tahanan Village, and
of the late-night-meditation-while-everyone-sleeps. He
can be silly most of the time, yet prone to unexpected
profundities.”—Jonathan Joson
“Aid is just Aid. He is unique. He’s one of a kind. There are
no other words to describe this guy.”—Denise Karunungan
“Adrian or Aid is the “ball” guy in our barkada. He’s good
in all types of games using balls, especially basketball and
billiards. Aid is the type who will stay up late waiting for
you and helping you finish your papers. He will go out of
his way just to accompany you to the ends of the earth.
Just say it and Adrian will do whatever it takes and be
there for you. That’s Aid.”—Beau Salazar

Emmanuel G. Dela Cruz

AB Management Economics

Sa wakas!
Salamat kay Lord. Alay ko sa Kanya ang aking buhay.
Para kay Ma at Pa, hindi sapat ang pasasalamat.
Masusuklian ko rin ang pagpapasensiya at pagmamahal
ninyo sa akin balang araw.
Sa mga kaibigan, kalaro at kainuman…tuloy lang ang
Sa mga taong nagmahal, minahal, patuloy na nagmamahal
at minamahal, salamat. Kasa-kasama ko kayo hanggang
sa aking pagtulog. Kita-kita na lang tayo sa panaginip.
Mabuti na lang, may teatro at may musika! Salamat din
at naimbento ang radyo at gitara, mga kasama sa aking
Mabuti na lang at hindi nauubos ang umaga, puwede pang
mangarap at magpatawa!
Simula pa lang ng lahat.

Anna Rica Lourdes S. Donato

AB Management Economics

Rica. Outgoing yet reserved. Naughty yet nice. She keeps

her friends close despite distances. With a great heart, she
never fails to put a smile on your face. A good daughter and
a good friend, she is neither a pansy nor a prissy. Down to
earth and gossipy, she is set apart from the “good friends”
division as being one of the best friends you could ever
have. A typical day with Rica is full of laughter and story-
telling. A day will not pass without the two of you laughing
at something or sharing about life experiences. If you’re
bored in school, especially in classes, she is the girl you
need to be with. If you love to eat, she’s a great partner,
though it’s not obvious with her petite built. She is the type
who dillydallies at times. Still, she makes sure that she
accomplishes her work or assignment. She waits for the
momentum to come to her. Rica is someone you can easily
get along with and talk to about anything and everything.
She is one true friend who will always be there for you,
may it be a rainy or a sunny day in your life.

Gene Jasmine C. Dy
AB Management Economics

I dedicate this to my parents, who have never failed to

support, encourage and believe in me. Thank you for

“The thing about expectations is they’re supposed to drive

you to do more with your life, not stop you from living it.”

—Chloe Sullivan, Smallville


Vitus Voltaire Y. Dysangco

AB Management Economics

Det is one hell of a character. He spends every waking

moment in the basketball court and chugs gallons of
alcohol everyday. He delights in annoying his opponents
with his mindless chatter whenever he’s playing and
enjoys drenching everyone with his tsunami-like splashes
whenever he’s out swimming. He never fails to crack people
up with his uncanny impressions and colorful insults. With
his build and demeanor, people who don’t know him
may think he’s some thug but in reality, he’s actually a
sweetheart. This guy belongs to the almost extinct breed
of men who still treat women with respect. He’s a super
thoughtful son and brother and an incredible boyfriend.

In any case, whether he’s being sarcastic, funny and

hyperactive or sweet, sensitive and thoughtful, Det always
keeps things real. He’s very comfortable with himself,
never trying to be someone that he isn’t. This sincerity
and genuineness—more than any of his other traits—is what
makes him such a great guy to be around.

Jose Melchor O. Enriquez II

AB Management Economics

Jom Enriquez, the epitome of passion. From schoolwork &

sports to family & friends, there is nothing this guy does
without giving it all he’s got. The people of Block T regard
him as their eternal eating and drinking buddy. Jom is a
confidant & security blanket to those he loves. His sensitivity
and experience allow him to give such levelheaded advice
to any of his friends and siblings. Many say that it’s not what
a person does that defines him but how he picks himself up
after each and every hard fall. Jom is the quintessential
example of this. He always bounces back and faces each
dilemma head on. His seemingly happy-go-lucky attitude
and genuine concern for people make it hard not to be won
over by his all-around likeability. Best of all, he’s a family
man who has all the time in the world for his parents, from
dates with his mom to golf with his dad. Jom basically has
all it takes to make anyone proud. A great person to know
with all the traits you will forever admire and never forget.

Jaimeangelo P. Ferrer
AB Management Economics

Jaime is a diamond in the rough. Rough because he’s so

much more than how people see him. Rough, because in
a world where everyone is disillusioned, he sticks to his
principles. The world sucks, and we all live with it. Jaime
chooses to do it differently. A diamond because from the
day you meet him, he will be the exact same person to
you years later. Just as candid, just as sincere. This doesn’t
mean he doesn’t grow, because he does. He’s a diamond
because he sees the world through child’s eyes, the way it
was intended to be. There have been memories pleasant
and tear-jerking, but Jaime’s been smiling through it all.
His influence of stubborn idealism, albeit unprofitable at
first because of the rough world we live in, only serves to
inspire the people around him that there’s indeed something
better we can all hope to be. One day you’ll shine above
the rough, Jaims. We’ll all be there to look up and be happy
for you, because we believed in you all along, just as you
always believed in everybody else.

Kristine M. Flores
AB Management Economics

Kitin, “The Bomb.” That’s how she wants to be called, but

when you come to think of it, she really is indeed in every

This girl has an amazing drive to excel in her studies and

everything she puts her heart into. A real leader and achiever,
Kitin is sure to reach places and make her every goal into a

Her friends will surely remember her for her exploding, yet
very endearing kakulitan. She always has a crazy blooper to
share that leaves everyone laughing. A jolly person by nature,
she always sees the good and beautiful in every situation.

Above all, Kitin is undoubtedly one of the best people you will
ever get to meet. She has a genuine concern for everyone
around her and would run the extra mile to ensure your
happiness. Friends simply can’t resist but love her. As such, she
truly brightens up the life of everyone around her.

Melissa Sue A. Floro

AB Management Economics

Misty likes books by Nick and Neil, Shakira’s belly, tea

lattes, homemade puttanesca, “ugly” clothes, eyeliner, and
baby polar bears. She likes playing Scrabble and answering
crossword puzzles during her free time. Still, she likes
many other things. Although she is not particularly fond of
talking about herself in the third person, she would rather
experience the world and meet new people to find more
things to like.

Dean V. Fonacier
AB Management Economics

This is Dean, a super likeable guy and a great friend. The

epitome of a true gentleman, his kind heart and happy
disposition is available to everyone, not just for the ladies.
On that note, Dean is the kind of guy girls love—he respects
them, appreciates what they have to say, quickly offers his
bag-and-books carrying service, lends his ear to listen to
their woes, and always gives his two cents worth with such
ease and sincerity. He is always a ‘friend on call’ because he
would go out of his way to be there for a friend. He values
his relationships more than anything that is why he is loved
and treasured by his friends in return. His open mind and
curiosity about the world coupled with twinkling eyes and
bedazzling smile make Dean a truly charming guy.

Minnie L. Fong
AB Management Economics

By morning, she is an unassuming Atenean, sleepy-eyed

& yawning. By mid-afternoon, however, her superpowers
start to reveal themselves, reaching fever pitch by 10
p.m. So what exactly can we expect from a girl whose
namesake is a mouse?

Extraordinary compassion (& determination), for one.

While the default reaction to any calamitous event is to
squirm uncomfortably, Minnie makes sure that something
gets done whether it be packing relief goods or creating a
Million Miracles for tsunami victims.

And what about genuine concern? She’ll listen to you rant

& rave. Can’t find your third & fourth hands? She has two
that are ready to help. Panic attack? She’s there. Food trip?
She’s definitely there.

Every hero has a signature superpower. Spiderman: web-

slinging. Sue Storm: transparency. Minnie? Two words:
Master Crammer. Her best gift, however, is how she makes
us realize that we should take off our rose-colored glasses
and start planting roses instead.

Ma. Fides Concepcion M. Ganzon

AB Management Economics

Whoever said that big things come in small packages must

have had her in mind. Her amusingly complex character
involves an inherent distaste for condiments, a passion for
dancing, an obsession with the beach, a heart for Japan,
and a dream of a world where all men are ultimately free.
She’s a concoction of systematic routines and artistic
ideas. Despite her eventful lifestyle, she manages to set
her priorities straight while slowly but surely acquiring a
sense of purpose and social consciousness that may just
lead her to understand why she has been endowed with
such giftedness. She believes that this is not just for her
own self-fulfillment but for everyone around her—a circle
that keeps growing and growing. She’s the friend who will
believe in all the best about you, constantly reminding you
of what you can achieve. She’s Fides, the faith that keeps
you strong, pushes you the extra mile, and knocks some
sense in you whenever it’s necessary. With her by your
side, you can’t help but have faith that the best is yet to

Karina Rachel M. Garcia

AB Management Economics

Confidence does not mean showing off, or blurting

everything out in the open. It is by no means arrogance.
Rather, it is expressing the self with substance and style.
Confidence is what Karylle exudes. Fascinating you with her
modish composure coupled with the skills and intelligence
acquired from Meco, she is inevitably molded for success.
She is literally a model student, leading and organizing
group presentations on one hand, and showcasing her
wares in parties on the other. She established a fondness for
chic items, thus exemplifying openness and appreciation to
the global culture that mirrors her fashion sense. Karylle’s
openness further extends to her relationships with friends
and family as she is easy to get along with and amusing to
talk to. She can deliberately and unintentionally brighten
your day with her offbeat remarks and childlike gestures.
The quick passing of the years witnessed Karylle blossom
into a confident young lady, exuding with flair, wit and

Kathryn T. Genson
AB Management Economics

“K” in mathematical science has many meanings and

can be placed in many places. It can be a constant or a
variable. It can act as the numerator, denominator or as an

A “Kaye” in the observable science is not a mere quantified,

finite, entity. Her smile resonates that your sadness
rectifies. You cannot place Kaye anywhere but beside you.
You can ‘borrow’ something from her even without a ‘carry’.
The term Kaye can be commutative and associative—that’s
her identity. If you integrate a Kaye partially with respect
to being her friend, it is not instantaneous, but derived.

Emmanuel Michael B. Gimarino

AB Management Economics

A corny joke and a listening ear. Crazy dance moves and

an infinite supply of wisdom and advice. Witty comebacks
and dynamic conversations about life. These unlikely
combinations come in the unique package that is Mickee
Gimarino. Mickee, or Mickee G. as he is more commonly
called by his countless friends. He exudes a charm so
to talk to him comes. His generous heart gives him the
capability to relate to anyone and make any person feel
important and comfortable at once. He eases burdensome
concerns of his friends with his comforting words and light
humor. Serious yet enthusiastic about everything he cares
about, Mickee finds the balance that is needed in enjoying
life and accomplishing every goal. A friend to his very last
breath, Mickee is an angel sent to inspire and effortlessly
touch every person who encounters him to the very depths
of the soul.

Lauren Niña A. Go
AB Management Economics

Endless laugh. Loud whispers. Hump-less roads. Gallons of

water. Bottomless food. Sappy songs. Movie trips. Videoke
vigils. A hardworking and bright nerd. A crazy drunk. These
are just some of the things that make Lauren the colorful
and animated person that she is. These are the things that
have endeared her to a lot of people. These are the things
that make her a genuine and real person. In this world
where finding joy in the simplest things and being happy
about life have become so difficult, Lauren is a true rarity.
She always sees that beyond the frowns, the sighs, and the
tears are smiles and laughs that will make our struggles
more bearable.

Lauren is a great friend, a loving daughter, and a beautiful

person. With the many achievements she will surely
be attaining, and her enthusiasm about life, it will be no
surprise if Lauren becomes the happiest person on earth.
She truly deserves to be one.

Marianne C. Guiang
AB Management Economics

Who would have thought that the once shy & quiet girl
will soon shine her own light? Mars has managed to keep
herself on track—high grades & the company of friends. She
is willing to help solve problems whether it is about family,
love, or school (esp. math problems). She shares her talents
to those who need them. Give her any accounting or eco
problems & she’ll have the answers. Simply amazing!
But amidst all these, she keeps a child’s heart delighting
over shallow joys that paints a smile on her face. She’s a
constant tong-its & pusoy dos buddy. She sings whatever’s
on her mind & gives new lyrics to songs. Most of all, Mars is
someone who would stick it out with a friend through good
& bad times—ask Bessie, her lifelong friend. She laughs &
cries with you & does not care if you don’t conform to the
majority. Who cares? As long as we’re happy! She surely
has a way with people; she has covered both ends of the
spectrum with the people she’s befriended—from the cono
type to the jologs (dats us! fab5+max)

Gillian Verna Ricci L. Herrera

AB Management Economics

She is not what she seems. Shy yet noisy. Reserved yet
outgoing. Once you see this girl, you think that she’s all
serious and smart but she’s one of the craziest and “sabog”
person that you’ll ever meet. When you’re with her, it’s
like transporting back in time and being a kid again. She’s
a great person to be with when you’re stuck in traffic
because you’ll never get bored or hungry. Moments with
her are all fun and wacky. She always has food in her bag
or car. The best gift to give her is a megaphone that can
be attached to her car so that when she shouts or says
something to the people crossing or driving, she shall be
heard. She shouts out all types of animals when she gets
shocked. Apparently, there is such a thing as a “butiking
baboy”. For her, everyone’s name is “baboy”.

She’s a great friend to have because she always sticks by

your side no matter what happens. Also, she can easily be
your best friend after a few minutes you met her. She’s a
good daughter and a friend for life.

Carmela Ysabelle P. Javellana

AB Management Economics

This woman’s pretty face does not only draw attention

from the opposite sex, but from other women as well.
She may seem aloof at first, but once she flashes that
welcoming smile, people just can’t resist the sudden desire
to befriend her.

There are two movie characters that describe this girl well.
If South Glen South has Josie Geller, ADMU has Carmela
Javellana, the inquisitive and hardworking student who
studies even if she has to go through teary eyes and
sleepless nights. She is the dedicated worker who meets
deadlines come hell or high water—that is why she will
always be a “Dean’s lister” by heart.

Her natural beauty is illuminated by her simplicity just

like the Disney character Belle. She’s really a good catch
because despite the demanding schedules, one would be
assured that he/she will always have a friend in her. She
does not need to vow to be a friend forever because at the
end of the day, she just is.

Ferdinand Alvin A. King

AB Management Economics

My trust in Ferdie has never faltered. He is the quintessential

nice guy whom you can count on for anything in the world!
“Ask and ye shall find”, but not only find something. No!
Ferdie would take that extra step, deliver, mix it with
some of his humorous wit, and create something light
years beyond what you’ll ever expect. He is one of those
who stand timidly in a corner, not wanting the spotlight,
not wanting the attention. A man behind the scenes, who
makes things happen. Humble, kind, and never wanting,
Ferdie will literally give you the credit for the work he’s
done. “For the team”, he’d reason out, as he completes
projects single-handedly. Ferdie’s work ethic also reflects
how he relates with people. He has a strangely unique
charisma, which is together inviting and warm. His humble
and open nature makes him very easy to get along and
be friends with. Surrounded constantly by friends, Ferdie’s
personality can seem to fit him with anyone and in any

Rafael Alberto Y. Lazaro

AB Management Economics

With his boyish looks and charmingly innocent boy-next-

door appeal, it’s no wonder Chino Lazaro wins the hearts
and admiration of girls and guys. But beware! Beneath this
child-like, angelic exterior lies mischief & mayhem. Chino
can come up & throw all the best hirits and silliest jokes, one
punch after another. However, this seemingly easy-going
guy is actually very dependable, thoughtful, responsible,
sweet and sincere—a living proof that gentlemen still exist!
He patiently sits down, listens and comforts you at times
you need it the most. Truly, he’s one transparent & genuine
fellah. Yet, one could also say that Chino is a dreamer, not
because he’s ambitious, but because he sleeps a lot! A lot, I
say! Still, Chino is also quite an athlete, as he tries different
kinds of sports like “dampa”, “sepak takraw” “jolens” &

Wild adventures, non-stop fun, sunlight during the rainiest

days, and friendship like gold—all these, you can count on a
Chino Lazaro… a blue-blooded man for others, with a giant
green heart!

Maria Eileen P. Lee

AB Management Economics

Eileen has always strived for excellence in all aspects of

her life. Despite the fact that this pretty athletic chinita
is currently taking up a business course, she has always
dwelled on the creative side of herself. She has an
enthusiasm for colors and a fascination for artworks.
During special occasions, you would receive well-packaged
creative gifts. This girl would really exert effort to make
sure that whatever she prepares for the celebrant would
be extra-memorable. Because of this, it is not surprising
that people perceive her to be very sweet and thoughtful.

Ei a.k.a. Mulan is one of those people anyone can spend a

whole afternoon with and talk to about anything under the
sun, including heartbreaks of course. You can always count
on her to dry your tears every time you have a dilemma.
She can amuse you with her stories about anything
and everything and she never fails to make you laugh.
Her cheerful aura drives her friends to love her pleasing

Charles Albert R. Lejano

AB Management Economics

It can be said that Charles is a victim of that cliché, “Judging

a book by its cover”. However, Mr. Lejano is in 5 simple
words: As real as it gets. A laidback individual, he is a
crammer in every sense of the word. Highly dependable
though, because come crunch time, expect this guy to
crank it up sky high as he always manages to deliver
brilliant work. Born with the gift of gab, Charles always
proves to be successful in his endeavors. He just doesn’t
give up, making him one of the few people who can almost
strike a perfect balance among studies, career, and friends.
He goes to great lengths to ensure that those he holds dear
are assured of his loyalty. Work hard and party harder is
his motto in life, and he lives it to the fullest; a life that is
truly lived, and will continue to be lived for others. He has
somehow made us do our own funk and love life at his
expense. With his heart and talent, rest assured that he
will go a long way. Charles is living proof that it’s possible
for one guy to have it all.

Iris Veronica G. Lim

AB Management Economics

Want to know who she is? Facts as of 2005: blue and green
colors, sleeps during mornings and awake at nights, doesn’t
eat breakfast, draws (copies actually), sings out of tune,
whistles in tune, loves any kind of music, somebody, what
a wonderful world, only listens to the melody, Japanese
anime, especially bishonens, slam dunk, gundam seed,
fruits basket, now and then, here and there, reads any
book, Dragonlance Heroes, Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis,
Raymond Feist, Anne McCaffrey, Harry Potter, The Little
Prince, fanfiction, cats, hamsters, animax, Star movies
Chinese, Frasier, soggy fries, spicy, siomai with sauce in Le
Ching, green tea frap or tea or juice, coffee, coffee jelly,
taho but the manong always isn’t there!!! Rather wear
sandals than rubber shoes, bracelets, necklaces, anklets,
silver or gold, always drops her cell phone so she doesn’t
repair the screen anymore, uses fudge rather than swear,
“square” in the psych test, hates roaches... Now you know

Mary Rocelyn P. Lim

AB Management Economics

Mary Rocelyn Petalver Lim

matalinong lokaret, magandang mataba, masarap
kakwentuhan, chummy, chubby, rosy-cheeked,
responsible, achiever, hardworking, security blanket,
passionate, determined - Roque

Nelwyn Jane O. Lim

AB Management Economics

There are still some good things left in this world. For
Nelwyn, these include A’s and B+, love stories, dreams
of bonfires by the beach, the hilarity of being “malas”,
shopping, apple pies and her boo. Always bangs the door
and scatters papers around the room, she makes her
presence known. After all, she has a naturally captivating
smile that radiates from her face. Who can forget the
countless memories of her stumbling and falling on
staircases albeit with much laughter and fun? Her loyalty
to friends is unwavering. She embraces everything for love.
And she won’t look back, but will keep going forward. She
has continually evolved, shedding some of her previous
persona to reveal someone totally different from the one
used to be. With an occasional sigh here and there, with a
sparkle in her eye and a lazy grin on her face, Nelwyn has
a casual way of gracing your life with undeniable warmth
that only her friends are fortunate enough to witness. Yes,
there are good things left in this world. For us, Nelwyn is
one of them.

Wilmore A. Llamas
AB Management Economics

As soon as you get to know More, you will realize that

there are still a few gentlemen left in this world after all.
He always finds a way to make a friend feel secure and
taken care of. He will stick around no matter what happens
during your low times and won’t leave you until you feel
better. But when it comes to food, More subtly goes out
of his gentlemanly image and eats his heart out. For him,
“More” is better.

Any time is eating time, so you can just imagine how

enjoyable a companion he is during chow time. But you’d
be surprised to find out that although More is very thrifty
with all other things, he is willing to spend a moderate
amount of money for food, and for treating his closest
friends out. But sincerely, you can count on him to be there
for you during the good and the bad times, and without
regard for his own benefits at that. More is more valuable
than what meets the eye, and you should feel lucky if you
ever have/had the chance to be his friend.

Jose Javier D. Lopez

AB Management Economics

Javi is considered to be the life of the party or the class.

His slapstick yet witty humor always breaks the ice during
boring subjects. His warm and carefree aura allows people
to be themselves around him. But, he’s not all about being
“kengkoy.” Once you get to know him, you’ll see that it’s
his deeper side that will draw you in more so than his
charming exterior. His altruistic nature is what his family
and friends most love about him. He always thinks highly
of people, always making you feel more than you are.
He gives out so much, but not because he’s counting on
something in return. Too drunk on a Saturday night? He’ll
drive you home. Accounting hell? He’ll be more than willing
to tutor you even though he hasn’t studied yet for his other
subjects. A smart, sensitive and responsible guy with the
looks to match makes him a keeper. We may not have
the level of wisdom he has, but we are all wise enough to
know that we are truly blessed to have a Javier Lopez, who
continues to enrich and nurture our lives.

Antonio Miguel C. Lu
AB Management Economics

Anyone who sees Tonz for the first time would immediately
perceive him as reserved. What these people don’t know is
that he’s the complete opposite. Fun-loving, witty, jovial,
and gregarious, he gets along really well with all sorts
of characters—the old, weird, serious, and quiet. With his
thoughtful and caring acts, he can surely win anyone’s
friendship in no time. He’s like a child with mischief
sparkling in his eyes and his childlike charm makes him
more lovable to the people around him. With all the goals
he aspires in life, he knows exactly how to get it. Nothing
can keep him from fulfilling his dreams. He is someone
who fought every battle that came his way, not caring if
he won or lost, but how he turned out in the end. He knows
what spells the difference, what makes him survive is the
strength that comes from within. Despite all the perilous
tides of life, when one had to choose either to sink or swim,
he chose to walk on top of the water instead.

Randwil Dinbo U. Macaranas

AB Management Economics

I always liked Dinbo. I’ll remember him for being the nice,
soft-spoken guy I know. He’s one of the few people I never
doubted. He never got on my nerves, he was never hostile
to anyone around him.

We didn’t talk often, but I’ve had many chances to observe

him from a distance. Deep insights and profound thoughts
usually go inside his head. He normally keeps these to
himself but he can express them with clarity if given the
chance. Obviously an intelligent guy. Sometimes shy, but
conversations with him are sure worth it. Instinctively
laidback and reserved, but he can be outgoing and assertive
if the situation calls for it.

Truly, he has always made me feel glad and welcome.

I’ll never forget his kind words, friendly gestures, and
handshakes. Even that simple pat on the shoulder made
me feel alright. I wish I spent more time with him.

Aileen P. Macasaet
AB Management Economics

I am an Artist I create beauty. I am a Billboard I advertise

life. I am a Cause I bring about. I am a Dreamer I imagine
perfection. I am an Ember I glow from a fire. I am a Fallacy
I reason in illogic. I am a Glutton I eat in excess. I am a
Holler I cry out. I am an Intellectual I reflect and speculate
rationally. I am a Jester I provide entertainment. I am a
Kaleidoscope I show different patterns. I am a Leader I
guide to a goal. I am a Monster I developed abnormally. I
am a Nomad I roam around. I am an Oeuvre I constitute the
lifework of an artist. I am a Patient I bear pain. I am a Queen
I make moves. I am a Rebel I resist authority. I am a Smile
I express amusement, or affection. I am a Tourist I journey
for pleasure and culture. I am an Upbeat I accent musical
measures. I am a Virus I grow in others. I am a Weirdo I live
extraordinarily eccentric. I am a Xylem I transport nutrients
for support. I am a Yawn I react involuntarily to fatigue or
boredom. I am a Zealot I pursue with passion. - Sunburnt &
Steady, from The Beach -

Ralph Daniel A. Mancao

AB Management Economics

Dane Mancao is one of those people who makes his

presence felt. A day with him is like opening Pandora’s
box: you never know what you’re gonna unleash. This is
a guy you won’t ever forget because he’ll surely makes
an impact in your life at some point. He loves his life, his
friends, his family and love itself.

Dane could be a lot of things to a lot of people. He may be a

pious spiritual leader to some, a guiding light to the forlorn,
a crusader of justice, a scholar in the realms of philosophy
and theology, an agile athlete, an obedient son who loves
with all his heart, a proud full-blooded Cebuano, the life of
the party, or a faithful lover. But to me and to a lot of other
people, he is a loyal friend, ever dependable to the end,
most especially in the hardest of circumstances.

I believe it was Aristotle who said “Excellence is not a

singular act but a habit.”

Dane is exactly this: a man of habit equipped with testicular


Nicolo Y. Maniquis
AB Management Economics

A loving, caring, responsible son who never fails to lighten

up dull moments; has an open heart and has gone beyond
the norms of understanding; a son who’ll make any parent
proud any time, all the time.

A respectful grandson, who since his childhood has never

failed to stand by his principles and to frankly express his
own ideas, opinions and suggestions backed up with viable

A reliable and sincere friend, no pretensions. WYSIWYG.

A charmer, an enthusiastic person who never fails to put
a smile on everyone’s faces. Malakas mangupal. Spots the
difference between plain and great. An image consultant.
A friend who’ll do all that he can to help. A good friend
till the end. Has hang ups and topaks… he’s as real as real

Mark Luwiz M. Martinez

AB Management Economics

Having Mark as a friend can truly spice up your life. The

antics he pulls every now and then will leave you laughing
for a long time. But what makes Mark really special is
his caring nature and sincerity. Ark may be a beacon for
mishaps, but this guy proves he has more heart than the
average person. He is a good listener and his insights
always shed a positive light to your dilemma. He is the
Mr. Optimist amid the luck he gets. Ark is dependable and
is fiercely loyal to his closest friends. Oh, and Ark is not
only a name, it has a story. Ask him about it and you’ll
get to know who this guy is. The Arkster himself, “Pooh
Bear” is almost always the butt of all jokes, but that only
goes to show how much we treasure him.  Just like that
cuddly bear you’ve always wanted but never did get. From
E.T., “hello”, “need help”, missed math exams, burgundy
elevator mishaps, and many others, Mark has given us
so many fond memories that we will surely cherish for
a lifetime. H2’s cuddly bear will never be forgotten. God

Kathleen Joyce A. Mejos

AB Management Economics

Full of life and love, changkabang maliit, passionate.

Although she’s fond of doing things at the last minute, aka

cramming, she would always manage to get everything
done right on time. Cute, friendly, marunong makisama,
masayahing tahimik. Siya ang nagturo sa akin ng lahat ng
gusto ko malaman (gitara, violin, etc) pero lagi naman niya
nakakalimutan yung mga tinuturo niya.

Flexible, grabe kung mag laugh trip, survivor! She just might
rival the Energizer Bunny, but she has her down moments
too. But that’s a rarity, especially when you talk fast enough
for your words to take flight by themselves. Fun to be with,
game for everything, gregarious, very independent. Si Ken
ay totoo at walang halo ng pagkukunwari. Kung ano ang
nakikita mo sa kanya ay ganoon siya.

Madaldal, makulit, pero sobrang lambing!


Maria Tara A. Mercado

AB Management Economics

“Do all the good you can

By all the means you can
In all the ways you can
At all the times you can
To all the people you can”
She did. In her love for life and people, she did. In her grace
for selfless compassion and strength in strife, she did.
In her search for understanding, God, love and self, she
unknowingly made people understand more, grow more,
roll more, love more and maybe, worry less. Perhaps the
sheer wonder of it all is that she continues despite not
counting, and more yet, not needing to know, how many
lives she has touched along the way. She did, and she still

Tercel Maria G. Mercado

AB Management Economics

Has the ability to look poised even in the craziest situations.

Amazingly affable. Good confidante. Person you can be a
kid with, and not worry about tomorrow. Has the patience
of a saint. When you’re down, she will listen, smile & tell
you everything’s alright. It’s the absolute cliché, but with
Terky around, it’s the absolute truth. Always willing to
compromise & never asks anything in return. The busiest
person in the world yet still puts others first before herself.
Always ready to go the extra mile. One of the few people
who can multitask like this: 1) Get an A in eco class; 2) Be
head captain for the IAC team; 3) Take care of drunk friends;
4) Stay stunning at the end of the day. She’s got her hands
full. But a task she doesn’t need to do is make people love
her… everyone already does. After a day worth forgetting,
you feel that something’s missing. You try to figure out
what you are looking for. Don’t worry. Tercel will come to
you. She’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. She’ll
make you believe that miracles can come true.

Fernand Joseph D. Miranda

AB Management Economics

No. I will not write about myself, nor my experience in

college; it’s too much of a cliché. Besides, there is too
much to say, with too little time. There’s too many people,
experiences, and joys that I have come across this past
4 years. Words can never express what these memories
mean to me. So, for all those who have touched my college
life in any way, a sincere thank you.

Dream. Never stop believing. Be different, reinvent the

world through your imagination and do not follow people
who say “It can’t be done.” Shoot for the stars and never
look down. Be a child. Be youthful and full of hope. Face
the world and say “I will live today!” Too few have courage
to do so; too few had the chance.

Have strong convictions and steady principles. Keep within

these principles and uphold your dignity. Be a good son or
daughter, person and Filipino. These qualities have never
been so sorely missed.

Miguel Fernando G. Mojica

AB Management Economics

To all the people reading this write-up, I thank you. For

listening to me babble things is something that only few
people in this world have been able to do. So I start on this
write-up by saying thank you.

I have learned a lot in college, no kidding. I have been

exposed to the harshness of reality and yet, have still
managed to overcome all and proudly stand here today, a
graduate. Take that Mr. Stat teacher!

Let me end by once again thanking people, the people that

have made me who I am today, those who’ve said I was
sweet, smart, and all those things people say to make you
feel appreciated. Thank you even to those people who
didn’t believe and still don’t believe in me, for you are my
motivation to continue aspiring for more. Rest assured that
I will not stop here, for my journey in life is just nearing
its peak. The ups and downs will still be there, but now I
am more equipped and experienced to face them, with a
degree in my hands and God by my side. To God be the

Mark Joseph L. Morales

AB Management Economics

Mark Morales…more commonly referred to as “ MO’ ” (he

thinks it’s cool). It’s not hard to distinguish him from a crowd
because of his out-of-this-world hairdos and the flashy
clothes. Mo’ is definitely an attention grabber, or should I
say seeker? His hairstyle has undergone serious changes
these past four years. From his “Ronald Mc Donald” afro to
his “Oh yes, I’m a stud!” shaved hair, Mo’ has truly evolved
physically, emotionally, and of course, intellectually.
Although he may not look like it (no offense), Mo’ is actually
a responsible, smart (DL!), and very protective friend. He’s
always “feeling kuya.” He can even make you cry just to
prove you wrong and sometimes it’s hard to admit that
what he’s saying might actually be right. By the way, if you
try to mess with him, he will beat you to the ground…He’s
buff boy! Always goes to Moro but never pays. Thanks for
everything! Good luck with your chicas! Girls watch out!
He’s really a keeper!

Rachelle Anne A. Moreno

AB Management Economics

No-nonsense is her middle name. When she speaks, she

says it like it is. Characterized with an insatiable thirst
for knowledge, she has the curiosity of a child and never
ceases to wonder and delve into the unknown, may it
be about Greek Mythology or Egyptian pharaohs. While
Rach may exude a seemingly intimidating aura, don’t be
fooled! She has a golden heart that always showers love
the way it knows how. Her presence is comforting, her
friendships genuine and her generosity overflowing. Rach
always makes for the perfect companion. She’s warm,
entertaining and always manages to make everyone feel
at home. Although firm in her beliefs, she’s really a softie
inside. Delightfully witty, she’s comical, amusing, and
likes keeping everybody happy. Rach is simply that kind
of person you’ll feel immediately comfortable with. This
critical, animated, caring, endearing and huggable individual
will always embed a memorable mark in anyone’s life. An
amazingly loving person, the world is her great love affair.

Angela Carmela C. Nepomuceno

AB Management Economics

Angela, Ange, Phoebe… that’s how people usually call her.

This girl talks and moves so slow but when it comes to
shopping, it’s another story! Shopping is everything to her.
All she does is swipe her credit cards. Physically, she is so
white since she is so scared of the sun. She is beautiful and
manages to stay slim even if she eats a lot. She is definitely
a head-turner wherever we go. In spite of this, she never
liked the limelight. But aside from her good looks, she also
has a good heart. Though she is sometimes misinterpreted
of being a “snob”, she is actually really friendly. She is such
a sweet, thoughtful and caring friend. She always has time
to listen to her friends even if she is so busy. What’s so
amazing with her is she manages to be relaxed and cool
even if all of us are packed with school work. She can’t
get enough of night outs. But in spite of this, she still gets
high grades. She really has everything a guy wishes for—
the brains, the body, good looks and good heart. Her name
says it all: she is really heaven-sent.

Emil D. Nucum
AB Management Economics

Uncomplicated. Ganyan ang saliw ng buhay tuwing

makakasama si Emil. Walang sinumang nilalang na
may problemang dinadala ang hindi makikinabang sa
sagana ng kanyang nakatutuwang kabulastugan. Animo
batang nakikipaglaro si Emil. At sa kaanyuan niyang
yaon napapaalalahanan niya ang bawat kalaro na hindi
kinakailangang maging pasanin ang buhay.

Sa halip, isa itong pagpupunyaging bumalik sa kabataan

kung saan tanggap natin ang buhay bilang kaloob, isang
regalo na dapat natin ikagalak at ibahagi sa kapwa. Sa
pagbibigay tuwa sa kapwa, nakikibahagi si Emil sa bawat
hinanakit, pagaalinlangan at takot. Kasabay nito ang
pagpapaalalang ganiyan talaga ang pagiging tao.

Dalubhasa sa pagbibigay kasiyahan si Emil sapagkat

malalim ang pag-uunawa niya sa kapwa at taimtim ang
kanyang pananalig na may tunay na ligaya na naghihintay
para sa lahat. Isang ligayang hindi makikita sa mga libro at
sa loob ng mga silid ng Unibersidad, sa puso!

April Kristine L. Ocampo

AB Management Economics

She gazes towards yesterday as she watches the rain

trickling down her window. Memories of tribulations she
had valiantly faced and weathered, of friends’ predicaments
and secrets she had continuously shared, flood her eyes
with empathy and utmost emotion. Selfless courage was
her drive, to understand was her stance.

She slips a picture of treasured things and encounters in the

leaves of her album—the Old Spaghetti House, God of Small
Things, the songs of the 80’s, potatoes, of a star hanging
from her neck, of football championships and sleepless
nights. An ambiance of security and satisfaction emanates
alongside the escape of a sigh of relief as she tenderly
temporarily closes a chapter in her life to start anew.

She puts her past against her chest, closes her eyes and
leans back as a tear takes its time to course down her
cheeks only to settle on her lips, red as passion itself,
without a doubt both fulfilled to have lived and blissful to
have loved.

Michael Joseph O. Olaño

AB Management Economics

Certain guys just have it—the knack for being loved by

everyone and anyone around him. Mick is no exception to
that. Often seen wearing a shirt, shorts, and sneakers, this
boy-next-door walks through the campus with a relaxed
vibe. He is a genuinely accommodating person that girls
and even guys of all ages would not think twice to show
their fondness for him back. His loyalty to friends identifies
him as everyone’s favorite basketball, drinking, and
project buddy all in one. Known for playing ruggedly but
admirably on the basketball court, you will wonder how he
manages to change that image smoothly when the game
is over. Mick scores not only in the basketball court but
in the classroom as well. This smart guy has a penchant
for words, a remarkable drive, and a strikingly beautiful
penmanship to match. But above all his talents is a heart of
the kindest, funniest and the most down-to-earth person.
Mick is actually your boy-next-door with a plus—a simple
guy demanding so little yet deserving so much.

Tiffany Lou N. Ong

AB Management Economics

Underneath all that chic panache lies a compassionate yet

truly determined spirit. A head bursting with bright ideas
matched with a heart full of ideals make her a unique
combination among the rest. She is the perfect mix of sugar
and spice. One look at her and you can already confirm
that she is one sweet person; but amidst those sugary-
sweet smiles also lies an amazingly strong, principled and
intelligent woman. She takes her life seriously but hey,
there are times when she can be a klutz and laugh at
herself. Tiff will always brighten up your day despite the
hectic schedule she has. Through the smiles and laughter
she gives out, she never fails to cheer you up. Above all,
she is one of the most wonderful people to keep as a
friend. She will always have just the perfect advice to fix
things up for you or the warmest words of encouragement
to boost your spirits! They say that fun, beauty, and brains
rarely go together but in her, they all do.

Rebecca A. Paguio
AB Management Economics

The first thing that you will probably learn once you get
to know Becca is that she really is not a 13-year-old nene.
She is a no-nonsense type of person who sets her mind
on things she wants to accomplish. She is actually more
mature than most people her age. Becca truly is the perfect
example of how a petite frame can pack a big punch.

She is not a spoiled brat. At 16, she asserted her

independence by living away from her family to be able
to study. Although she easily may be the most intelligent
person in her class, she is not your typical geek. She has
many friends who love to be around her because of the
sheer cheerfulness she brings to any occasion. Whether
it’s belting out Bon Jovi songs on the karaoke or going on
Chinatown food trips, Becca is game for anything. Becca
means fun!

Becca is not a lot of things and she will never be whatever

you pin her down to be. But once you let yourself
experience who she is, you’ll be surprised because she’s
not who she seems to be.

Katrina Maria D. Palomo

AB Management Economics

Kat is a wonderful blessing to everyone who gets to meet

her. Caring and sweet, friends simply adore her. This
lady’s special qualities blend well with any ground she
chooses. Charming and superbly intelligent, she truly is.
She gives her whole heart in everything she does, making
her an indisputable achiever. A glimpse of Kat reveals a
reflection of a true beauty, be it in or out. Loved by many,
this girl brightens everyone’s day with that smile and those
irresistible charms. She laughs at even the corniest jokes
and her laughter can really be contagious. Kat is certainly a
fantastic friend who is always willing to go out of her way
to lend a helping hand. She has her own unique ways of
showing support, from spending hours talking on the phone
to going out of town or partying all night. Kat definitely
knows how to have fun. May it be trying an exotic delicacy,
going out on a Monday night or sleeping over at a friend’s
house, you can count her in. Kat loves life and makes the
most out of everything that comes her way.

Patrick Ervin S. Patiño

AB Management Economics

Patrick has always been a big guy on campus; not only is

he big in terms of height but also because of the size of his
heart. Some may find it hard to believe that someone like
him could house a personality like that. He has a soft spot
for his Meco friends, making up his mind not to transfer
to MIS because of the bond he formed with his block
mates. Although branded as one of the Zobel boys, Pat
has learned to adjust and love the ways of the Ateneo. So
much so that joined the Blue Babble Band and remained
in it for almost the entirety of his stay in college. Growing
up in the south, he maintained the lifestyle of quiet and
peaceful living. Never the one who is all riled up and tense
even in the midst of hell weeks, he always finds time to
stack up on some Zs and extra R&R. The quiet type in the
gang but he has this occasional tendency to show rifts of
insanity that is most uncommon and he is always a good
source of humor. The gentle giant panda bear.

Jaklyn Hanna V. Pineda

AB Management Economics

At first, it’s hard to get to know this person for she tends to
be shy around new people. But once you do, you’ll realize
it’s so easy to love her because of her sweet nature. The
best of both worlds—you get exactly this when you’re with
her. Ajang, as close friends call her, is a mixture of the old
and new, of the naive and sophisticated, of the prim and
the brash. She portrays a quality of truly talented people:
a procrastinator at heart yet manages to produce the most
excellent results in the end. She sometimes seems lost and
jaded but in truth, she is amusingly urbane and mature. She
is one lady who knows how to carry herself splendidly well.
Despite all the challenges she faced, she has yet remained
as composed and unscathed. With the sort of smile that is
a little bit timid, quite demure and absolutely contagious,
she brings a breath of fresh air everywhere she goes and
makes people feel young with her beautiful outlook in life
and carefree attitude. The world is yours Jang!

Joana Grace R. Piñon

AB Management Economics

If only people would look beyond Jo’s infamous “taray”

look, they’d realize how amazing she is. Not only does
she have a distinctive chic fashion sense but she also
effortlessly collects A’s. There is much more to her than
meets the eye; her loud burps, scuba diving stories, and
dreams of promoting justice in an oppressive world are at
first glance unexpected of her. She is a strong yet fragile
woman who just wants to get out of herself and somehow
make a difference in the world. Jopi is an extraordinary
gal who fills your life with spunk and treats you like that
special friend she can’t live without. She’s also the person
you can talk to about anything under the sun: from the
juiciest story to the most confidential secrets, she’s the
first person you’ll turn to in times of crisis or elation. You
never hesitate to share with her your deepest problems
or most ridiculous thoughts because you’re sure that she’ll
never judge you. Soon enough, you begin to realize that it’s
actually you who can’t live without her…and not the other
way around.

Clarisse Ann G. Pua

AB Management Economics

Ann is a truly unconventional person, with a childlike

quality that makes her so particularly endearing. Her
appreciation for life’s nuances emanates through her
artistic creativity. She can be unintentionally funny. Joking
around with Ann has always been one the high points of
our day-to-day college experience. Knowing her for all
these years has been so much fun because with her, one
never knows what could possibly happen next. However,
she’s a fiercely loyal friend, especially when you least
expect it, and also surprisingly generous. She supports you
in all your endeavors and strives to help you whenever she
can. There has always been more to Ann’s capabilities than
she has ever let on, and because of this, she will always
be more interesting than most people have the capacity to
be. She is a real friend and a true measure of the human
spirit, the epitome of the pure and innocent juxtaposed
with an eye that sees and understands things that are truly

Tony Dane B. Quetulio

AB Management Economics

Tony is my ever-reliable classroom observation partner.

It’s amazing how he can be extremely cheerful at 8 in the
morning, surrounded by screaming little kids. It’s amazing
how he can be extremely polite to crabby teachers who
get so self-conscious in other people’s presence.
Though Tony is deemed mataray, he was able to get along
with our block and he and I became close. He’s frank and
has no problem saying what he does and doesn’t like.
That’s why people view him as mataray; but he is actually
a very nice and kindhearted person. Even though he is a
responsible and serious person, there has never been a dull
moment with him especially when he jokes around. His
face looks so serious but man, what a punch line!
What I respect about Tony is that he knows both his
purpose and the purpose of education.

Thelma Ardelle V. Ramirez

AB Management Economics

Madelle, the blossom that she is becoming, exudes grace

and passion. She is the feeling in the realm of apathy. She
is a person with a genuine heart, who made every corner
of Ateneo congenial to me. Her heart is even more evident
in her concept of romantic love as both boon and bane of
mankind. Bane to her but boon to her beloved because she
believes in loving without boundaries. Youthful, she stays
confident and refined despite difficulties that were beyond
her embrace such as the pressures of being a student. She
eases her way out and even goes the extra mile to help
friends and loved ones in their life’s blunders with awesome
grit. She takes things with caress, sacrifices with cheers,
and meets sleepless nights and hell weeks with smiles as
if weariness does not exist. College changed her. It opened
doors for Madelle as she opened her doors to it. She is like
the hope in Pandora’s box—what’s left inside when all the
bad has gone.

Paul Jayson I. Ramos

AB Management Economics

Fueled by relentless motivation and driven by intense

passion, PeeJay lives life by treating each day as a fresh
opportunity to make a difference in this world. Living
the credo of “Dream Big, Do Big,” Peej never gives up on
anything whether it is a personal endeavor or a collective
venture. This is the reason why he is able to juggle his
academics and remain active in fulfilling his responsibilities
and roles in his extracurricular activities. Peej is genuinely
a jolly and bubbly person that allows him to meet and
keep friends from all walks of life. Intrinsically competitive,
Peejay treats every failure as a chance to improve himself.
Not only is he a good listener but he is also an individual that
gives insightful advice. With a never-say-die spirit, PeeJay
is a winner not only in the eyes of friends but also in the
eyes of God, whom he considers His ultimate redeemer.
For PeeJay, everything is Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. With
overflowing love for his family and friends, PeeJay is a
man for keeps.

Ivy Claire L. Reyes-Lao

AB Management Economics

Ivy (àivi:) 1. An evergreen woody climbing or creeping plant,

often grown on walls etc. 2. A girl with attitude.

Obviously, we’re talking about the second kind. But since

the girl in question is Ivy Reyes-Lao, then we must be
talking about the only kind.

Ivy definitely belongs to a class all her own. With her

winning smile and positive personality, you know she was
born to make waves in the world. At first glance, she may
seem the responsible, workaholic type. She is…but beyond
these qualities lies a tough but gracious girl. This girl has
guts and character. She is a remarkably first-rate friend.
She is responsible and serious in dealing with tasks but
Ivy is also cheerful and creative. Ivy always makes people
happy. She’s always in the middle when it comes to cooking
up thoughtful surprises for people dear to her. She’s also
loved for being honest and endearing and for her sincerity
and dedication in achieving her aspirations.

Karen C. Reyes
AB Management Economics

There must be chance in the midst of design; by which we

mean that events which are not designed necessarily arise
from the pursuit of events which are designed – William

Rommel Paolo D. Reyes

AB Management Economics

Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry

with the right person and to the right degree and at the
right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way -
that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.
– Aristotle

Danielle Marie S. Rieza

AB Management Economics

You’d never hear her saying no to a gimmick, but she still

excels in school. There’s never a dull moment with her.
That’s why she made college life more enjoyable to the
people around her.
—Kat P. (first friend in ADMU)
She’s Elle Woods times 10—the pink, kikay, smile,
determination, brains, and the boys. Manang’s or no
Manang’s, Maia will surely be on everyone’s fave list.
—Anton 1 & 2 (sexy beast)
There’s something captivating and feminine about the
color pink, like Maia. Vivaciously bubbly and witty, she
never ceases to put life in the atmosphere.
—Pitet (Isaw partner)
The girl probably started talking the second she was
conceived! She owns a windmill in a rainforest. A very loyal
friend. A trustworthy confidant.
—Mo’ (ranting partner)
Full of energy and always wants something sweet, it’s no
wonder people love having Maia around. You can’t miss her
voice in the crowd, but you definitely miss her every time
she’s not around. —Ark (huggy bear)

Martina Alexandria F. Roman

AB Management Economics

Alex is the one person who meets the challenges of

everyday life head on, complete with high spirits and the
passion to excel. She lives like a child, expressing great
awe and excitement as if every experience is her first. She
is a person who knows how to live life to the fullest by
cherishing every moment that she has with her family and

This girl may float like a butterfly but she stings like a bee.
She will sting any man’s heart not only with her hypnotic
beauty but also with the lasting sweetness that she gives.

Many would agree that perfect would be the only accolade

befitting such a remarkable person like Alex. But if there
is anybody who would refuse to believe such a qualified
statement, it would be Alex. Such a refusal only does prove
that Alex is only human, that she is flawed. But come to
think of it, her denial of this reality that is witnessed and
experienced by all the lives she has touched, makes her all
the more perfect.

Tamara R. Ruiz
AB Management Economics

A happy exhilarating thought multiplied a gazillion times =

life with Tammy. A smile amidst a crowd of panic-stricken
faces. The friend who can make life so kokomo, make hell
week like summer, and make coffee like a tropical drink.
A unique blend of wackiness, optimism, and openness.
Never hesitates to defend you but easily gets a panic
attack after a day at the salon. Chocolates = brainfood.
Never gets through a day without taking a nap even for
just five minutes. Master procrastinator. Free-spirited and
carefree. A late-night buddy. Reaches for the stars but
keeps her feet on the ground. Knows how to live for the
moment. A fencer who can gracefully execute a lunge but
cannot reach her toes. Elegance personified, she walks
like she floats on air. Always knows how to brighten up
people’s days. That single lifeline when all is lost. Truly an
unconditional friend.

—Gigi, Kim, Tercel, Nancy, Cat, Regina, Tara, Trina, Miki, Fifi,
Chay, Joemar, Gino, Madelle, and sabre friends—

Joy Charmaine I. Sahilan

AB Management Economics

Joy. The name says it all. Bright-eyed and always brimming

with excitement. When she is happy about something,
it will no doubt show on her ever-smiling face. She has
a smile so brilliant it never fails to rub on everyone she
comes across. But beware! When she gets “Hectic!” about
something (and oh does she know how to get hectic);
she would fret about it over and over again so that you
too somehow get worried yourself...which is not really
something to complain about. After all, that is what we
all love about her. Ever the self-appointed camerawoman,
come hell or high water, she will take picture after picture
after picture of just about everything in sight. Friendly, ever
enthusiastic and full of life, this girl is easy to get along
with and is flexible in every sense of the word. From the
physical flexibility she gets from taekwondo to the kind
that makes her a friend to just about any kind of person
there is. She truly is one unique lady whose personality is
characterized by an amazing and wonderful “kick.”

Alexander C. Samson
AB Management Economics

Alex is known as a Taekwondo jin. Having spent more than

ten years playing this sport, he surely has intense and swift
kicks! Alex is actually a nice guy and a friend anyone would
want to spend time with. Even though he once kicked a
girl’s jaw (mine) during a Taekwondo sparring match.

Alex has a boiling point beyond 100 degrees and a scowling-

whining-period not prolonging fifteen minutes! With his
extensive patience, he can definitely win at MTV’s Boiling
Point. He is also a friend who truthfully understands. In
fact, he often tries to accept even weird things his friends
do. Through thick or thin, Alex will always reach out to his
friends. He may miss his Taekwondo training or 7:30am
class, but he will never miss a chance to be with people
he treasures.

I am infinitely thankful to have met him! I love you Huns!


Phelia Charisse S. San Juan

AB Management Economics

Borrowing someone else’s words, “you can’t leave

footprints on the sands of time by sitting on your butt.”
And Cha is definitely not one to leave butt prints. Always
caught up in a flurry of activities, you’ll never find her not
doing anything. But even with all her engagements, she
never runs out of time for the people who need her most.
Those people fortunate enough to have her as a friend
know Cha to be sincere, intelligent, grounded in principles
and incredibly resilient. She is the most relaxed person; one
who just laughs off serious problems and makes you feel
better with her high spirits. Known to her closest friends as
the creative brain and hands that has a passion for dancing,
Cha is someone whom you can easily approach (she
always lends a helping hand) and talk to (she knows just
about everything—from the latest showbiz buzz to sports
to hard-core politics). But the best thing about her is that
she is real—no reservations, no pretensions, no put-ons. Cha
is one true friend, a little girl with the biggest heart.

Olivia Lara T. Santico

AB Management Economics

I’ve always joked that Lara would be the one to wear the
pants in her family. That’s just how she is—outspoken but
always well-spoken, a natural leader who knows when it’s
better just to play the part of the hard worker. You just can’t
point out where her strength comes from—the confidence
that pulls her out of the most cruel of winters. Indeed,
inside this girl is an invincible summer. But beyond her
strengths, Lara hides a charming vulnerability most often
seen only by the closest of friends. Whether it’s on the
topic of love or the next project deadline, her sometimes
frantic approaches have always been refreshing. We’ve all
grown with Lars, there’s no other way to put it. We’ve seen
her turn from the animated girl she was in OrSem to the
graceful but still occasionally frantic woman she is today.
A day with Lars is a roller coaster ride with its fair share of
spills and thrills. But always in the end you step out ecstatic
and satisfied. Then you begin to ask yourself, can I ride
again? Thanks for the years Lars, we love you!

Edward Allan G. Santos

AB Management Economics

Ed is a man of big dreams. He dreams of becoming the

hottest, youngest and highest-paid CEO in the country,
owning a hacienda and mansion in the countryside,
and driving the hottest cars in town. He also dreams of
becoming a star—a singer, actor, TV host, newscaster,
model, and celebrity athlete. Big as these dreams may
be, nothing is impossible with Ed. People who know him
know that Ed is a very hard worker. He makes sure that
he maintains high grades and at the same time performs
well in his extra-curricular activities. His classmates and
orgmates know that when assigned a task, Ed always
gives his best and delivers the job exceptionally. But Ed
is neither all that serious nor boring. He is a very warm,
friendly, confident, cheerful, playful, and caring individual.
His family, friends and all the sets of freshies he had as a
TNT and INTACT facilitator know this for a fact. He loves
having fun and simply likes to inspire and be inspired. Who
knows? Being all these, in the future, Ed might just make
his every dream come true.

Franz Jan S. Santos

AB Management Economics

Franz is a paradox at first glance. He seems to be a hard

guy to get along with—seems quite aloof and intimidating
at first. You will soon find out however that he is your
all-around, go-to guy. He is a sincere listener and a good
adviser that everyone knows they can come and talk to
about life, love, entertainment, philosophy, or any topic
at all. People find him to be sentimental and through this
trait, he is able to draw from his experiences stories that
generate inspiration—stories that he tells with such passion
and enthusiasm that listeners can’t help but be engrossed in
his wide array of legendary “Guwapo-Stories”. Determined
to achieve whatever challenge he comes across, Franz
proves to be versatile. He can rise up to the challenge of
any situation and assume leadership whenever necessary.
And beyond all these, his passion for developing meaningful
and long-lasting relationships with his friends and family is
inspiring to those who are lucky enough to know him. The
world is truly fortunate to have someone like Franz.

Shiela Marie C. Santos

AB Management Economics

Chances are, when you see Shiela Santos striding down

EDSA walk in her full fashionista glory, you’d conclude
that this girl is a snob. Actually, she is. But then again,
she’s a host of other things that when put together in one
psychedelic personality, ends up dismantling the laws
of physics. Shiela’s logic follows that: First, the amount
of food you eat is directly proportional to how thin you
become. Second, every story told must be illustrated by an
intensity of hand movements and Dolby surround sound
effects. Third, textbooks practically lose all their worth the
moment a single page acquires a crease. And last, work
and study can only be done with a methodology of intense

She’s a forest of interesting quirks but venture deep into

the heart of the wood and find peace with what really lies
within—the strength of truth and friendship. The world will
continue to box us with all its burdens and complexities but
Shiela will always sprout new wings and soar beyond the
barriers that we know.

Fredric Vincent C. Shih

AB Management Economics

Friendly. Reliable. Enthusiastic. Deep. Realistic.

Independent. Carefree. Variable. Intuitive. Nifty. Composed.
Energetic. Nocturnal. Thoughtful. Cooperative. Humorous.
Unpredictable. Athlete. Simple. Honest. Industrious.

Eva Marie M. Sison

AB Management Economics

Eva is living proof that great things do come in small

packages. With her fun-loving disposition and refreshing
outlook in life, Eva never fails to make the people around
her smile and feel comfortable. A good confidante, she
is always ready to listen, sympathize, and give advice on
whatever matter is at hand. With these qualities, she has
definitely won the hearts of the people especially those
who matter most to her. So don’t be deceived by her
petite and childlike appearance, for Eva has proven and
accomplished a lot in all the roles she had assumed in her
life, especially as a daughter, sister, and friend.

Living her life with passion, believing that there should be

no room for regrets and what-ifs, Eva knows what she
wants. With her priorities set, she goes after her dreams
with determination and gusto. Armed with her wits and
charm, she is most definitely set to face the world that
awaits her.

Marianne Camille C. Sy
AB Management Economics

Macy, as she is fondly remembered by most of her friends,

reminds us all of Christmas. People prepare for the season
of Christ by sharing God’s grace through acts of kindness,
compassion, and love. Macy is all three. She is the kindest
person that any friend or acquaintance can ever meet in a
lifetime. Though she may not remember everyone by face,
she always remembers them by heart. This young lady is
also very compassionate. Christmas fills the goodness in
each and every one of us. We feel the need to give. The
life changing experiences Macy has had during her time
in Days with the Lord, ICA, Ateneo, and the everyday
encounters with less privileged people display her genuine
desire to reach out and give back to the community. She is
the dearest of friends and the fiercest of enemies. Macy
is also known to be the ever thoughtful and loving person.
Macy’s greatest gift is her love. She always puts her heart
in every endeavor she pursues. She gives her best effort
every time.

Ornel Jayson K. Sy
AB Management Economics

This guy, at first glance, looks shy, serious and snobbish.

Once you approach & get to know him, you will see that he
portrays what a true friend really is. In times of happiness or
sadness, he is always there to support you and is more than
willing to be at your side whenever things go topsy-turvy.
He is indeed a character of selflessness and compassion.
A quantitative type of person, he revels in numbers. He
spends most of his time studying. However, he can bring
up interesting conversations that can go on for hours on
end. As much as he likes studying, he also likes partying,
going out & interacting with friends a lot more. He lives by
the motto “study hard, party harder.” He also has a pious
attribute. He places a great significance to the Almighty
Father, showing his deep faith. In a nutshell, this guy can be
described as cerebral, gifted, inspired, encouraged, goal-
driven & God–driven. What distinguishes him the most is
his undying and unwavering friendship. OJ is what makes
anybody want to be a friend.

Louie Brian R. Sze

AB Management Economics

Louie epitomizes the guy you can bring home to your

mom. He does not only have that good-boy looks with the
matching disarming smile that can fool any parent, but also
carries a stellar record too in both his academics and extra-
curricular activities. Louie effortlessly juggles between
acing his exams and being the org guy. He may look serious
but he has the wackiest sense of humor. He knows how to
generate laugh trips with friends by cracking the corniest
of jokes and making the wittiest comments. To everyone,
Louie is probably the nicest guy in campus who is ready
and willing to help anyone. Chances are when you see him
walking around, he will give you full acknowledgement—a
loud hi accompanied by a sparkly smile complete with a
showcase of his dimples. He is not just your typical cute
boy with a legion of fans; he is way more than that. Being
the overachiever that he is, Louie is sure to get far in life. He
is a true person whom everybody he crosses paths with
would be blessed to have.

Eric Gregor G. Tan

AB Management Economics

Eric Siopao. Siomai kid. Loves steam and steamy girls.

He is a proof that looks can be deceiving. Don’t be fooled
by his “innocent little boy” look because all the while,
he’s actually thinking of witty (?) comebacks to redeem
himself from that hirit you made about him minutes ago.
Underestimated by some, he will take you by surprise.
Looks conservative but he’s barbwire adventurer! Fiddy’s
long lost brother and Ralph’s ka-maniacan brother. Greg is
a basketball maniac, the shooter from the south, and great
with girls. Loves chicks, hates them after a while, then
loves them again. Really easy to get along with and good
company when eating and drinking out. He laughs (and
cracks) the corniest jokes. He is a smart fella and a ladies
man too. He can give a lot of loving to anyone. A cool Meco
and Burgundy person, not to mention having the face and
smile that attracts so many people to be his friend. That
boyish devilishly sheepish smile is one that you will never
forget. Eric+JR+Inigo+Chino=16 Holler... palm reader.

Jacqueline Steffannie O. Tan

AB Management Economics

With a sweet face, striking body, and superb personality,

it is next to impossible to miss Jacq. When you see her
walking, an involuntary smile appears. Yep, Jacq has this
effect on people. She can light up any room with her warmth
and charm. Her active mind and comical quips never fail
to amaze people. With high spirit, optimism, and a golden
heart, her close-to-perfect personality is undeniable. More
than the aura she exudes, Jacq is unquestionably the most
perfect friend anyone could have—someone who continues
to be sincerely genuine in everything she does. Her
unending patience and relentless understanding amidst
difficulties inspire people. If there ever were a marker for
friends, Jacq will certainly be on the bestseller lists. Jacq is
one ultimate survivor. For her, nothing in life is impossible.
Throw her anything and she’ll breeze through with that
sweet smile on her face. You just can’t help but marvel.
She’s one person who loves life and believes that hope
knows no bounds. Yes, she’s definitely our Jacq!

Kimberly Joy S. Tañedo

AB Management Economics

How often would you encounter someone who, effortlessly,

just has it all? Her outright charm, beauty, wit (“Isa siyang
utak na tinubuan ng paa!”), infectious smile, and addictive,
always-up-for-anything personality remind you so much of
genuine perfection. Countless of girls (and gays) would kill
just to even be close to becoming a Kim Tañedo! She is
the lady everyone speechlessly admires, and those of us
in Ateneo are definitely no exception. Despite the fact that
every other guy is attracted to her, she remains humble
and down to earth, with a special way of making you
feel good about yourself. Crazy, serious yet seriously fun,
Kim is a girl who simply takes your breath away as you
discover something new and inexplicably lovable about
her each day. Selflessly putting others’ needs before hers,
she has the whole world in her heart. The love that brings
hope and the muse that makes you fly, she is the sunrise in
every waking moment, reminding you of the brilliance and
beauty that exists in this lifetime.

Jorge Martin A. Temblique

AB Management Economics

Martin can be likened to an ace by Roddick, a ringless point

by Jordan, or a hole-in-one by Woods. He is a “great shot”
traveling towards a specific target and moving with a sense
of determined purpose. He is perceived to be a person in
constant motion, never wanting to stop and never allowing
himself to be idle. He is obsessive-compulsive and this
sometimes irritates others who are willing to settle for less
than perfection. Always in deep thought when it comes to
specific tasks at hand, may it be his next tennis training,
or his most dreaded speech, he is often times lost into his
own world, making him the butt of jokes by most of his
friends. Feeling left out from the latest buzz, he would
then become this charming persona that could make
anyone smile with his kulit-but-dazzling ways of keeping
conversations going in order to extract the not-so-latest
juicy details of his friends’ lives. A lot could still be said
about Martin but like an ace, a 3-point shot or a hole-in-one,
he is just too good for words.

Kristoffer L. Tiansay
AB Management Economics

Toff is the greatest guy in the world. Aside from being

drop-dead gorgeous, he has the kindest heart and the
most amorous personality. He is a humble person who
loves to converse with anyone; he has made friends from
all walks of life because of this. Due to his great looks, he is
a heartthrob as well. Girls can’t resist this hottie (but I have
to say that he has more gay admirers than there are girls).

Despite his tough exterior, Toff is a perfect family man.

He adores and loves his family so much that he would do
anything to make them happy. He honors his parents with
utmost respect and he fulfills his role as the eldest child,
which is why his siblings deeply revere him.

Toff is the all-around man—the best student, mechanic,

companion, joker, son, brother, friend, and boyfriend one
could ever have. He loves selflessly without fear of loving
too much and gives selflessly without fear of losing what’s
left of him. He has passion for life and this infectious
passion he transmits to people whose lives he touches.

Jaclyn Therese V. Tirona

AB Management Economics

The moment you’re waiting for may never arrive,

The one you just missed will never return.
So if I were you…
Go for it!

Christopher Mari M. Topacio

AB Management Economics

The guy with a thousand antics, Toffee’s unparalleled

humor and wit is sure to put a smile on your face. Toffee
is the annoyingly cute and adorably KSP guy who can tell
you the oldest, lamest, obviously bogus, and corniest jokes
but still manage to get a snicker out of you, no matter how
hard you try not to. His rugged appeal and smooth moves
never fail to mesmerize anyone. A social butterfly, he gets
along with almost anyone with the right mix of charms,
intelligence, and humor, thus earning him the position of
Course Rep for Meco. Though a certified drama king, you
can always count on him to put his inner artist aside to be
there for you before anything else. It isn’t hard to talk to
him because he’s always full of life and he’ll make you feel
at ease, like you’re the most important person in the world.
Also, his often undue humility, patience, and responsibility
are second nature for him. And though we wish we didn’t
have to say it again—you really can’t help but love Toffee

Gracelle Esther Marie M. Traviño

AB Management Economics

Grace is one of those people you know you’ll never

forget because of her genuine cheerfulness and quirky
personality. Her infectious laugh is like a virus affecting
everyone around her, leaving a smile on their faces even
after that moment of contact. But don’t let her high spirits
deceive you. Underneath all that, there lies a sensitive
and encouraging friend who never lets anyone down.
She devotes her attention to you as if you’re the only two
people there and gladly finds a way to help you whenever
you ask for it. A genuine friend, Grace would never be just
another face in the crowd.

Ildefonso Marco T. Tronqued III

AB Management Economics

“All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by

night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day
to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are
dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open
eyes to make it possible.”
—T.E. Lawrence

Catherine T. Tsang
AB Management Economics

… And then there was Catsang. Suddenly, the world doesn’t

seem so scary anymore. An unbelievably comforting hug
when you’re just about to give up. The witty remarks that
make you go, “Oo nga noh!” The calming voice that assures
you things will be okay. The distinctive shrieks of laughter
that crack you up and transform whatever fears and
troubles you have into smiles and tiny butterflies of hope.
You can’t help but wonder how one can laugh as loud as
she does with such unfathomable grace. But of course, that
is precisely Catsang. Ms. Never-Sabog. Ms. OC. Ms. Always-
On-Time. A Hottie. Someone who suddenly giggles at the
most mababaw jokes. Who eats every time she can. Who
often makes fun of you in her own loving way. Who’s up
for anything, for anyone. Someone who instantly lights
up at the sight of chocolate. Cries whenever she feels like
it. Who’ll be with you. Stays with you. Someone you just
gotta love.

… Now there is Catsang. Nothing else really matters.


Carlo Miguel S. Valdez

AB Management Economics

Look Carlo Valdez in the eye and what do you see? The
silent and conspicuous rumor mongrel who knows so
much about almost anyone and everything? Maybe. The
Chubi del Rosario-looking stud sought after by many girls,
even boys, for his killer smile and toned physique? Could
be. A true-blooded Atenean driven by the spirit of Magis
in leading oral presentations and arranging organization
projects? True enough. A friend who will always stick it
out with you through thick and thin and will be there for
you especially at you lowest point? Most certainly. Carlo
has transcended mere definitions of the word “friendship”
proving his sincerity to everyone—people, dogs, or what
have you. Just by listening to your problems, lending you
a ride or simply plain fooling around, Carlo does not let his
friends down in drinking sessions, basketball games, work-
outs, and outings. And at the end of it all, all his friends can
look at him in the eye and sigh with gratitude. “Now that’s
what friends are for.”

Katrina F. Villanueva
AB Management Economics

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Don’t be fooled by this

lady’s charming face and graceful stride, for she will catch
you off guard and before you know it, wham! Your life will
never be the same.

An encounter with Kaka would leave you dizzy. Yes, one’s

mind might not be capable of discerning how she does it.
How for instance, she can balance her studies with activities
like dancing for the Philippine Ballet Theatre and still get
good grades. Likewise, how she never fails to be the well-
mannered person that she is, or how she remains to be a
genuinely kind person even to those who do her harm. This
combination of beauty, kindness, and intelligence can be a
bit overwhelming for anyone that comes to face her.

What’s her secret? Hers is a virtuous life guided by rock

hard principles concealed within her delicate frame. A life
lived out as if by a child untainted by corruption. So much
so that every time she falls down, her spirit calls her back
up, a fighter in true form.

Julian Roberto Joseph D. Villar

AB Management Economics

Call out Ian, Yan, Yan-Yan, Villy, or Pogi, and this

baldheaded dude will turn to you and give you the biggest
smile. Always the optimist, Ian remains unruffled when
things go wrong or when the workload piles up. Never
angry, Ian is approachable and outgoing but can be shy at
times. He’s fun to be with and can blend with any crowd.
Being the people-person that he is, Ian accepts people as
they are and is always willing to help. He’s dependable
and trustworthy. You can talk to him about anything. He’s
patient, understanding, and always there for you. He’s
sweet and charming. Ian never fails to brighten your day.
He is a genuine nice guy or even the Joe Boxer if you will.
Maybe that’s why teachers like him. Ian is a good son, a
diligent student, a helpful classmate, and a true friend. He
can be seen in his trademark shorts and with his handy
digi. Belly-dancing, Mcdo cup-eating, banana-stuffing,
athlete slash nerd slash music-lover slash feeling-artiste
slash video-gamer slash freak show—just your everyday

Elvie C. Weeguanco
AB Management Economics

Simple yet complicated. She may appear easygoing and

carefree from the outside but beneath all these lie a very
strong-willed, dauntless, and intrepid individual. A very
straightforward person, she doesn’t care what others will
think as long as she still understands herself. She is never
contented with understanding just from the surface of
things and makes an effort to search for the true meaning
of things on a deeper level. As an effect, however, she has
this tendency of coming up with weird and crazy principles
she tries lives by. You can never tell what new ideas she
has brewing in her head or even predict her next actions.
Yet despite these, she doesn’t fail to crack up a joke in a
middle of a serious class or laugh heartily at the corniest
jokes. Her sense of resoluteness is balanced with her zests
in life—watching Friends, chocolates, traveling and food

Meg K. Yap
AB Management Economics

‘How does it feel now that you have turned seventeen?’

Even after four years, this is the question that even her
closest friends have to bite back each time they see Meg.
With her small frame, bouncy steps, loose ponytail, and
easy smile, she can still fool anyone that she is an honest-
to-goodness college freshman. Four years flew by, hell
weeks came and went, distress levels fluctuated, and the
country plunged deeper into crisis. In the midst of it all,
while the rest of humanity developed premature wrinkles,
Meg remained as she was on the first day of university: a
ray of butter-yellow morning sunshine. Sunshine—for she
always cheers us up. Sunshine—for our pretenses do not
fool her perceptive mind. Sunshine—for even the worst of
our personal, practical, even philosophical complications
find swift, simple, and sound resolutions when placed in
the palm of her hands. Sunshine—for in our minds, she will
be forever young. Sunshine—for in her special way, she
makes our world-within-this-world go round.